57mm Certified Grade "a" Natural Green Jadeite Jade Gems Bangle Bracelet V500

57mm Certified Grade

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57mm Certified Grade "a" Natural Green Jadeite Jade Gems Bangle Bracelet V500:

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Between inner long: 57mm

Between the outer wall long: mm



Origin: China

Raw material: jade

Color: as shown


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About HongShan Culture

Hongshan Culture in Liaohe River tributary Xilamulun in Liaohe River, the old Ha River, Daling as the center , the distribution area of ​​200,000 square kilometers , dating back five or six thousand years or so, the duration of two thousand years. Hongshan culture form of society matriarchal society in the early heyday , the main social structure is based on female kinship groups as a link to tribal groups , the late gradual transition to the patriarchal clan . Economic structure dominated by agriculture, and in animal husbandry, fisheries , hunting coexist. It remains to the unique characteristics of faience pottery patterns coexist with fonts and both microliths Neolithic culture.Hongshan culture 's determined by carbon-14 is about 4000 BC - 3000 BC , the body is 5500 years ago. Hongshan culture inhabited mainly engaged in agriculture , but also raise pigs , cattle, sheep and other livestock, and fishing and hunting things , fine stone tools developed ; well polished and chipped holes knives, stone plow , hoe shouldered stone , stone plate , stone sticks and stone arrowheads . Pottery and grate points to imprint a zigzag pattern and earthenware features to pot , pots, urns, etc. bottomless barrel . Painted mostly decorated vortex pattern , triangle pattern, scale -shaped pattern and parallel lined . Structural improvement has occurred even double fire chamber kiln chamber . Higher levels of jade carving , jade dragon-shaped pottery with pig , turtle jade , jade bird, zoomorphic jade, jade hook -shaped cloud , hoop -shaped device , rod jade and so on. Also found that a considerable number of smelting crucible fragments , indicating that the rule of Copper has been generated. Housing sites for the square semi -subterranean , divided into large and small .Hongshan Culture and the Central Plains is located in the same period of Yangshao West Liaohe River Basin developed civilization in the development phase intersection with the Central Plains Yangshao generated multiculturalism is full of vitality and creativity of outstanding cultural , very rich in content , handicrafts reached very advanced stage , the formation of a highly regulated Environment , and Environmental and regulatory Environment regression Environmental regression good price specialty pottery decorative arts and a highly developed system of jade crafts . Hongshan culture , mostly pottery clay , terracotta black color to see often , the pattern is very rich , vivid and simple . Jade production of grinding machining, surface smooth, shining bright , great charm , the development of a professional , systematic, standardized , according to archaeological statistics, Hongshan Culture jade pieces have been unearthed nearly as much , of which unearthed since a large Chifeng Hongshan jade dragon type C , the whole body curled, high snout , hair floating move , very dynamic .Hongshan culture in northern China fully reflect the Neolithic cultural identity and meaning . Subsequently, found in the vicinity and Chifeng Hongshan cultural sites similar or identical characteristics of various sites, collectively known as the Hongshan culture . Have been discovered and identified the ruins belong to this culture system throughout western Liaoning , a few nearly Department . Its connotation is rich , with a large number of vivid and unique jade, and pigs, turtles, birds, cicadas , fish and other animal images . With the seventies these jade are identified , archaeologists in Chifeng City Wengniuteqi Samsung pull him discovered large Hongshan Culture Jade Dragon .Learn more . Please GOOGLE.

57mm Certified Grade "a" Natural Green Jadeite Jade Gems Bangle Bracelet V500:

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