5 Feet Japanese Timber Giant Bamboo Plant Rhizomes For Sale

This sale is for5 feet ofhealthy rhizome sections, that you can plant in the ground oreach rhizome in a5 gallonpot. This is a very hardy bamboothat can handle temperaturesto 0degrees.It can grow up to70 feet or moreand have culms as large as 6''in diameter, in ideal conditions.Foliage is high and cascades down giving it anexotic oriental look.This beautifulbamboo originated in China, and isvery popularin Japan. Also grown widely in the US and around the world.The Chinese name isMadake Bamboo. "Ma" means Real and "Dake" means bamboo. Thisbambooflowers every 130 years. Last flowering in 1970's.That is why it is propagated with rhizome cuttings from the grove.The botanical name is Phyllostachys pronounced "Filostakis" bambusoides. This bamboo is used often toprevent soil erosion. Bamboo is one of the most mysterious plants in the world- but not because its difficult to grow. Its mysteries lie in its ability to thrive and delight and evoke emotion. A symbol of longevity, wisdom, strength and flexibility throughout cultures around the world. Bamboo has a human connection few others plantscan rival. Bring these fascinating bamboos into your indoor landscaping and experience their beauty first hand. Orplant them outside and watch them mature.And soon you will have a peaceful grove.Standing in a bamboo grove while it is snowing or listening to the warm breeze rustlethrough its branches on a summer evening is truly a delight.. So go green and plant a bamboo today. They produce 35% more oxygen then trees, And scrubs carbon like nothing else on the planet.

Easily contained with rhizome barriers. Or if you have the space in your yard, just mow around the area where you do not wantthem to grow.They are tender when they first shoot.Or dig the shoots up and find a good recipe. They are edible! If you haveenoughland let it become a grove.


Internationalhandling feeincludes a Phyto-Sanitary Certificaterequired to clearcustoms.($68.00)

One Phyto-Sanitary Certificate needed per total order. Request a total after purchasing. Thank You

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5 Feet Japanese Timber Giant Bamboo Plant Rhizomes

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5 Feet Japanese Timber Giant Bamboo Plant Rhizomes :