50's Mid Century Danish Modern Dillingham 2 Drawer Coffee Table Bench

50's Mid Century Danish Modern Dillingham 2 Drawer Coffee Table Bench

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50's Mid Century Danish Modern Dillingham 2 Drawer Coffee Table Bench:



Hello. offerding on a really awesome, mid century walnut two drawer coffee table manufactured by Dillingham. Dillingham made sleek mid century furniture with signature walnut and black laminate construction. Very smart design. Especially the tables. This table has those attributes with splayed tapered legs. Long surface top with raised edge along the back and sides. Two drawers with recessed tops with black laminate accent. Could be used as a bench as well if desired. Missing the cloth label, but definitely Dillingham.

Size & Condition

Size: 60" w x 19.5" d x 15" t

Condition:In overall very good condition with a little light wear in areas.


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50's Mid Century Danish Modern Dillingham 2 Drawer Coffee Table Bench:

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