59 Modern Commem Silver Dollars, 1986-2013, Ngc Ms/pf 69, Inc 2001 P&d Buffalo For Sale

The lucky winner of this sale will receive a beautiful lot of59 proof & uncirculatedUSmodern commemorativesilver dollar coins-2 of the coins aregradedPF68UC and the rest are graded either MS69 or PF69UCby NGC.These include: 3 - 1986-P Liberty(all MS69, these have a trace of golden toning around the rims), 1 - 1993-S Jefferson(PF68UC, slightly hazy on the fields), 1 -1995-P Spec Olympics(PF69UC), 1 - 1997-P Botanic(PF69UC), 1 - 1991-1995-W W.W. II(PF69UC), 1 - 2001-P Capitol(PF69UC), 1 - 2001-D Buffalo(MS69), 1 - 2001-P Buffalo(PF69UC), 1 - 2003-P First Flight(PF69UC), 1 - 2004-P Lewis & Clark(PF69UC), 1 - 2004-P Edison(PF69UC), 1 - 2005-P John Marshall(MS69), 1 - 2005-P Marines(MS69), 3 - 2006-S San Francisco Old Mint(all PF69UC), 3 - 2006-P Ben Franklin Scientist(1 - MS69 & 2 - PF69UC), 1 - 2006-P Ben Franklin Founding Father(PF69UC), 1 - 2007-P Jamestown(PF69UC), 1 - 2007-P Little Rock School Desegregation(MS69), 9 - 2009-P Lincoln Bicentennial(2 - MS69 & 7 - PF69UC), 4 - 2009-P Louis Braille(1 - MS69, 1 - PF68UC, & 2 - PF69UC), 3 - 2010-P Boy Scouts(all PF69UC), 2 - 2011(1-P & 1-W) 9/11 10th Anniversary Medals(both PF69UC, the "W" coin has a trace of goldentoning on the edge), 2 - 2011-S U.S. Army(both MS69), 4 - 2011-P U.S. Army(all PF69UC), 2 - 2011-S Medal of Honor(MS69), 2 - 2011-P Medal of Honor(PF69UC), 4 - 2012-W Infantry(1 - MS69 & 3 - PF69UC), 2 - 2012-P Star Spangled Banner(1 - MS69 & 1 - PF69UC), and finally 1 - 2013-W Girl Scouts(PF69UC). Except for the 9/11 Medals which are .999 silver,all of these coins are 90% silver and the same size and weight as Morgan or Peace dollars.These coins doNOT come with their original Mint packaging - just the coins in their NGC holders. Picturesare of the exact coinsthe winner will receive (all are shown frontview only). Although the coins may lookyellowish or darkand some of the proofs have reflectionsin my pictures, they are all white and problem free (except as noted above in blue).If you go to NGC's website to verify cert on these coins you can see their pictures which are better than mine (you can see the reverse designs also).Free shipping is via USPS RegisteredPriority Mail.Registered mail can be slower than regular Priority Mail. It may take longer than 's estimated deliverytime but is the safest way to ship valuable coins like these.I usually ship within 24 hours of receiving cleared payment. I accept PayPal and request the winner pay ASAP after sale close. If you need more than 24 hours to pay orprefer another payment method please contact me before offerding. Serious buyers only please. If you have any questions please ask prior to offerding as I generally do not accept returns. If I make a mistake, however, I will gladly correct it. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. For other interesting lots/coins please see my other items for sale. All my sales are 99 cents to open with ! Thanks for looking and good luck if you offer!
59 Modern Commem Silver Dollars, 1986-2013, Ngc Ms/pf 69, Inc 2001 P&d Buffalo

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59 Modern Commem Silver Dollars, 1986-2013, Ngc Ms/pf 69, Inc 2001 P&d Buffalo :