50 Harley Davidson Hog Pin Locks Exclusive New & Improved Longer 7mm Design

50 Harley Davidson Hog Pin Locks Exclusive New & Improved Longer 7mm Design

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50 Harley Davidson Hog Pin Locks Exclusive New & Improved Longer 7mm Design :

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9/23/14 Due to unprecedented demand, we are temporarily out of stock of the 7mm pin locks and have ordered more. Please sign up for our Store Newsletter if you want to be notified as soon as we relist our pin locks. To sign up, click on the “Visit Store” link in the “Seller Information” box at the top of this page, then click on the newsletter link at the top right corner of the PinSeller_mmmjcoz store home page.

BEFORE YOU BUY A SINGLE PIN LOCK FROM ANYONE, LOOK AT THE TOP SCAN AT THE LEFT! Don't risk having multiple "Ouch!" moments by buying lapel pin locks that are too short. The scan shows the difference between one of our old 5mm pin locks (the size sold by most merchants) and one of our new and improved longer design 7mm pin locks. As you can see, with the short 5mm pin locks you run the risk of having the sharp end of the pin post protrude past the end of the pin lock, especially if you are attaching your pin to a relatively thin article. As shown, our new 7mm pin locks solve this problem because they are long enough to always completely cover the pin post, so there is no danger of your getting poked or scratched. If the pin locks you are considering for purchase look like the 5mm locks; if the length and the width /diameter look the same, they may be too short. See the complete story below!** 50 Lapel Pin Locks Locking Pin Backs for your favorite Harley Davidson Pins, Hog Pins, and Motorcycle Vest Pins - never lose one of your valuable pins again! This lot includes 5 bags with 10 locking collars and setscrews each along with 1 allen wrench per bag; a total of 50 Pin Locks. These pin locks will work to secure your pins on virtually any surface; lanyards, vests, hats, and pin collecting bags, to name a few. They also work on virtually every other type of pins; Hard Rock Pins, Disney pins, etc. See the list of examples below.Metal or rubber pinbacks can work their way loose and fall off your lanyard, vest, hat, etc., and you can lose your favorite lapel pins, not noticing that they have fallen off until it is too late. With our pin locks, you will never lose a pin again! **THE COMPLETE STORY: What sets our pin locks apart from the competition is our NEW AND IMPROVED DESIGN WITH LONGER 7mm LOCKING COLLARS! We began selling pin locks in 2002, and since that time have sold over 6000 of them. Over the years some of our customers had mentioned that many of the pin locks on the market (including ours) were too short for some applications. Specifically, if you were trying to use them to lock a pin to a very thin material, there was a possibility that the sharp point of the pin post might protrude out past the end of the locking collar, as shown in the top scan. You would then be faced with the option of just living with the sharp pin posts being exposed, or filing them down to be flush with the locking collar, neither of which is a particularly desirable solution. Some merchants selling these short pin locks actually include this filing information as a required step in their installation instructions! At the other extreme many people who have tried the pin locks that Disney sells have told us that at 9mm they were too long, adding unnecessary weight and bulk, not to mention the expense. Accordingly we decided to redesign our pin locks to be a length right in between "standard" pin locks (5mm) and Disney's pin locks (9mm), which solves the problem of posts protruding out past the end of the collar, without adding unnecessary bulk and weight. That is how we settled on 7mm as the ideal length.So, how can you tell if the pin locks you are considering purchasing are long enough? You can actually usually tell just by looking at the picture display of the product. If the length of the locking collars look about the same as the width / diameter (if they look "boxy", like the old 5mm lock shown in the scans), chances are good they are on the short side. Most pin locks, also sold as locking pinbacks, pin savers, pin keepers, and pin guards are about 5mm (not quite 1/4") in diameter / width and if the length is about the same, they may be too short and you can potentially have problems with them as explained above. Avoid those problems completely with our new 7mm pin locks. It may not sound like much of a difference, but that 2mm truly makes the difference between pin locks that are a hassle, and pin locks that are perfect!You can use these pin locks for virtually every type of pin; use them as Hat Lapel Pin Locks, Hard Rock Cafe Pin Locks, Disney Lanyard Pin Locks, Law Enforcement Pin Locks, Work Uniform Pin Locks, Biker Pin Locks, Beer Pin Locks, Letterman Jacket Pin Locks, Coca-Cola Pin Locks, Olympic Pin Locks, Harley-Davidson Pin Locks, Hog Pin Locks, Soccer Football Badge Pin Locks, Motorcycle Vest or Jacket Pin Locks, World Cup Pin Locks, Celtic Kilt Pin Locks, or virtually any collector trading pin badge securely to your vest, hat, lanyard, jacket, etc. Just insert the pin post through the fabric as you normally would, then instead of attaching a pinback, slide one of the locking collars onto the pin post, then tighten the setscrew until snug (don't overtighten) , and you are finished!

Shipping for this lot of 5 bags (50 pin locks) is $2.95 in the US, $3.95 to Canada, and $5.95 for overseas shipping. Purchase more than one lot of 50 locks and shipping is just $1.00 for each additional lot in the US, and $2.00 for each additional lot to Canada and worldwide.

Here, for your convenience are the complete instructions from our website for installing our pin locks:There are 3 types of parts each Pin Lock bag:

  • 1 - Allen (hex head) Wrench
  • 10 - 7mm Locking Collars
  • 10 - Set Screws (Already partially screwed into the Locking Collars)
Here is how you use them:
  • If you hold a locking collar up to the light and look through the end of it, usually you will see that the setscrew is protruding into the opening.
  • The first thing to do is to back out the setscrew using the provided Allen wrench and turning counter-clockwise. Back it out until you can see that it is no longer protruding into the opening.
  • Next, remove the metal butterfly or rubber clutch from the back of your pin, and push the pin through whatever material you are attaching the pin to.
  • You will notice when you look at a locking collar that setscrew is closer to one end of the collar than the other. You always want to install the collar so that end closest to the setscrew is against the fabric. If you reverse it, the setscrew might be near the end of the pin post or even beyond it.
  • Take a locking collar and slide it onto the post until it is snug against the fabric.
  • While holding the locking collar in place, use the hex head wrench to tighten the set screw (turning clockwise), until you feel resistance and it is snug.
  • The only mistake you can possibly make at this point is to over-tighten the set screw. The threads on the setscrews are very fine so if you over-tighten you could strip them, and/or possibly bend or even break the pin post.
  • Tighten until just snug, and then test it by pulling on the collar to try to pull it off the pin post. Pass this test, and you are done!

Shipping and handling for this item is $2.95 to any address in the United States.



  • Payment is due within 7 days after sale ends or buyer purchases a fixed price item.
  • SHIPPING: basic shipping and handling rate is $2.95 for the 1st pin in the U.S. We do offer a COMBINED SHIPPING DISCOUNT; $.50 for each additional pin won over a 3 day period. See individual sales for specific shipping rates which may vary. Please wait and make just one payment in order to qualify for discounted shipping rates. We send out invoices on a daily basis that will reflect discounted shipping; please wait for our invoice so you are sure to be paying the reduced amount for shipping.
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50 Harley Davidson Hog Pin Locks Exclusive New & Improved Longer 7mm Design :

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