3 X Madolche Marmalmaide (abyr-en026) - Common - Near Mint - 1st Edition

3 X Madolche Marmalmaide (abyr-en026) - Common - Near Mint - 1st Edition

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3 X Madolche Marmalmaide (abyr-en026) - Common - Near Mint - 1st Edition:

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Lightly Played:Similar to a lightly played/near mint condition card except there is more whitening around the edges and the corners are a little more worn. There might be some small amount of whitening on the back face or front face. Even a casual inspection will show the defects. When the card is in a sleeve the defects will not be as noticeable and the card will likely blend in with other cards.

Played:There is excessive whitening around the edges and the corners have a good amount of wear, a lot of scratches, picks, bends and creases. When you put the card in a sleeve, it might stick out due to its condition, but nonetheless, still playable in a sleeve.

Very Played:The name says it all. Very abused. Heavily scratched, creased or bent. Even in sleeve there is no denying the use of the card.

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3 X Madolche Marmalmaide (abyr-en026) - Common - Near Mint - 1st Edition:

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