2500 Historical Vintage Train Railroad Photo Images Cd

2500 Historical Vintage Train Railroad Photo Images Cd

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2500 Historical Vintage Train Railroad Photo Images Cd :

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U. S. Historical Railroad Photos CD

Early U.S. Railroad History CDThe complete photographic and video history of the U.S. railroad on CD-Rom! Over 2,500+ photographs, videos, maps, books and texts dating back as far as 1860. The photographs and films range from 1860 - 1960 and are all conveniently categorized and indexed so you can easily find what you're look for! The earliest known photographic and video recordings of vintage U.S. trains, railroads, workers, and stations all conveniently on one CD-Rom!
All pictures are fully printable from the CD! The photographs are all scans from the authentic originals. This CD is a great visual reference and study guide for any historical buff or educational student alike.
27 Vintage Railroad Films (1894 - 1904)These antique silent films range from 1894 - 1904 and cover various subject areas including rail stations, workers, trains in motion, inside of the trains, and more! These extremely rare films are a true collectors piece and a work of art. Revisit the earliest railroads of our time today! You can read more about the descriptions of these videos DESCRIPTION OF EACH U.S. Infantry, 2nd Battalion, leaving cars From Edison films "war extra" catalog: Hurrah--here they come! Hot, dusty, grim and determined! Real soldiers, every inch of them! Train is in the background. Crowds of curious bystanders. Small boys in abundance. The column marches in fours and passes through the front of the picture. Duration: 1:20 Stockyards From Edison films catalog: A long line of horses, mules and ponies are led, driven and ridden into the yards, where they are sold and distributed. Duration: 0:25 Mail Northern Pacific Railroad From Edison films catalog: Here is a twelve car train dashing along at a high rate of speed. It is seen first in the distance and approaches and passes by the camera. As it takes less than 30 seconds to show this 50 foot strip on a Projecting Kinetoscope, an idea may be formed of the speed of this pet train of the Northern Pacific Railway. The waving grass along the track side, the black smoke, and the clouds of dust that follow the train, make very vivid effects. Many of the scenes are incident to the excitement prevailing at the time of the Klondike gold rush. They show the resources of this company for handling large numbers of people, baggage, freight and excursion parties. Duration: 0:25 Coal Dumper From Edison films catalog: Shows how a full carload of coal is loaded into a vessel every thirty seconds at the great Erie Railroad docks, Cleveland, Ohio. Great clouds of coal dust rise as each car is unloaded. Advertised as part of the "Erie Railroad Series". Duration: 0:39 Tamalpalis Railroad #2 This film shows the summit portion of the Mill Valley and Mount Tamalpais Scenic Railway, the Tamalpais Tavern resort, and part of the adjacent east peak of Mount Tamalpais. The film was probably made in February 1898 at mid-morning. Mount Tamalpais is a prominent east-west ridge in southern Marin County, just north of San Francisco. The summit was a popular excursion destination for San Franciscans after the completion of the railroad in 1896. A typical Saturday excursion from San Francisco at the turn of the century included a ferry ride to Sausalito on the Marin shore and a train ride to Mill Valley. There passengers switched to the Tamalpais train, had lunch at the Tavern, and hiked to the summit of the east peak. The day ended with the return to San Francisco by trains and ferry. Duration: 0:52 Black Diamond Express From Edison films catalog: This picture was taken at one of the curves on the Lehigh Valley Railroad, along the beautiful Susquehanna River. The train is seen rapidly approaching in the distance, clearly outlined against the grey mountains. Smoke can be seen pouring in volumes from the stack of the locomotive. As she rushes by the camera, the swing motion of the train gives a vivid idea of the lightning speed at which she is traveling. Duration: 0:57 Express, Jersey Central Railway From Maguire & Baucus catalogue: The scene of the overhead crossing of the Pennsylvania and Jersey Central railroads at Elizabeth, N.J. While a Pennsylvania train is passing over the arch, the Philadelphia Express on the Central Railroad comes dashing underneath at full speed, head on to the audience. Duration: 0:20 cavalry supplies unloading at Tampa, Florida From Edison films "war extra" catalog: Here is a freight train of thirty cars loaded with baggage and ambulance supplies for the 9th U.S. Cavalry. In the foreground a score of troopers are pulling, lifting and hauling an ambulance from a flat car. It slides down the inclined planks with a sudden rush that makes the men "hustle" to keep it from falling off. Duration: 0:30 Happened in the Tunnel From Edison films catalog: Interior of railroad coach. Pretty young lady and colored maid occupying seat. Young man in rear seat tries to attract young lady"s attention. She drops her handkerchief. Young man picks it up and hands it to her, and then takes advantage of the opportunity and leans over the back of her seat and begins to make love to her. As the train enters a tunnel he tries to put his arms around her, and when the train emerges from the tunnel he is hugging and kissing the colored maid, the young lady in the meantime having changed seats with the maid. Duration: 0:59 Express Arriving at Helena Montana From Edison films catalog: It is train time. We look down the long platform, crowded with people, and see the famous N.P. Railway Overland Express approaching rapidly. In a moment the engine passes by, slowing down. Then comes one, two, three, four express cars, and behind them seven coaches and Pullmans. Passengers alight, baggage is unloaded, friends greet each other, station men run here and there, the whole scene being one of great interest and activity. Duration: 0:38 Going Round Yellowstone Park From Edison films catalog: Rapidly one after the other coach after coach passes before the camera. First comes a big one, six horses, crowded top and inside with tourists. They wave hats and handkerchiefs as they pass. Then comes another; then follows four more, each drawn by a four-horse team, while ten or a dozen more are strung out far into the distance. Duration: 0:18 Taw Railroad #3 From Edison films catalog: View taken while ascending the scenic railroad, Marin Co., Cal. Right ahead is another train; the steep grades and dangerous curves are plainly shown. Grand mountain scenery is a striking feature of this picture Advertised as part of the "Southern Pacific Company Series" (Edison films catalog): The Southern Pacific Company ("Sunset Route") offers special inducements to winter travelers, by reason of its southern route, thereby avoiding the extreme cold of the winter months. Its course lies through a section of the country that presents a variety of beautiful and picturesque natural scenery. Duration: 1:51 Through the Tunnel From Edison films catalog: On the way to Santa Monica, Cal., the train approaches, runs through and emerges from a tunnel. Train passes in opposite direction. Camera is at front end of train, giving a very novel view. Advertised as part of the "Southern Pacific Company Series" (Edison films catalog): The Southern Pacific Company ("Sunset Route") offers special inducements to winter travelers, by reason of its southern route, thereby avoiding the extreme cold of the winter months. Its course lies through a section of the country that presents a variety of beautiful and picturesque natural scenery. Duration: 0:49 Diamond express / Thomas A. Edison, Inc. ; producer, James White. From Maguire & Baucus supp. catalogue: This scene presents the famous Lehigh Valley "flyer" emerging from a wood in the distance and approaching the camera under full head of steam. A section gang in the foreground, engaged in repairing track, wave their hats to the engineer, who is leaning out of the cab window. The snowy linen which the porters wave from the platform of the dining car adds to the effect produced. The "Black Diamond" is undoubtedly the handsomest and one of the fastest trains in America, and the subject is the only one in existence showing an express train making seventy miles an hour. Duration: 0:27 an Early Train From Edison films catalog: Surburbanite [sic] is seen in bed chamber, discovers he has overslept himself, jumps out of bed, shirt, trousers, shoes, collar, tie, coat, vest, hat, cane, cigar and satchel arise from the floor and adjust themselves to him. Makes a hasty exit. Scene dissolves to a R.R. Station, showing surburbanite running to catch the rear end of a moving train. Duration: 0:36 Electric Trolley From Maguire & Baucus catalogue: Shows the private electric railway of Messrs. Armour & Co. in their great Chicago yards. Part of the "Erie Railroad Series" (Edison films catalog): The following subjects present novel and interesting views along the line of the Erie, such as do not always come within the observation of the general tourist. Duration: 0:26 romance of the rail / Thomas A. Edison, Inc. From Edison films catalog: A series of railroad scenes of novel and amusing interest. It opens with a view of an imposing station showing a pretty girl, dressed in white, seated on a trunk awaiting the arrival of her train. A young man approaches, also dressed in white, and the two immediately fall in love. The Lackawanna Limited then rolls into the station and the Pullman porter helps the couple aboard. As the Limited pulls out the pair are seen on the observation platform waving adieu to their friends. The picture later shows the train rushing sixty miles an hour through the famous Delaware Water Gap in the Blue Ridge Mountains, with the young couple enjoying the passing scenery. As Delaware Water Gap station is reached a porter appears with his brush, but the young people protest that the journey has been so free from dust that there is no need for his services. The climax comes when the young man, who has become more and more infatuated, secures a minister and the marriage ceremony takes place on the rear platform. The picture shows them leaving the train on arrival at the Gap, and a little humor is added at the end by the appearance of two tramps from beneath the trucks of the observation car dressed in full evening clothes, who become indignant at the offer of the porter to brush them off, as their trip has been entirely free from soot and dust. Duration: 4:27 Limited, Southern Pacific Ry. / Thomas A. Edison, Inc. ; producer, James White. From Edison films catalog: Taken at Fingal, Cal., where the world-renowned "Sunset Limited" trains pass each other. One runs on a side track, and the other dashes by at a high rate of speed. Switch is then turned, and the train passes on, slowly receeding from view. Duration: 1:09 Street curve, New York, elevated railway / Thomas A. Edison, Inc. ; producer, James White. From Edison films catalog: Taken from the front platform of a special train run backward over the celebrated S curve. Not only are the passing trains and crowded platforms of great interest, but the view of up-town New York is an excellent one, showing acre upon acre of roofs, towers, steeples and towering apartment houses. As the "special" slows up at 92nd Street, a Harlem express dashes by, the engineer leaning out of his cab, and waving a good-bye. Duration: 2:18 Panorama exterior Westinghouse works / The view from a moving train shows some of the Westinghouse interests and the surrounding areas. It appears that the film is in two parts and has been incorrectly spliced together with the last part put first. The film is supposed to show one rail route, but maps indicate that the first part of the film logically should be placed last. The first part of the film shows the Turtle Creek train station followed by buildings, homes, train yards, and industrial buildings, possibly the Westinghouse Air Brake Company. It passes by another station which appears to be Pitcairn. The second part of the film shows the Westinghouse Machine Co. buildings followed by the Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co. buildings. Part 1 Part 2 taking up mail bag, U.S.P.O. / American Mutoscope & Biograph Company. The subject of this Postal Department documentary is "snatching" the mail bag from the suspended post by the railroad mail clerk. As the film begins, a man climbs the steps leading to the device that suspends the mail bag in the air. A train can be seen in the distance approcaching the mail bag. At the end of the film, the mail bag is just being snatched from the suspension mail car, U.S.P.O. / American Mutoscope & Biograph Company. This film, part of series on the various activities of the Post Office, starts with a scene of a large railroad mail car on a siding. A horse-drawn, four-wheeled vehicle with a sign "U.S. Mail" on the side proceeds away from the camera toward the mail car. The vehicle stops, the driver gets out, and, as the film ends, he is seen unloading the cart and putting mail bags in the train. Square / Thomas A. Edison, Inc. ; producer, James White. From Maguire & Baucus catalogue: Showing "Herald" building, street and elevated Tunnel excavation / American Mutoscope and Biograph Company.This film employs a 180-degree pan shot of the excavation site of New York"s Pennsylvania Station, and includes shots of the narrow-gauge train used to haul debris from the tunnels under construction. Work began in 1904, and when completed in September of 1910 the station would span from 31st to 33rd Streets, and from 7th to 8th Avenue, an area of approximately 300,000 square feet. It would connect a massive rail tunnel system, bringing the Pennsylvania and Lehigh Railroads under the Hudson River and the Long Island Railroad under the East River to a terminal in the center of Manhattan, accommodating a network of twenty-seven tracks.Duration: 3:22 railroad, New York / American Mutoscope and Biograph Company.The film was photographed from the front platform of a train traveling over elevated tracks in New York City. Although many of the buildings alongside the tracks can be seen, it is difficult to determine the exact location of the scene. Duration: 1:07 President McKinley"s body from train at Canton, Ohio / Thomas A. Edison, Inc.This film was photographed from two camera positions, and shows the area where the guard of honor (pallbearers) is removing the casket containing the remains of President McKinley from the railroad car. The second camera position shows the pallbearers as they carry the casket to the hearse and place it inside. From a contemporary Edison film company catalog: BODY LEAVING THE TRAIN AT CANTON, OHIO. Ungorgeous. [code for telegraphic orders] Here, as in the other pictures, we secured a most advantageous location, and we present a life size view of the casket containing the body of President McKinley as it is slowly and carefully taken from the window of the car which bore it from the Capitol to Canton. The casket is placed upon the shoulders of ten stalwart sailors and soldiers and borne to the waiting hearse, followed by President Roosevelt and Cabinet. Duration: of McKinley"s funeral train at Canton, Ohio / Thomas A. Edison, Inc. It is apparent that the camera was placed on a platform of a train station. A steam locomotive pulling several passenger cars can be seen nearing the camera position and coming to a stop. The remainder of the film is concerned with the people who get off the train and walk off the platform. From a contemporary Edison film company catalog: FUNERAL TRAIN ARRIVING AT CANTON STATION. Ungored. [code for telegraphic orders] In recording this scene the position of our camera was an excellent one, and we present to the public a most perfect picture of the train"s arrival. The engine is decorated with crepe to mark the solemnity of this great historical event. As the train stops at the platform great respect for the dead President is shown by the waiting diplomats and reception committee baring their heads and standing respectfully on one side as the mourners leave the train Duration: 0:41
You also get the following two books:
The Depot Master
18 Chapters in all! A great book covering the history of the U.S. railroad.
By: Joseph C. Lincoln
The Railroad Builder12 Chapters in all + bibliography! "A Chronicle of the Welding of the States."
By: John Moody
Plus tons of early maps, clipart, and more! A priceless piece of history and a true work of art! The most complete and comprehensive collection on the history of the U.S. railroad ever offered on CD-Rom. Get your copy today!CD is Windowsand Maccompatible.


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2500 Historical Vintage Train Railroad Photo Images Cd :

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1968 Press Photograph Elyria Oh Railroad Train #64 Chicago - Buffalo Run *4623

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