42x30 Steel Carport, Garage, Storage Building Installed

42x30 Steel Carport, Garage, Storage Building Installed

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42x30 Steel Carport, Garage, Storage Building Installed:


42' x 31'Horse Castle, Stable,or Barn (FREE DELIVERY AND INSTALLATION NATION-WIDE!!!): We Love our animals! This Dependable Shelter will make their lives more comfortable and help make your life a little easier. This popular model comes with an 18' wide and 31' long section in the middle whichfeatures12' of leg height in the corners and comeswith 3' Braces on every leg to accommodatethe height.The center sectionalso featuresanExtended Gable End at each end over the entrance for added protection and added beauty. The two side sections are 12' wide by 31' longwith three walls on eachside sectionand a 9x7 cut out on the front of one side. If you would like us to make changes from this design, we will be happy to create a listing ofthe model that fits your needs, upon your request. This well designed and popular model comes with 32" spikes between each pole onthe bottom plates to secure your structure to the ground. If you are installing on concrete, then we will place concrete anchors in for free. The Frame of your New Structure is constructed from 14 gauge Galvanized Steel and your Panels are 29 gauge Steel panels with a baked-on enamel finish. You will also receive a decorative Steel Trim outlining your building and have 13 colors to choose fromfor Walls, Roof, and Trim. You will have lots of options to fit your needs, such as: Mobile Home Anchors, additional length, height,or width, additional walls, doors, windows and more. We are able to serve most of the United States and deal in large enough quantity to offer Amazingly Low Prices! The Model you see in the photo is Only $7,765.oo plus tax in most southern states! Delivery and Installation are Free! Call toll free (877) 648-7222 toverifythe price in your area. Please allow at least 2 to 4 weeks for your structure to be installed.Weather conditions may effect delivery times.

Only 15% downis needed to place your order($1,164.75).The balanceis tobe paid upon completion. To purchase simply click on "Buy it Now" and call toll free (877) 648-7222 to select your colors and place your down paymentby phone.

Thank you for shopping with mybuildingdesigns "Your Reliable Source for Dependable Shelter"

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Find an item you like and click on "Buy it Now".Then call toll free (877)648-7222 (877)648-7222 to select your colors and pay up to 15% down by phone. If our store doesn't have the model, size and features you would like, we will help you design abuilding that fits your needsandcreate a listing on oftheStructure that is perfect for you. Certified Models are available upon request to meet all State and Local Codes!

Prices may vary in some states. Most of our listings are priced for12 of the southern states in the U.S.(AL, AR, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, OK, TN, TX, VA.). We also have many items in our store thatare priced for other states and will havea specific state designated in the title. It is the any necessary permits. Please view our page for"Pricing your Building"before requesting price quotes! All sales are final! Modifications and revisions may incur additional cost.

Weoffer Free Delivery andInstallation inside the Continental United States for our Carport Cover and All Steel Structure Line.Delivery normally takes 2 to 4 weeks. Some areas may experience slower or faster delivery times. Other products offered will be foundin ourPortable Building linewhich are offered in Texas and surrounding areas. Taxes are not included in the price. Local sales tax must be paid on all align="left">All that we require is a level surface (within 3").

*There must be a certain amount of orders on a load, in order to send the installers out for deliveries. Each of those orders must be coordinated together within an area, which is why we are only able to give you an estimated delivery time when you place your order. We will try and give you as much notice as possible, but please keep in mind that your delivery date is not set until the scheduling office calls you. (Estimations are educated guesses, based on the experiences of the scheduler for your area, and they do their best to predict a schedule before it is written! There are many factors that influence delivery such as: weather, traffic, the time it takes to install the previous customer's orders, etc., so we appreciate your patience and cooperation!)

Thank you.

42x30 Steel Carport, Garage, Storage Building Installed:

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