35mm Walt Disney's Alice In Wonderland (1951) Ib Tech Classic Animated Feature

35mm Walt Disney's Alice In Wonderland (1951) Ib Tech Classic Animated Feature

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35mm Walt Disney's Alice In Wonderland (1951) Ib Tech Classic Animated Feature:

35mm dye-transfer Technicolor print!
Walt Disney'sALICE in WONDERLAND(1951)

'Tis brillig!
Walt Disney seems to have had a special affection for Lewis Carroll's "Alice" stories. "Alice's Wonderland" (1923), a short about a live-action little girl in a cartoon world, led to his first successful series, the "Alice" comedies. During the early '30s, he talked about making an animation/live-action feature of "Alice in Wonderland" with Mary Pickford in the title role. But almost two decades would elapse before Disney released his Alice. The Mad Tea Party, the Queen of Hearts' Croquet Game, and Alice's encounters with the Caterpillar and Cheshire Cat fuse the spirit of Carroll's words, the vitality of the polished animation, and the stylized look and brilliant palette of designer Mary Blair. Disney's Alice in Wonderland remains a beloved film, and its better moments are truly magical. (Rated G: cartoon violence, some scary moments, Tobacco use)
Trivia:Continuing the pattern of film versions of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" not being commercially successful, this movie was a huge box office failure. However, it did become something of a cult film during the 1960s, where it was viewed as a "head film". Several years later it became the Disney studio's most requested 16mm film rental title for colleges and private individuals. In 1974, the studio took note of this fact, withdrew the rental prints, and reissued the film theatrically themselves.
The first Disney animated feature in which the voice talent is credited on-screen with the characters they each play. This would not occur again until The Jungle Book.

Print Condition:


EXCELLENT condition overall with gorgeous color and clear sound.

Appears to be a 1974 re-issue print with "G-Rating" at start before main titles.

Complete from fade-in to fade out with some intermittent wear and a few splices in R-1; other reels are cleaner.

NO vinegar - NO warp. Sharp focus.Comes on four reels.

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35mm Walt Disney's Alice In Wonderland (1951) Ib Tech Classic Animated Feature:

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