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500,000 Points Wyndham Club Access Multiple Resorts Timeshare For Sale

500,000 Points Wyndham Club Access Multiple Resorts Timeshare

PLEASE READ ENTIRE sale BEFORE PLACING A offer! Store Categories
  • Other
  • Beach
  • Hyatt's
  • Premier
  • Marriott's
  • Worldmark's
  • Hawaii Resort
  • Point Systems
  • FREE Timeshare's
  • Westgate Resorts
  • Wyndham Resorts
  • Gold Crown Resort's
  • West Coast Properties
  • Hilton Grand Vacation's
About Us

We GUARANTEE clear and marketable title to every property we sell. We go to great lengths to provide accurate descriptions of every property we offer for sale. In addition, prior to sale, each of our properties is reviewed by a licensed title company to ensure we are transferring clear and marketable title to that property. As a result, we GUARANTEE that we will deliver to you clear and marketable title to the property you purchased. If for any reason you are not 100% completely satisfied with your purchase due to a representation error or encumbrance on the title, you may return the real property in exchange for a full purchase price refund. If you would like more information on the resort please contact me via .


♦ Monday - Friday

♦ 9am - 6pm


♦ (888)564-9978

Click any image to see it full size Item Description

Club Wyndham Access* is a new Wyndham ownership program that grants members more options, more flexibility, and more control. Offered currently only on a limited basis, Club Wyndham Access allows owners to enjoy Club Wyndham Plus benefits! Primarily, owners will find Advance Reservation Priority (ARP) to be an excellent benefit. ARP provides that members can request reservations at any one of their home resorts (25+ Wyndham resorts) 13-10 months prior to their desired check-in date. All resorts that are part of Club Wyndham Access are considered home resorts, and priority is given at those locations. Locations are subject to change, but currently include Las Vegas, Kissimmee, Sedona, Branson, and more! Points can be used at any Wyndham location around the world!

Here is a current list of resorts included in Club Access program:

Club Destin
Star Island
Wyndham Avenue Plaza
Wyndham Bay Voyage Inn
Wyndham Bonnet Creek
Wyndham Branson at The Falls
Wyndham Branson at The Meadows
Wyndham Cypress Palms
Wyndham Durango
Wyndham Flagstaff
Wyndham Governor's Green
Wyndham Grand Desert
Wyndham La Belle Maison
Wyndham La Cascada
Wyndham Long Wharf
Wyndham Mountain Vista
Wyndham Nashville
Wyndham National Harbor
Wyndham Ocean Boulevard
Wyndham Ocean Ridge
Wyndham Oceanside Pier Resort
Wyndham Pagosa
Wyndham Palm-Aire
Wyndham Patriot's Place
Wyndham at Fairfield Bay
Wyndham at Fairfield Glade
Wyndham Fairfield Harbour
Wyndham Glacier Canyon
Wyndham Harbor Lights
Wyndham Resort at Fairfield Mountains
Wyndham Resort at Fairfield Sapphire Valley
Wyndham Riverside Suites
Wyndham Santa Barbara
Wyndham Sea Gardens
Wyndham Sedona
Wyndham Shawnee Village
Wyndham Skyline Tower
Wyndham Smoky Mountains
Wyndham Steamboat Springs
Wyndham Vacation Resorts Lake Marion
Wyndham Vacation Resorts Panama City Beach
Wyndham Westwinds

Wyndham Points

* Your Use Year is the 12 months you have available to use all your points and is determined by the date of your anniversary date.
* Points are placed in your account prior to the Use Year Start Date to allow you to book your vacation as far as 13 months in advance of the desired arrival date
* The points used to book the reservation will be deducted from the year of travel. For example, if you make a reservation in 2009 for a check-in date of 2010, the points used will be deducted from your 2010 points.
* Unused points expire at the end of your Use Year and will no longer be available for you to use to travel.
* If you are unable to use all your points before your Use Year End Date, you have options so that you do not lose points. Options include:

* Deposit with your external exchange company - RCI or II (You receive a free RCI membership with Wyndham Points account)

* Give a gift of vacation to family or friends by using a Guest Confirmation
* Use "Points Credit Pool"

Points Credit Pool is a great feature to use when you know you are unable to travel prior to the start of your Use Year. You are able to “Pool” all, or part of your points and prevent them from going unused.
Once points have been “pooled” they are available for you to travel into CLUB WYNDHAMSM Plus res. only.

What you need to know about the Points Credit Pool
Contact the Vacation Planning center prior to your Use Year Start Date and request that your points are placed in the Points Credit Pool
One (1) Housekeeping Credit is placed in the Points Credit Pool for every 1,000 Points placed into the pool
Additional Housekeeping Credits may be purchased as needed
In exchange for your points, you will receive an equal amount of Pool Credits
Your Pool Credits are available to you for three Years from the date your points were placed in the Points Credit Pool
A $39 service fee is required for placing Points into the Credit Pool
Reservations using your Pool Credits depend on the availability of points placed into the Points Credit Pool
When a reservation using Pool Credits is cancelled, the credits are returned as Cancelled Reservation Points and are not put back into the Points Credit Pool

Additional Information

♦ Size»


♦ Usage»

Annual Usage (Anniversary: July 1st)

♦ Points»

500,000 Wyndham Points

♦ Type»


♦ Exchange»

RCI Multiple Resorts

♦ Maintenance Fee»

$228.00 billed every month

♦ First Year of Use»

2014 (starting July 1st)

◊◊ FEES DUE END OF sale ◊◊

♦ Closing Cost»


♦ Resort Transfer Fee»


♦ 2013 Maintenance Fee»


♦ Winning offer»

Due at time of sale with fees above

Before offerding!

» response!

Before leaving negative response, please contact us via and let us know about any issues that you may be having, so we can get them resolved.

» Your offer is an intention to purchase and not an open case for discussion!

You’re purchasing through a live sale and there are no negotiations on price, terms, rules or on different items once the offer is placed.

» All question and concerns must be addressed before the offer is placed!

Any concerns in regards to the ownership such as; property verification, particular details, deed, ownership documents or estoppel, must be addressed before placing a offer. Seller will not provide any additional information at the end of the sale until buyer completes signed purchase agreement and submits full funds in escrow.

» Do your due diligence and research the resort/ownership before offering!

As a whole seller we provide every piece of information available to us in the listing and encourage all buyers to research the property before offerding. Internet is a great tool and provides various sites and links for more information on usage, resort and units. Many developers have websites for each resort that provide detailed information on the property and its amenities.

» Non-Paying buyers!

We advise all buyers to take offerding very seriously! Seller enforces strict rules and non compliant buyers will be permanently blocked from all of our accounts for any future purchases. Payment disputes are opened automatically 8 days after the sale date if payment and contract are not received by processing department. Opened disputes will be closed and buyer accounts suspended if buyer fails to resolve the issue in a timely matter (within 48 hrs. of opened dispute).

» There are no returns or exchanges!

Every piece of information provided is guaranteed and backed up by the purchase agreement, which will reflect these rules and all of the information provided within this listing. Seller guarantees the accuracy of the listing and will refund the buyer full funds if miss representation has accurred.

» Shipping and “Local Pick Up”!

All documents are handled through email and mail. Local Pickup is assigned automatically by , due to real estate category, so please disregard any inforamation stating "Local Pickup".

» Pictures and images.

All images in this listing are general images of the resort and do not necessarily reflect the actual resort or units.

» Our store is limited to 2 purchases per buyer.

Buyer is restricted to offer on 2 properties at a time within 10 day period.

End of sale!

What Happens When I win?

» Please email us through your basic information:

NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE #, EMAIL and ITEM NUMBER. (All of which is required within 24 hours of ending sale)

» Within 48 hours of receiving this information.

You will receive your purchase agreement from our contracts department. It will be sent to the email provided by you via electronic document (nothing to print, fax or mail / simply fill it out and click complete).

» Once the Purchase Agreement has been complete.

A copy will be emailed to you automatically for your records and all of the necessary documents forwarded to the title company to begin the closing/transfer process.

Available Payment Methods

How do I Pay?

» NO payment should be made until you receive your Purchase Agreement.

» All payment options will be listed on the last page of your contract.

» Please do not use check out (disabled for most sales). This is a Real Estate transaction and all payments must be made to the title company handling the closing ( check out may delay the closing).

» In order to begin the transfer process, title company MUST have both; payment and signed purchase agreement.

» PayPal is not accepted due to their restrictions in Timeshare and Real Estate Industry.

» No CREDIT CARDS are accepted.

» Accepted Payment methods are:

  1. Personal, Company or Cashier’s checks
  2. Money Orders
  3. Electronic Bank Wire
  4. E-Check

All of which are made directly to the title company for escrow. We do not receive any of the moneys until transfer has been completed.

Closing & Escrow

Who is handling the closing and how long does it take?

» Title company will collect full funds and hold them in escrow during the transfer process.

» Two things are required to begin the transfer:

Signed Purchase Agreement and Full Funds. (if one is missing closing will not take place)

» Duration of the closing period depends on many important aspects including, but not limited to:


In most U.S. county’s 30 days, since paperwork must be mailed out to them, NOT including CA and HI. Some counties are set on electronic recording, thus enabling instant recording. Anything outside of U.S MIGHT need additional time, due to the legal aspects and their parties.

Buyer response time

In cases where buyer must sign additional paperwork provided by the resort or title company.

Management Companies

Many resorts use management companies to control financial and owner communication aspects of the timeshare, many of which have to prepare their own transfer documents. Depending on the management company up to 8 weeks to prepare and then forward them to the title company and additional 6 weeks to complete them ones received back from title.


Certain developers require additional steps before recording or ordering of any paperwork begins, such as FROR (first right of refusal), which can take up to 30 days.

All of these steps are generalizations of the closing process and each of the ownerships has its own closing process. That is why we use an experienced title company to handle all of the closings. Estimated closing for most of the transfers is 60-90 days (many timeshares may transfer within 30).

Looking to Sell?

Maybe we can help!

We do not broker or offer to list. We only buy weeks that are lacking in our inventory or properties that we need. If your ownership fits our criteria we will make you a Cash Offer. For more information please email us.

The Following MUST BE included in your email:

  1. Resort Name and Location
  2. Contact Phone #
  3. Bedroom Size
  4. Season or Week #
  5. Maintenance Fee Amount

Mortgages MUST be paid in full, for us to consider purchasing your ownership.

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500,000 Points Wyndham Club Access Multiple Resorts Timeshare

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