3.2" Penetrating Twins Silver Arsenopyrite Crystals W/ferberite China For Sale


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3.2" Penetrating Twins Silver Arsenopyrite Crystals W/ferberite China For Sale :

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3.2" Penetrating Twins Silver ARSENOPYRITE
Crystals with Ferberite - China
for sale


3.2" x 3.1" x 1.8"

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This Chinese arsenopyrite features monoclinic penetrating twin crystals that are colored a slightly lustrous, metallic silvery gray. The arsenopyrite is intergrown with nearly black Ferberite, which provides some good contrast. The crystals are nicely shaped, nearly cubic forms with crisp edges and sharply formed points. There is no damage to the arsenopyrite crystals.

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3.2" cabinet sized display specimen

Covered with sharp silver gray crystals

Great metallic luster

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Here's a superb specimen of the mineral ARSENOPYRITE. The crystals are sharp and crisply geometric with bright-as-a-mirror silver faces that reflect the light in flashing hot spots. This very showy and highly lustrous specimen comes from Yao Gan Xien, Bai Shi Du, Yi Zhang, Hunan Province, China. This a very fine sample of this mineral, with flashing silver faces and glitzy appearance helping make this a highly aesthetic specimen. I picked out this piece at the Tucson Gem, Rock & Mineral Show from a Chiense dealer who was set up at one of the freeway shows.

Facts about gems, rocks and minerals

A major ore of arsenic, arsenopyite can contain a small amount of gold as an impurity. Although an ore of arsenic, it is not intentionally mined for that reason. In processing the ore of other elements some arsenopyrite is "accidentally" included and gives off its arsenic as fumes that are then recovered. This "accidental" source supplies most of the world's needs in arsenic. Oddly, when struck, it is said to give off a garlic-like odor.

Arsenopyrite makes attractive mineral specimens as well. It's well formed crystals show a distinct and interesting crystal form. A typical crystal contains a diamond shaped dome atop a prismatic crystal. The crystals have sharp acute angles that are a marked contrast from other sulfides that generally have only obtuse angles.

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3.2" Penetrating Twins Silver Arsenopyrite Crystals W/ferberite China For Sale :

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