3d Baby Casting Kit | Handprint & Footprint | Newborns 0-6 Months | Max 6 Casts

3d Baby Casting Kit | Handprint & Footprint | Newborns 0-6 Months | Max 6 Casts

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3d Baby Casting Kit | Handprint & Footprint | Newborns 0-6 Months | Max 6 Casts:

3D Handdesign
Set for newborns & babies up to 6 months & up 6 castings

Works of art with hand and foots
The idea

Create the most beautiful artwork in the world. Design a lifelike three-dimensional keepsake of the short-lived time period after childbirth with Lucky Hands.

3D Hand Design offers you the once in a lifetime chance to reproduce the hand or foot of your (god-) child three dimensionally and with accurate details. The easy application allows a wide scope of design and provides you with a timeless keepsake to treasure.

Do not miss this opportunity for yourself or as an exceptional gift idea on the occasion of childbirth, a christening and so on for family and godparents.

The implementation

The implementation is carried out with the help of a special procedure which we developed to ensure safe and simple application for newborns and babies. "Casting by dipping with pleasant temperatures" is blindingly easy and can be applied without any hesitation.

1. Prepare the gel-like casting compound in 30 seconds
2. Dip the hand in shortly for around 45 seconds and then pull it out, like out of a glove
3. Fill the form with plaster mix

Voila! The gorgeous keepsake is finished.

The content of your delivery is depending on the package ordered.

The result

The result and what your Lucky Hands could look like: You can create all of these unique memories by yourself with our kits. The precious acrylic bases are not part of this offer. They have to be bought separately.

What does it make so particular?

We have put a lot of emphasis on the safety and easy handling of our products especially with respect to the harmless moulding of newborns tiny hands or feet.

The applied materials used are top quality. The moulding powder has been used for dental treatments for a long time without any problems and is ph-neutral as well as friendly to the skin. The impression moulding material is totally safe to use from a newborn age and complies fully with British Safety Standards. The easy handling is made possible by the unique color indicator which shows the state of the material similar to a traffic light.

This kit ... is the ideal solution for newborns and babies up to 6 months. 3D Hand Design offers you the high grade powder for moulding and plastering/casting for up to 6 models for newborns. The actual number of models depends on the size of the hand and size of the casting container.

The kit contains:

detailed instructions for use safety certificate (so far only in German) 400 g moulding powder 3D Pro (yields approx. 1200 ml moulding compound and is adequate for up to 6 castings depending on size) 500 g casting powder important advices

More options to explore! Acrylic boxes in
different sizes Acrylic plates in
different sizes Acrylic paints in
different colors
Our variants at a glance

Discover the wide range of 3D Hand Design. You can find many different casting sets for all ages here, in different versions. We are constantly looking for new and interesting products and gift ideas. Not only midwives love our Magic Footprints Sets, with which you can quickly make footprints of newborns without stamping ink. The selection of gift ideas for your baby is also constantly being expanded. In addition to a great selection of gift ideas for the birth and baptism, we also have baby albums and the like for you, so that you can preserve your precious memories.

If you order our set of 3 or 6 models, for cost reasons you will receive it in a simple plastic bag. This does not entail gift packaging.

Shipping and delivery
Shipping will include package tracking. Depending on the weight, it will be sent in the mail as a large letter up to 1000 g, and as a package either by post or DHL.
You can find an overview by country and transit time for Deutsche Post here.

This proceeds automatically once we have received a review from you. In the rare event that problems arise, we would ask that before submitting a review you contact us, so that we can reach a satisfactory solution together. The ultimate goal is the satisfaction of our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions
We have already answered many questions that are frequently asked on our FAQ page. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us either by calling +49 (0) 202/299-5415 or by sending us an email. Or you can always visit our website at 3dhanddesign.de

About Us
We have been selling our DIY casting kits for all ages around the world under the Lucky Hands brand since 2005. We only deliver products made of the best materials. Our Magic Footprint sets also allows to make hand- and footprints without having to use ink. Both of our product lines are complemented with a number of great gift ideas for baby and baby’s parents.

Visit our shop for other great offers.

3d Baby Casting Kit | Handprint & Footprint | Newborns 0-6 Months | Max 6 Casts:

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