"3 Liter White Oak Barrel Cask 'thickest Wood' Compare At 4 Lbs Shipping Weight"

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"3 Liter White Oak Barrel Cask 'thickest Wood' Compare At 4 Lbs Shipping Weight":

“Enhancing the Beer, Tequila, Whiskey and Wine of the World one White Oak Barrel at a Time”This listing is for One (1) new 3 Liter / .78 gallon American white oak barrel to age, mature, decanter, carafe, or flask liquor, wine or beer, I have other listings for two…, three…, four…, and six 3 liter barrels

For 14 years I shipped barrels and never had a problem about the thickness of the wood, my barrels have always been thicker than all the competition. I always use the thickest American white oak available, it cost more to ship but it makes a better more dependable barrel.

The 3 liter / .78 gallon barrel is 7 ¼ inches / 8.5 cm diameter in the middle, and 6 inches / 15.3 cm diameter on the ends and 8 ¼ inches / 21 cm long and weighs about 4 pounds / 1.8 kilograms. The area of the artwork is about 5 inches / 12.5 cm diameter across the circle but the spigot is in the bottom of that area. Be sure to check the thickness of the staves before you purchase barrels, many barrel makers use thin wood staves but the thinner staves react to climate changes, will twist, warp and break the hoops or even crack the wood. My barrels are heavier and cost more to ship. The 3 liter is charred on the inside with a heavy char using an open fire of white oak chips but you may order light or medium char, it also comes with finish a coat but you can order it without finish coat. Completed barrels are tested with water, they leak a little until the wood swells against the metal hoops, leaking water with charring from inside stains the outside of the barrels; to prevent the staining all our barrels except the 6 gallon have a coat of lacquer. Just before the barrels are shipped the water is poured out, when received they need to be filled with water to be sure they are still watertight, they may leak a little until the wood is re-hydrated and swells against the metal hoops and will stain the barrel if not coated. I have a deep flowing well with nutricious mineral water we drink from the tap which we use to hydrate the barrels, you should see the water the competition is using, also we put screens over the bung holes to keep out roaches and other bugs, nobody else does. I treat each barrel as if I’m going to use it myself, because sometimes I do.It is true that wine or liquor stored in neutral un-coated barrels which no longer impart much color and flavor and is stored in the proper temperature and humidity, that oxidation can take place through the pores of the wood and the ingredients will become denser and have a more intense flavor but these new mini barrels impart so much color and flavor so quickly that the ingredients cannot be left inside long enough for oxidation to take place, there would be too much flavor from the oak, at least not until the barrel has been used several times, perhaps five years, and there isn't much color and flavor left, usually by that time the coat of lacquer has worn off. A finish coat will not harm the ingredients; neither will it come off in the liquor. My barrels are made in Mexico with imported American white oak for the tequila trade but they work for all other types of spirits which lend themselves to maturing in white oak. I live in Mexico, the barrel business is in Mexico and they are sent by the Mexican postal service.Almost all of the mini barrels being sold on the internet, regardless of shipping location or claims of being made in the USA are made in Mexico. You will see barrels with BRASS, GALVANIZED STEEL and BLACK METAL HOOPS Read Why I Don’t Sell Them Anymore. Artwork The artwork / engraving can be anything you want but cost extra. You can attach a file to the email system the design you want burned onto your barrel to get a price, we prefer a JPEG file but have been able to work with just about anything. The area of the drawing is about 5 inches / 12.5 cm diameter but the spigot is in the bottom of that area. To see my latest artwork in a Windows Live photo album go to American White Oak Barrels About Me If you would like to establish a relationship with a Craftsman who has proven integrity, with a history, offering a true brand, who is careful with distribution and has a legacy that continues to grow then see Considering the other guys desires is in your long term best interest. Verify my reputation at 14 years of response comments. About Barrels Read a guide about "The Origins of a Wood Barrel". Read a guide authored by "Oak Cask Buying". Read a guide authored by "How to Make Your Own Wine". I have these barrels in several sizes with or without outside coating, and the char of your choice see them all at American White Oak Barrels The stand, spigot and bung are included. Smaller barrels provide each liter of spirits with a great deal more oak character than a larger barrel due to the ratio of surface area to wine volume. Because of this the same degree of flavor change may be observed in a far shorter period of time, perhaps only a few weeks. Spirits in a small barrel requires constant monitoring to ensure it does not become over oaked. After your barrel is shipped I email Care and Storage Instructions along with your tracking number and if you get artwork a picture of your barrel, this email is too big to send in s email system. Airmail ServiceIn 14 years I have lost two barrels in the postal system.

United States Postal Service says; “you must file a claim no later than 60 days from the date of mailing” however Mexpost only gives allows 30 days from date of mailing so, if you haven’t received your item please let me know within the time limits.

Barrels are airmailed free to the United States from Guadalajara, Mexico and can be tracked in the USPS tracking system. To Canada and the rest of the world the barrels go by airmail and can be tracked in your national postal system tracking service, there is a small shipping fee.Shop TimePlease allow seven to ten working days shop time, we make barrels everyday but occasionally we do not have all sizes in stock and since it's a long trip to the post office I only go a few times a week, most of the time we have barrels in stock and are able to do the artwork and ship them within 10 days. Return Policy For any reason within 30 days you may return unused barrels, I have never had a barrel returned; returned barrels must be cared for as per the care and storage instructions sent with your tracking number. Useful Information I have been using barrels like these since 2002 to age tequila, rum and wine, on their second and subsequent orders wine and beer makers tell me they love the results they are getting from these barrels. I have started a discussion group so anyone can ask questions and share their experiences with the white oak barrels; it is open to the public, go to American White Oak Barrels Any kind of good quality liquor, wine or beer will be made better in these barrels. The more time it's inside a barrel, the darker the color and flavor changes; from herbal tones, vanilla, cinnamon, the flavor of the wood, nuts like walnut, hazelnut, etc. Barrel Cleaning If you're using the barrel for alcohol that pretty much cleans it. According to the Department of Fruit Science, South-west Missouri State University, Research Campus, Mountain Grove, MO 65711; a hot water treatment (85°C to 88°C water for 20 minutes) worked better than four other barrel sanitizing treatments.

"3 Liter White Oak Barrel Cask 'thickest Wood' Compare At 4 Lbs Shipping Weight":

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