3 Select Lash Growth Extension Enhancer Serum~thicker Longer Eyelash~renew Rapid

3 Select Lash Growth Extension Enhancer Serum~thicker Longer Eyelash~renew Rapid

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3 Select Lash Growth Extension Enhancer Serum~thicker Longer Eyelash~renew Rapid:

3 bottles of Select Lash Eye Lash Serum Size: 5ml / .16oz x three bottles

Brand New & FreshEyelash Rejuvenator
  • Appearance of longer lashes in weeks
  • Thicken and increase natural lash hairs
  • Safe for sensitive eyes
  • Safer than extensionsDirections : Apply lash twice a day. Start at the base of your lashes and wiggle upward. Can be used on eyebrows too!You can apply mascara over this serum if you want. It's actually a good primer and conditioner before mascara, it makes it easy and smooth to apply. You only need to apply a thin layer of serum and wait a little bit for it to dry, then apply mascara over this. I also use it as a brow gel in emergencies, when my normal one runs product has worked as evidenced by more and more repeat customers.Keep in mind there isNO overnight lash growth miracle.Lash growth takes time, and each person has a different time frame for their hair growth. Eventhewell-known Prescription treatment($120 a bottle/ a 1 month supply)states that it takes 16 weeks to see optimal results.With our product,we recommend the use of one bottle of serum before a good, optimalresult, and continued use to maintain lash growth. One bottle usually last about 3 more and save more on postage!
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    Ingredients: Water, Ethyl Alcohol, Glycerin, 1,3-Buthyleneglycol, Hydroxyethylcellurose, Polyquaternium-10, PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Phenoxyethanol, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Hydrolyzed Silk, Polygonum Multiflorum Root Extract, Fragrance, Panthenol, Lysine/ Histidine/ Arginine/ Aspartic Acid/ Threonine/ Serine/ Glutamic Acid/ Proline/ Glycine/ Alanine/ Valine/ Methionine/ Isoleucine/ Leucine/ Tyrosine/ Phenylalanine/ Cysteine, Hyaluronic AcidCustomer Reviews:

    Recent review:

    Working like a miracle! - Hello, I have ordered the eyelash growth product and it is working like a miracle HOW DOES IT WORK? I am SO HAPPY with this product it is inexpensive ...and a great product. I will be buying more soon please put me in your customer testimonials about this product you sell if you need to its great ????

    I absolutely LOVE your product and I have given it out to friends at parties as gifts. Everyone who I have given a tube too, LOVES it as much as I love it. So I will soon be ordering another lot of 20 from you very soon! I can't express how amazing the results of this serum has been for me and everyone I have using it. I have given your info to all my friends so be prepared to get lots of orders! :) Thank you so much for your amazing product, the extremely affordable pricing and the results I have gotten from it, as well a the very quick delivery I have received! Have a great day and I will be putting in another order by the end of the week! You ROCK girl! :) Thank you so much!!!!

    AMAZING EYELASH GROWTH SERUM! BETTER THAN REVITALASH - LOVE THIS STUFF! Took about 3 weeks for me to notice it was already working! It's super easy and works better than Revitalash or Latisse! I can't say enough good things. Not to mention it's a FRACTION of the cost!!

    It Actually works!! - I have been thinking about getting Latisse, but I hated to spend that kind of money. So I have been searching for a product that might help with my, nearly non-existant, lashes. I have been using this product for 12 days now. My lashes are already 50% longer. I am SUPER EXCITED!!!! I can't wait to see what my lashes look like after 30days of continuous use!! I haven't noticed them getting any thicker, just longer. For the price, I am impressed and will be ordering more.

    Select Lash Serum is Super! - Do buy this!!! This stuff is fabulous! I can't believe this stuff is this affordable. It should be sold out everywhere. It works just Like latesse without the side effects. Takes a few weeks to really get results so don't give up after a week or two. It is so worth the wait I promise. After 6 weeks the result is nothing short of miraculous! My lashes are super thick and super long now. Honestly it looks like I have on lash extensions. I love it!!!!

    Amazed at how well it works for the price...- I have tried a few other lash treatments that were more expensive and was not impressed. I bought Select Lash on a whim, lured by the exceptionally low price, my expectations were not high. Surprisingly, this product worked better than all of the other pricier treatments. I have been using it twice daily for 3 months and my lashes are noticeably longer. I used to rarely leave the house without mascara, and now I hardly ever wear it! It doesn't really increase the fullness of lashes, nor does it make them darker, but if what you're looking for is length this product is awesome.

    AMAZING!!!! I recommend this to anyone with short lashes like me! - I was a bit skeptical at getting this product because most of the reviews were negative. But I decided to give it a try and let me just tell you the product came on the first due-date "range" which was really soon! When I opened it I thought it was going to be like a liquid eyeliner kind of thing but it came as a clear mascara and I was confused. I really thought it wasn't going to work! So I tried it because I wanted to see if it would or wouldn't and so far my eyelashes have been growing! Reviews have said it stings,... I still haven't felt it stinging yet. Reviews have said it seperates your lashes,... when you apply it, it does. I have had this for about a week now, I don't even use it twice a day like it says I should and my lashes have really been growing! (My eyelashes usually don't grow as fast)Overall, this product is amazing and when it runs out (even though it comes alot in a tube and there were two in one order) I am definitely re-buying! .....or maybe not because my lashes would already be long!

    I love this! - THIS STUFF IS AWESOME. I am a daily mascara wearer. I don't have extremely short lashes, and I don't really have lashes that get compliments, so I think I am in the 'normal' range. This is what I have learned from experience with many lash growth products.. Lashes are literally hair. If you don't actively condition your lashes, they will dry out and break for numerous reasons on top of the natural shed. Mascara is easily the worst thing for your lashes when it comes to drying them out. Hands down, NEVER sleep in your mascara if you want to prevent lash loss. This product is GREAT. I can tell a difference the next day if I miss even a single night! They are straighter, which appears longer, and they are conditioned, so my mascara goes on more smooth, which looks longer. I can see on different areas of my eye that there is definite growth which is clearly obvious.
    I didn't see any dramatic results as far as length all over, but that could just be me. I have had ZERO shedding that I have noticed. One little secret I have is that I apply this to my eyebrows and WOW. MASSIVE DIFFERENCE. I apply a VERY generous amount (so they look sopping wet when I go to bed). I wanted to reshape my brows and I could regrow hairs in about a week and it was like shaping them from scratch. WORTH BUYING. Period. Dont waste your money though if you're not going to do it every single night and apply a generous amount.

    GREAT! - I was really skeptical at first, thinking nothing was going to do the trick. To my surprise it really does work! I bought a few of them for the price, and the serum lasts a bit! I am really pleased. I started noticing longer lashes within the first week!

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    3 Select Lash Growth Extension Enhancer Serum~thicker Longer Eyelash~renew Rapid:

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