395th Infantry Love Letters Ephemera Battle Of The Bulge Army Captain Wwii Ww2

395th Infantry Love Letters Ephemera Battle Of The Bulge Army Captain Wwii Ww2

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395th Infantry Love Letters Ephemera Battle Of The Bulge Army Captain Wwii Ww2:

395th Infantry Regiment

Love Letters - Ephemera - Pin - Flag

Battle of the Bulge Army Captain

170+ WWII Letters

Hand Written

Captain Walker - 395th Infantry Regiment

WWII Newspaper Clipping - ANTI TANK SOLDIERS ROUT 200 NAZIS- Excerpt: "WITH THE 99TH DIVISION IN GERMANY - Captain Walker volunteered his Anti-tank Company to act in the role of a "rifle" outfit. And though it all happened on April Fools Day, the little excursion this tiny task force set out to take was no foolish mission.The plan called for dispatching of a select group of men, an Armored Tank Company, I and R Platoon, Tank Destroyers and the interrogation officer to capture 200 Germans hidden in a wooded area. The method evolved to seek out the Nazis was simple. Captain Walker was to take his 395th Infantry AT Company and four TD's of the crack 629th Tank Destroyers, plus an interrogation officer, and in an extended skirmish line, edge through the woods. Meanwhile, to the rear, Lt. Peterson was to set up his 395th Infantry Headquarters Company I and R platoon to close the trap by blocking any escape gaps. His defense was outposted on the main road. Finally Captain Walker gave the signal for the hunt to begin. One hour later, the advancing element had contacted the rear guard, completely routing all enemy troops. The count at the end of the quest showed 34 Nazis captured, 2 wounded and many killed." (Clipping included with this sale)

The 395th Infantry Regiment was a unit of the United States 99th Infantry Division. It was organized with the rest of the 99th on 16 November 1942 at Camp Van Dorn, Mississippi.During the Battle of the Bulge, the Regiment—at times virtually surrounded by Germans—was one of the few units that did not yield ground to the attacking Germans. On at least six occasions they called in artillery strikes on or directly in front of their own positions. Their success in defending Höfen resulted in the 395th Infantry Regiment being repeatedly assigned to other divisions for difficult assignments during the remainder of the war, earning them the sobriquet, Butler's Blue Battlin' Bastards. The unit was inactivated after World War II, then became a reserve unit, and was redesignated as the 395th Regiment in 1999. (Source:Wikipedia)

Eleventh Company, Sixth Battalion Stationary - Fort Benning, Georgia - August 9, 1942 Excerpt " My dearest darling + I've been trying to catch up on my letters today. I did write four long ones, but it was tough work, cause I kept thinking of you instead of what I should say. I had to throw tow envelopes away cause I addressed them to you instead of the ones they were supposed to go to. I wrote one to a girl Betty Howard. I think you'd like her. I've had a good deal of time to myself today, and now I think maybe its better not to have so much. I think of you all the time, and get lonesome than ever. I thought of all our dreams weve made together, and how much I wanted them to come true. That little house with the music room sounds like a kind of heaven. It takes a lot of faith, doesnt it darling, being so far away from me and with the future so hazy. I hope you know that I'd never ask it if I didnt feel it very deeply. I hope you can forgive all the little things I do wrong. Im not very good at some of the things a girl likes her man to do. I forget important dates and names - all sorts of important little things. I do try though, my sweetheart, but I just dont seem to be very successful. I guess I am what did you call me? I just hope you could forgive all that and Im trying to do better. Honest I am. You'll have to help and tell me when I do wrong. Will you my dear? Sitting here all alone, with the rain outside I feel like reaming a little. May I darling? I was thinking about our house. Lets make it with the nice porch in front, and then a porch in back too. We can have a firplace on the back porch for garden suppers, and maybe for cool nights. Then we'll have a little garden in back like this (Hand drawn Illustration of Layout) with a wall around it so it will be real private. We can have flowers and a little lawn and that will be our own private spot where we can shut ourselves in when we want to. It would be a good place for sunbaths too. I would like that spot - it would be a wonderful place to make love to you. We could have a big garden in back, but this would be special...I wish we had that garden now, and I was there with you. It has been so very long since I kissed you and held you close. Ive missed it so very much my darling..."

USO Stationery - March 31, 1942 - Tuesday Night - Excerpt:"My Darling + Still Im not assigned. Wish to the devil they would make up their minds. They keep us busy though. Today I dug trenches all day. Some fun. Tough. I went to the free show. It was really very good especially the free part. Now Im at the recreation center - writing on free stationary...You'd get a kick out of seeing our mess hall. Probably you'd be disgusted too. What a mess! If a fellow has good manners he starves to death. They might as well serve it in a trough, the way it goes down. They feed our whole company about 300 men in 20 minutes. So you can imagine what it is like. When the whistle blows its one mad stampede...The only kick of most of the soldiers is that there aren't any girls around - My kick is that THE girl isn't here. One thing though it looks like the $42 a month bill is going through. If it does I'll be saving money sooner than I thought I could. Wouldn't it be swell if I can get that nest egg and through with this army FOB all at the same time. Think about me lots, darling, and remember I'm thinking about you and loving you every minute. I love you - love you much. +++ I love you."

Camp Van Dorn, Mississippi Stationary - October 27, 1942 - Excerpt " My Dearest darling + Theyre managing to keep us very busy, but we still have a fair amount of time. I couldnt write sunday cause I was interrupted every time I started. Then last night, I had to go to town and also prepare an hours instruction. Tonight though Im my own boss. All I have to do after this is shine my shoes and take a shower. You know its awful. I still have to shine my shoes, make my bed, sweep up, and all the other jobs a private has to do. Only more so. We even do fatigue duty . Since one of the most important parts of our schedule is physical training, they decided we might as well be doing something useful while exercising... I had an hours instruction to give this morning, on military courtesy and discipline. Im really enjoying it. I was all out of practice on my public speaking, but im already getting used to it again...You know darling I just learned something which I didnt know before. A married officer receives $252 a month. Thats $82 more than I get. Now, if your worried about our finances, that should help some. I'd be able to send you at least $125 a month right away, and more as soon as I paid for certain equipment I still have to get. Only trouble is, now I wont know whether you want me or my money. Did the idea of getting married scare you after I left. I do hope you can get used to the idea, though darling. It scares me too sometimes. Im going to ask again, next time I get the chance. Im warning you, so maybe we'll understand each other. Darling, I love you so much. I dont want you to do anything you would ..."

1st Platoon Company A - Sunday Night - Excerpt "My darling + This has been a wild day in the 1st Platoon of A Company. Most of the fellows came back from leave about noon, and they were all half high. The ones who hadn't been out were stir crazy, so weve had a fine afternoon of playing around. It all started last night. The fellow sleeping next to me has a cigarette lighter which lights up the whole barracks after lights go out - he's always lighting it about the time everyone is half asleep. So last night we took his bed and foot locker and moved them to the other end of the room and fixed it so you couldnt see an empty space. He came in after lights out and had one hell of a time finding out what had happened. He couldnt figure out why somebody was in his bed - and kept counting from the end to make sure he knew where he was. He then started lighting matches (the lighter woudlnt work) and going up and down reading the nameplates on the bed. He finally found it after a lot of fumbling around. Course I got blamed for it. Funny thing I get blamed for everything that happens around here...This afternoon we short sheeted the Bulldogs bed, since he announced that he'd raise hell with anyone who did. Harry Raymond also met with a peculiar accident. I was tearing around in my fatigue clotheds and seeing two oranges on Raymonds bed I decided to eat one. He saw me and gave chase. I tore down to the shower room and Raymond was right behind me. By some accident someone turned on a shower and Raymonds freshly cleaned uniform got all wet. Regrettable! I gave him half the orange - I felt so sorry for him. Tonight we talked a very tall ex high-school teacher into going over to the supply sergeant and asking for an eight foot cot. The sergeant well got very mad at such a request since there is no such animal. My life is fun...."

U.S. Army Stationary - February 25, 1943 - Excerpt "My dearest wife + getting letters written seems almost an impossibility for me these days. I know Im making my work too hard - but I do want to do a good job...Everyday something new comes up - should say everything new comes up. One of the toughest things down in this country is getting food and water - especially water. There aren't any creeks around here and were hauling water 40 miles now. Thats a job. Trying to supply a Regiment with water from that far. We dont get enough to stay very clean. I can assure you. .. My darling if you only knew how much I miss you.+ How I wish there was some way for me to be with you. I dont see how that is possible whikle were down here. Maybe the field artillery can do it - but I know with me if Im gone for any length of time things get all snafu. Not that they dont anyway - but seems like every time Im away things get even worse...Maybe things will change though a little later in these maneuvers....I haven't heard any news of the war for a week..."

U.S. Army Stationary - October 7, 1943 - Excerpt "My dearest wife - our problem is still dragging on. This is the fourth day and Im dirtier than I've ever been before. Water is very hard to get - There's barely enough to drink, for shaving we dig it out of stagnant pools. Cant get enough to wash in...The enemy has us on the run in this first problem. Looks to me like we're getting whipped, but cant tell for sure. The problem should have ended last night - but it keeps dragging on with no sign of quitting. That means we will have a shorter break between the next problem....Wish you could hold my head and hold me close one of these nights. I never want ot be away from you, once this war is over. Darling I love you so..."

U.S. Army Stationary - October 2, 1943 - Excerpt " My dearest wife - I say again - My dearest wife + See how it goes honey? I've been a busy bee since I statrted to write two days ago. I tried to start three times and that was as far as I got. Everytime the phone would ring for extend white - i finally had to give up. The Exec. Officer said I should tell you of all my troubles. Saturday the staff took off and I took charge of the Battalion. That night a dozen things came up and I attended a Br Comdrs. meeting...My darling - I hope you dont think Ive forgotten about you when I dont write. Your even more in my thoughts if thats possible. And I love you even more - if thats possible. Sometimes I wish I was one of those guys just any girl would do for - it would be much easier. I dont want women though - I just want one woman - you. Our home seems a long way away, out here in the wilderness. I sure havent stopped dreaming about it though - I want it more now than ever...The Colonel and Captain Waltrip just said to thank you again for the package - and mentioned that another would be appreciated...Incidentally your husband was commended by Colonel MacKenzie for his work...This is the first day of our real maneuvers. So far weve had Flag exercises, but were fighting troops now. There are alot of men down here - real big stuff. Doggone were going to move again so Im going to send this off. I love you my darling and im thinking of you and wishing for you constantly...I love you" (Letter and Envelope)

Inauguration of President Johnson and Vice President Humphrey Inauguration Ball Invitation - January 20, 1965 "In honor of The President of the United States and Mrs Johnson and The Vice President of the United States and Mrs. Humphrey The Inaugural Committee requests the pleasure of your company at the Inaugural Ball Wednesday evening the twentieth of January One thousand nine hundred and sixty five at nine o'clock Washington District of Columbia..."

*Up for sale on is a rare lot of "WWII 395th Infantry Regiment Army Captain 170+ War Love Letters." The letters are hand written by Captain Walker of the 395th Infantry Regiment. The letters span a time period covering from 1940 - 1945. The letters follow the progress of Walkers military career from his basic training at various camps including Camp Van Dorm, Camp Roberts, 11th Company, 6th Battalion all the way to his ranking as a Captain in the 395th Infantry Regiment that ultimately ends up in Germany fighting a real war against the Nazis. In this lot are also included a small Flag, a US ARMY pin with crossed rifles and other pieces of ephemera that include hotel bills, letters on vintage hotel stationary, and even a rare letter on train rail road stationary from the famous train cars called The Californian. Lastly, there is an invitation to the 1965 Inaugural Ball for President Johnson and Vice President Humphrey that completes this lot of WWII memorabilia. The captains letters express the deepest of emotions that a man could display as a soldier. Amazingly while on the battlefield soldier Walker is able to scribble out letters expressing his affections for his darling back home while giving a few non-classified hints as to the situation he is dealing with on the war front. He masquerades the true nature of the war battle by simply referring to classified maneuvers and military concerns as "problems" that are being dealt with at that time and moment. A first hand account of life in the US military that provides close-up details from the perspective of a true soldier in the trenches who loves his country and loves his sweetheart at home and is trying to make the best of a hard situation during a difficult time in American history. The collection of "WWII 395th Infantry Regiment Army Captain 170+ War Love Letters" would make a fine addition to any collection of military correspondence. Add this wonderful collection of "WWII 395th Infantry Regiment Army Captain 170+ War Love Letters" to your private collection or as a gift for a friend by offerding now!

395th Infantry Love Letters Ephemera Battle Of The Bulge Army Captain Wwii Ww2:

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