400 Watt 400w Dimmable Hps Mh Grow Light System Set Kit For Sale

400 Watt HPS;HPS grow light;grow light;grow lights;400 Watt grow light;hydroponics;high pressure sodium;grow lights;Wing reflectorWe have hundreds in stock. Contact US for Wholesale Questions! iPower Grow Light 400W Super HPS/MH Dimmable Grow Light Sets

At HPS Grow Light Store, we are proud to feature iPower Grow Light, the best-selling grow light system on ! Our flawless ratings, responses and praises are not just vouches of excellence but returning customers, ranging from single-light to hundred-light setups, time after time. With iPower, you are not buying a re-brand or a knock-off, but a high quality, genuine equipment directly from the manufacturer with great customer support and factory-backed warranty.Package includes:

  • Choice of the following fixtures with ceramic socket installed:
    • 19" Aluminum Wing Reflector
  • iPower 400W Digital Dimmable Ballast
    • 1x Heavy Durty Power Cord
    • 4x Neoprene Feet
  • Choice of the following iPower 400W Super HPS / MH Bulbs combos:
    • 1x Super HPS + 1 MH Bulb
    • 1x Super HPS Bulb
    • 1x MH Bulb
  • FREE:Heavy Duty iPower Grow Light Flexi Ratchet Hangers

19” Aluminum Wing Reflector w/ Ceramic Socket
  • High quality aluminum panels
  • Flexible reflector for angles up to 180 degrees
  • Imprinted convex surface for better light distribution
  • Built-in 15' heavy duty lamp cord with ceramic mogul socket
  • Standard hydroponics S-plug
  • Versatile and flexible to install
  • Ideal for small areas with temperature control
  • Light can be hung in vertical or horizontal positions
  • Precise 4'x4' of light coverage*

    *Coverage depends on fixture height and Environment; results may vary

*ballast color & shape may vary, 250w model is not dimmable

iPower 400W Dimmable Digital Electronic Ballast
  • Conveniently wired with standard hydroponic "S" plug
  • Operating Voltage Range: 100V ~ 265V.
  • Anodized aluminum fins for maximized heat dissipation
  • Fully compatible with HPS & MH bulbs
  • Dimming power settings: 50% (half power), 75%, and 100% (full power)
  • Zero acoustic resonance
  • Internal Resin coating for long life

iPower 400W Super HPS / Metal Halide Bulb
  • Compatible with magnetic and digital ballasts
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Does not lure insects
  • Thick glass housing for extra durability
  • Enhanced wavelengths and lumen power
  • Ideal for blooming and flowering

1/8" iPower Flexi Ratchet Hangers