50 Nerf Authentic Bullets, 25x Elite & 25x Accustrike, Or Buy It Now For 100 Amm

50 Nerf Authentic Bullets, 25x Elite & 25x Accustrike, Or Buy It Now For 100 Amm

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50 Nerf Authentic Bullets, 25x Elite & 25x Accustrike, Or Buy It Now For 100 Amm:


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Please read the ENTIRE listing before offerding on this sale for…

(1 NEW, Sealed Package) OFFICIAL / AUTHENTIC NERF Bullet Reload Package:

25x "ELITE N-STRIKE" Bullets


This AWESOME sale includes (as shown), 50 Bullets for your use in your own Nerf guns, rifles, machine guns... whatever you've got. Know that these are official bullets, not the cheap knock-offs that get lodged in your gun barrells because they are made of a crappy material, no sir. These are official, in the package, authentic Nerf bullets and they're yours at a great price. And WOW! Does have counterfeit packages by the lots of fake bullets people! Please don't fall for the trap, as again... fake Nerf-compatible bullets will kill your gun collection as the bullets come apart and lock up your guns. I've seen this first hand, and it's always worth buying the real deal. This is literally why their commercials say, "It's either Nerf or Nothing!" Because copies will jam every time!

Mint Condition / Sealed in a NEW PACKAGE!

Please Note: The package has no wear, distress dents or damages. So if you're into collecting these without opening them, here's a great deal for ya.

In case you're wondering what the difference between the two halfs of the package (take it from a Nerf Connoisseur), the blue-bodied (orange-tipped) Elite bullets are made for distance while the orange-bodied (grey-tipped) Elite Accustrike bullets are made for accuracy.

And let us clear one necessary detail with everyone: "Accu-Strike" bullets are only meant for Accu-strike guns. These are great bullets, but they will jam in regular Nerf Guns, Rifles, etc...

And yes, we LOVE to ship extras. So offer your heart out, we'll send you everything we can fit in the box (see our response) like usual. :)

Go for the BUY IT NOW price and we'll DOUBLE YOUR ORDER for a total of 100 Bullets! See our response to see how we love to send extras for our high buyers and package premiums for our Buy-It-Now customers).

Win the sale at offer price; you’ll get what you offer for. Win the sale at Buy-It-Now price, and we’ll make sure to send some random bonus goodies to thank you for your time, interest and generosity! offer as high as the DBI Bonus section mentions below, and we’ll ship our world famous books with your sale too. But, please note that the books in the images are not included in the package unless you make it to the price offers mentioned below in the “DBI Bonus” section. As with all of our sales, the higher the offers the better the extras, bonuses and goodies! As usual, see our response to see what previous sale winners have to say about us and our extras. Seriously, we love to ship extras, so guard your sales and keep offerding!

Our posts change from month to month. Sometimes they are “offerding” sales; sometimes they are “Buy-It-Now” sales. Sometimes they are “Best Offer” sales. That depends on what offers are available from to post up for that particular month.

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10) DARC BOOKS INK (“DBI”) FREE AUTOGRAPHED BOOKS: Here at DBI, we’re also proud to be a self-published book shop. Our books (poetry, anecdotes, short stories, comedy, fiction, erotica, etc…) have something for everyone, and we are proud to share them with our high-end buyers. So, offer up high enough on our sales, and we’ll ship bonus books signed to your specifications, as detailed below, and just let us know whom you’d like the book dedicated to. Want to know more about these titles? Feel free to look them up on-line as they are available at almost all book retailers.

DBI Bonus #1:

offer (not Buy-It-Now) $100.00, and win and you’ll get: “TRUTH, COMEDY & POETRY for ALL”

150 pages of Romantic Poetry, Anecdotes, Short Stories, etc… 6”x9” Paperback, AUTOGRAPHED and / or PERSONALIZED / $15.25 (Suggested Retail Price) or…

DBI Bonus #2:

offer $110.00… and instead you’ll get: “THE V-FILES: The Truth Is In Here”

217 pages of Short Stories, Humor, Assorted Poetry, etc… 6”x9” Paperback, AUTOGRAPHED and / or PERSONALIZED / $19.00 (SRP) or…

DBI Bonus #3:

offer $120.00... and instead you’ll get: “HAVE YOU HEARD THE ONE ABOUT…”

540 pages of Adult Jokes, Humorous Short Stories, Hilarious E-mail Forwards, etc… 6”x9” Paperback, AUTOGRAPHED and / or PERSONALIZED / $29.00 (SRP) or…

DBI BONUS #4: offer $150.00... YOU’LL GET: (w/o BONUSES 1, 2 or 3) ALL THREE BOOKS!

907 pages in total of All 3 DARC BOOKS! ONE SWEET PACKAGE! All 6”x9” Paperbacks, AUTOGRAPHED and / or PERSONALIZED / $63.00 (SRP)

Please visit and “LIKE” the pages on FaceBook that we support with every sale...

“DARC Books Ink: Books, sales & Pop Culture #darcpopculture”

“Vazqueztell’s Original Trilogy: Truth, #V-Files, Have You Heard”

“The Darclopedia - Volumes 1 & 2 - Adult Educational Book Series”

“Help DARC Save The REDHEADS (funded by The #Darclopedia)”

“Darc Organization - NYC's Premiere Personal Organizer”

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2 / 15 / 2020

50 Nerf Authentic Bullets, 25x Elite & 25x Accustrike, Or Buy It Now For 100 Amm:

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