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50 bags Great Scented Bath Salts Wholesale Favors

50 2" x 3" zip lock bagettes. Hand Blended FRESH TO ORDER EVERY ORDER! Mineral Rich Sea Salt Bath Salt! This bath salt comes to you scented, colored, bagged, and ready for your special event!

Each bath salt favor generously scents a garden sized bath and each scent is awonderfullfragrance.

To customize your order with 1 to 3 scents and 1 to 3 colors.. Fragrance and Color List

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Please visit my store as I have many great Bath Salts listed so you may purchase these right away with out the wait for sales to end.

All our Bath Salts are high-quality premium mineral rich bath salts Fresh Hand Blended by US and only blended once payment is received.

These little gems are perfect for baby shower, wedding shower, favors, flea market finds, crafter's tables, boutiques, gift basket fillers, you name it, the use for these are endless.

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[Type*] - Name trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective manufacturers and/or designers. These versions are NOT to be confused with the originals. Our supplier’s interpretation of this fragrance was created through chemical analysis and reproduction and this description is to give the customer an idea of scent character, not to mislead, confuse the customer or infringe on the manufacturers/designer's name and valuable trademark.

NEW FRAGRANCES ADDED: DECEMBER 2013 see descriptions in the itemized list below


I reference the name brands only to share what my oils are similar to. Most of my oil customers say that my oils are dead on !

1 MILLION type

African Musk

Almost Heaven Type This sweet, delectable scent will make you feel as if you are almost in heaven. Notes of sugar and spice with a light blend of baby powder and vanilla at the base.

ALOHA: Sun kissed frangipanis, plumerias, and freesias straight from the tropics.

AMAZING GRACE TYPE: lightly citrused and alluringly clean fragrance version of the P classic and we have a dead ringer! P type fragrances are usually very delicate

Amber WHITE: Reminiscent of the divine scent of ambergris, a sweet layered scent, with spicy, earthy rich undertones

Angel Wings: A boutique-like compilation of aquatic notes with light florals and sandalwoods which lends its way for a light, fresh and airy, uplifting scent.

Apple: Sweet, juicy and mouthwatering -- think red delicious OR granny smith green! I have them both

APRICOT AND HONEY YC TYPE: A smooth, silky apricot and honey blend -- not sweet, but soft and surprisingly delicate. Not over-the-top sweet, like you would expect anything with honey to be MY NEW PERSONAL FAVORITE

Aqua Marine: Think aquatic spa, tranquil breezes and clean crisp florals -- a very upscale and hip fragrance.

Baby Powder: A soft, yet true sensual baby powder scent, very nice on its own, but also perfect for blending with other fragrances for added depth: WILL FADE WHITE SOAP BASE COLORS

Baby's Breath: Fresh melons, apples and creamy vanilla innocently tied together by wisps of carnation and other light, powdery florals WILL FADE WHITE SOAP BASE COLORS

Baby Grace P type: innocent, and baby fresh fragrance

Bacon…light scent of bacon REALLY!!

Bahama Berry & Melon: Ripe, sweet berries and succulent melons combine to form this unique fragrance. Top notes of citrus, berries with nuances of pineapple. Sweet peach, honey dew melon and jasmine are at the heart. A whisper of musk at the base.

Bamboo Citrus & Teak: A boutique woody blend of teak, cedar, patchouli with a touch of lemon peel.

Basil Essential: Basil Oil has a sweet-spicy, fresh aroma with a faint balsamic woody undertone

Bay Rum: Resinous bay leaves infused in the mellow woody smell of rum that has been aged and matured for months in wooden kegs. (M)

Berry Blast: A scrumptious blend of raspberry, blueberry, blackberries and strawberries fused with citrus that will surely make your mouth water:

Black Currant A darker, slightly (very slightly) more licorice version of a red currant (I do not carry the red)

Black Currant Vanilla BBW TYPE:

Blackberry: For you berry lovers out there, the scent of blackberries evoke the inner calm in many. Ours is a subtle, semi-sweet favorite that is a refreshing change from the sweeter berries

Black Raspberry Vanilla BBW type: smooth blend of sweet berries and creamy vanilla.

blood Orange: The fleshy fragrance of a blood orange. Great as a blender or standalone. A great deep and rich alternative to standard orange. (OUT OF STOCK)

Blue Cotton Candy: just like cotton candy

Blue Musk: Muskuline, a unisexy blend of musks, woods and aquatics

Blueberry: just like blueberry (OUT OF STOCK)

Bluegrass: Sharp and as the name says, country, this will take you back to the hills of the deep south

Brown Sugar & Fig WB TYPE: A very subtle fragrance. Sweet caramel and musky fig topped off with just a hint of cocoa

Burberry Weekender: a rich combination of mint, lavender, sandalwood,and amber blend of crisp woods and citrus

CALYX TYPE: flowery with papaya, guava and passion fruit

Campfire & Marshmallow: YOU KNOW THIS ONE 


Cedarwood: A hands down to die for dupe of the EO...tiny bit softer but full and rich.


Champagne: A sparkling concoction of fruits and florals, hints of nectarine, mint, and vetiver enhance the vivid bouquet. Our supplier’s version is also an interpretation of the fragrance marketed in Europe under the name Yvresse

Cherry Almond type: Holy Cow this is a very strong fragrance and is used in great moderation. Lightly sugar coated, tart, plump cherries with nutty almond.

China Musk: White musk surrounded with classic oriental notes makes for a truly light, fresh and airy aroma. You’ll detect subtle hints of vanilla, tonka bean, jasmine with fresh lily and hyacinth notes to round out this beautiful and delicate scent

Chocolate: mmmm mmm!!

Chocolate Mint: Just like a York Peppermint Patty 

Christmas HEARTH ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND: A blend composed of only all natural essential oils - 100% Pure Essential Oils, Peppermint, Orange, Lavender. Cool and crisp, yet soothing. Pines, powdery florals, and a refreshing splash of citrus essential oil round out this festive fragrance.

Chypre: Made popular in the fragrances of the 70s, this warm, spicy, woody fragrance is used in many Asian mixtures and popular even on its own. Oriental in character, cool, deep, rich, moist.


Cinnamon Buds Essential Oil


Citrus Cilantro Type

Clean Cotton type



Coconut Crème Pie

Coconut Bay type: Coconut with a hint of pineapple.




Cucumber Melon BBW TYPE

Cypress: Woody, a bit earthy, edgy and very powerful, this fragrance is great on its own but FANTASTIC when deepening blends.

DEMON: Spirited and mischievous mix of spicy heat and leather, top notes of tempered lemony herbs trail to a middle of clove, licorice, warm florals and leather ending in a base of patchouli, teak and flannel.

Dirt: not kidding. Smells like dirt. Awesome for our hunters and most popular in my clear glycerin soaps.

Divine DREAM ANGELS Type: florals of hyacinth, jasmine, violets -- delicate, refreshing, and lightly powdered down to soft musk and wood accords.


DOT type

Downey April Fresh

Dragon's blood: It can be classified as a autumn-like warm, woody and earthy scent, with notes of amber, vanilla, sandalwood, light tones of powdery musks and hints of asian florals to bring out subtle spice undertones

Dragon's Breath type: Earthy, yet smooth, a silky blend of Champa, vanillas, heliotrope that is a more delicate version of the classic Dragon's blood

Dream Angels Halo Type: a refreshing sparkle of florals surrounded with a sensuous warmth

Dream sickle: Just like a creamsicle. Vanilla icecream and orange sherbert 

Endless Love by VS Type: a sweet blend of apples, pomegranate and ylang ylang.

English Ivy


Eucalyptus Essential Oil (Globulous)

Eucalyptus/Vanilla: a sweeter blend of Eucalyptus and vanilla


Fall Leaves

Falling In Love P type: a very delicate fragrance. Delicate, silky smooth and sexy fragrance

Field Of Flowers: This smells really feminine, it's floral but not overpowering. It does have honeysuckle notes, but it is NOT strong, this is such a soft floral. I don't usually like floral scents because they practically knock me over, but this is the perfect balance

Fig: The enticingly sweet, but subtle fig stands excellently on its own

Fir Needle

Frankincense type: This version of frankincense is more of the earthy type. Sweet and resinous this is a perfect choice for you real frankincense lovers.

Fresh Cut Grass: seriously!!

Fresh Linen: A light, fresh, airy, dry fragrance - just what you want in a linen scent

Fresh Orange

Gardenia Flower


Ginger Root

Graham Cracker



Green Apples

Green Tea Type: Bring Asia home as the aromatic scent of green tea is tempered by a hints of sandalwoods, bamboo, and undertones of grounded florals to offer one that is less citrusy than that of its common counterparts, more Eastern in flair.


Happy Men Type: favorite for men, this fragrance is refreshing, and slightly fruity. This masculine scent possesses a unique blend of citrusy lemon, mandarin, orange and grapefruit.

Hawaiian White Ginger: A delicately spiced version of a sweet floral ginger popular in Hawaii

Hawaiian Plumeria: Fresh picked, subtle and sexy plumerias from the islands


Heavenly VS Type: a soft smooth and creamy fragrance blended with white peony and white musk. We created this fragrance to be as true to scent as the original.

Heliotrope: A subtle vanilla-like, creamy, yet delicately perfume type floral. Awesome in blends and oftentimes will not make body products turn brown in color -- good alternative to a vanilla based fragrance need

Honeydew Melon


Indonesian Teak Wood: A supple wood, mild in fragrance, similar to sandalwood -- excellent as a blender to deepen fragrances with a creamy wood finish.





Lavender Classic

Lavender Essential Oil 40/42: Lavender 40/42 Essential Oil (FP 160*F):

(LAVENDULA ANGUSTIFOLIA) France - 100% Pure Essential Oil : Flashpoint 160°F

This all around useful, slightly camphorous (but sweet) floral essential oil is known to aid/alleviate in the following:

•Stress – Calming and soothing

•Depression – Upliftingand balances mood swings

•Lack Of Energy – Motivates and invigorates

•Sleep Difficulty – A calming effect to induce sleep and relieve anxiety

Leather: (THINK COWBOY) Rugged and masculine, this leather suede scent will take you back to the old west.


Lemon Balm Leaf

Lemon Lavender: A beautiful harmony blend

Lemon Verbena: Lemon Verbena takes citrus to a whole new level combining lemon zest and sweet verbena -- an elegantly sweet variation of the traditional lemony scent.

Lemongrass fragrance oil: Refreshing citrus with an earthy green note.

Lemongrass Essential Oil: Lemongrass Essential Oil is known for its invigorating and antiseptic properties. It can be used in facial toners as its astringent properties help fight acne and greasy skin. An excellent anti-depressant, Lemongrass Essential Oil tones and fortifies the nervous system and can be used in bath for soothing muscular nerves and pain. Lemongrass shares similar properties with citronella and has a great reputation for keeping insects away.

Lick Me All Over: Perfect for exotic blends. Raspberry, Melon, Citrus with a slight floral note.


LIGHT BLUE D&G TYPE: a fresh aquatic that opens with cedar, apple and bluebells, a bouquet of jasmine, bamboo and white rose bottoming out with cedarwood, amber and musk.




Lime Essential Oil: Lime Essential Oil has a crisp, refreshing citrus scent that has been used by aroma therapists for its uplifting and revitalizing properties. It can also act as an astringent on skin where it is reputed to help clear oily skin.


Love Spell VS Type: a fresh fruity citrus fragrance with top-notes of grapefruit, apple, strawberries and clementines, a middle-note of peach, black currant and rose petals and a sweet white musky base note.

Lustful Dreams Notes of chocolate, white florals, orchid and light musks make lustful dreams an incredible bath & body or candle fragrance.Vanilla/Vanillin (>6%) which may discolor soaps and body products to a light beige to warm tan -- a vanilla stabilizer could aid in this.




Mexican Spice: Spices from across the border, cumin, chipotle, red peppers, bell pepper -- use as a blender to make southwestern creations

Mocha Mocha

Moonlight Path type: Imagine a fragrant evening stroll down a garden path...romance, moonlight and beauty.

MUSK AFRICAN: A classic, musks with a subtle hint of patchouli, softened with sweet sandalwood and delicate roses. NOTE: African Musk is subtle OOB (out of bottle), and is not meant to be an overpowering fragrance

MUSK BLUE: Muskuline, a unisexy blend of musks, woods and aquatics

MUSK CHINA: White musk surrounded with classic oriental notes makes for a truly light, fresh and airy aroma. Youll detect subtle hints of vanilla, tonka bean, jasmine with fresh lily and hyacinth notes to round out this beautiful and delicate scent

MUSK EGYPTIAN: If you are looking for a overpowering fragrance, this is not the appropriate fragrance for you. No true Egyptian Musk will ever be overpoweringly potent

MUSK WHITE: A creamy and sensual variation of musk.


Myrrh: Myrrh has been used since antiquity to inspire prayer and meditation, and to fortify and revitalize the spirit. Strong and powerful its scent is enticing, seductive, and alluring. Extra strong formula to capture & inspire.


Neroli: True neroli, less "citrusy" than the orange blossom. Oustanding on its own, but excellent in almost any blend to acheive that woody, spicy or asian flair.



Oakmoss: Cool, earthy fragrance

Oatmeal Milk & Honey TYPE


Ocean Breeze: Crisp, ocean breezes envelope you as you walk along a secluded tropical beach, the waves gently spraying up a fine mist that refreshes your soul and cleanses your mind.

Ocean Scent

Olive Leaves: this one is very hard to describe but you will be surprised with a very pleasant fragrance



P.S. I Love U type: this fragrance is light and fresh, perfect for the spring and summer months. Notes of rose, citrus and peony mingles with jasmine, and hints of creamy sandalwood, patchouli, amber and musk to create this wonderful scent.

Patchouli fragrance oil: classic patchouli from the far east, slightly more woody and smooth

Patchouli Essential Oil Dark: Patchouli is recognized by aroma therapists as being effective for combating nervous disorders, helping with dandruff, sores, skin irritations and acne. The specific properties include use as an antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, anti-emetic, antimicrobal, antiphlogistic, antiseptic, antitoxic, antiviral, aphrodisiac, astringent, bactericidal, carminative, deodorant, digestive, diuretic, febrifuge, fungicidal, nerving, prophylactic, stimulating and tonic agent. In the perfumery industry, it is interesting to note that Patchouli improves with age, and that the aged product is what is preferred over freshly harvested. In aromatherapy, Patchouli is an excellent fixative that can help extend other, more expensive oils.


Peaches & Cream

Peppercorn Type

Peppermint Chocolate Patty

Peppermint Supreme

Pina Colada

Pineapple Supreme


PLEASURE SUNRISE: Uplifting and ethereal, sunflowers, lilies, daffodils, roses and other white florals are caressed by the touch of a light chypre wood base.

PLUMERIA (HAWAIIAN): Fresh picked, subtle and sexy plumerias from the islands (OUT OF STOCK)

Pralines & Cream


Red Currant & Thyme

Rich Potting Soil

Romance VS type: a refined, flowery fragrance. Fresh rose, ginger, marigold, violet, oakmoss and musk.

Rose Garden


Rosewood: Nice! Balsamy, woody, slightly sweet. it mellows to hints of cedar and rose and drys down to a powdery finish that lingers. More than a heart note, not quite a base

SAFARI TYPE: a refreshing, gentle, floral fragrance. this feminine scent possesses a blend of green florals, rare oils, and warm citrus notes.


Sandalwood: Soft and airy scent very similar to the Tunesian sandalwood. NOTE: This sandalwood is subtle OOB (out of bottle), and is not meant to be an overpowering fragrance so that it remains true to the Tunisian Sandalwood from which it was modeled

Sandalwood & Roses

Sandalwood Supreme: Notes of cedarwood, jasmine and gardenia mingle with musk at the base to produce this exotic fragrance.

SEA ISLAND COTTON BBW TYPE: As fresh ocean breezes sweep over white sands, the scent of sun drenched cottons and flapping linen reminds you of the adventure and freedom you enjoy while here.

SECRET CRUSH VS TYPE: a brisk fruity blend that begins with notes of macintosh apple, peach, tart plum, red raspberry, and Italian lemon oil with rose and jasmine along with musk and amber

Sensual Amber: Crisp, clean musk scent with notes of cedar, powder and ozone.

Sexy VS type : vibrant and sensuous, it bursts with clementine and cactus flowers, vanilla, orchid, and blackberry, with a soft white amber and pimento finish

Sleigh Ride: Top notes of eucalyptus, citrus, ozone floral with nuances of strawberry. Floral mid notes of cinnamon, carnation and tuberose blend into a warm base of cedar, violet, balsam, powder and musk.

Sparkle Fruit Splash: This fragrance is a melange of succulent fruit laced with sugary sweetness. The top notes burst with pineapple, grapefruit and blackberry. Aquatic waterlily, cassia, pear and sweet honeydew round out the heart. The dry down of vanilla and sandalwood complete this scent.Vanilla/Vanillin (>6%) which may discolor soaps and body products to a light beige to warm tan -- a vanilla stabilizer could aid in this. (I do not use any stabelizers in my products)

Spearmint Eucalyptus


Spiced Plum


Strawberries & Champagne VS Type: a fresh aquatic, yet lighlty fruited strawberry, grapes, and sparkling wine in an base of aquatic accord.

Strawberry Patch

Summer Grace P Type

Sun & Sand YC TYPE:

Sweet Grass: A sharp, cool, grassy, almost minty like fragrance that is unique and interesting on its own, but fantastic in blends with citruses, mints, woods.

Sweet Pea BBW Type: A fragrance fresh and simple with delicate balances of inspiring notes to stimulate and fill the senses

Sweet Temptation Type: a shining blend of Apricot, and Lily of the Valley.

Tea Tree Essential Oil: This herbaceous and universal essential oil is known for the following:

•Soothing – Calms and balances mood swings

•Anti-depressant – Uplifts and promotes positive outlook

•Renews Enthusiasm – Revitalizes and bolsters confidence

•Immunostimulant - Encourages body to fight illnesses

•Antiseptic - Naturally antiseptic and antiviral

Texas Storm

Tomato Leaf

Tropical Paradise: Fruits from the tropics blended with coconut

Tropical Passion Fruit BBW TYPE



Verbena (OUT OF STOCK)

Vermont Maple Syrup


Watermelon Candy

Wedding Day YC TYPE

White Musk: A creamy and sensual variation of musk

Winter Ice:

Yellow Diamonds type: Top - Neroli, Bergamot, Lemon and Pear
Middle - Orange Blossom, Freesia, Mimosa and Water Lily
Base - Musk, Amber and Guaic Wood

Ylang-Ylang: The bold, spicy fragrance of ylang ylang is luxurious on its own, but does exceptionally well when blended with other fragrances for added depth and dimension.

50 Bags Bath Salts Wholesale Bridal Baby Shower Favors***

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50 Bags Bath Salts Wholesale Bridal Baby Shower Favors***:

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