6 Gold Testing Acid Jewelry Test Kit 10k 14k 18k 22k 24k Silver Platinum 999 925

6 Gold Testing Acid Jewelry Test Kit 10k 14k 18k 22k 24k Silver Platinum 999 925

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6 Gold Testing Acid Jewelry Test Kit 10k 14k 18k 22k 24k Silver Platinum 999 925:

UP FOR SALE is a PREMIUM $30+ Value Jewelry Testing Kit.

Includes EVERYTHING needed to test Diamonds, Gold, Silver & Platinum!

We've selected the Highest Quality Brand Name Products! ALL BRAND NEW IN BOX!

FAST SHIPPING! We ship orders within 24 hours (Monday-Saturday)!

This is everything you need to determine if your gold, silver, or platinum is real or fake!
Simple 3-Step Testing Instructions Included!
  • Bottles are less than two weeks old and come sealed.
  • Each 0.5 Ounce Bottle contains enough acid for hundreds of tests!
  • Includes 6 bottles as listed below:

Qty 1: Single Bottle of 10k Gold Testing Solution
Qty 1: Single Bottle of 14k Gold Testing Solution
Qty 1: Single Bottle of 18k Gold Testing Solution
Qty 1: Single Bottle of 22k Gold Testing Solution

Qty 1: Single Bottle of Silver Testing Solution

Qty 1: Single Bottle of Platinum Testing Solution

Most of our competitors are small time and will sit on their acid for 4-6 months since they don't sell enough volume to purchase wholesale often. We sell over 2000 bottles of acid a day through and Amazon! No one can offer acid as fresh as ours simply because no one else sells as much as us.
Quantity 1: PuriTEST™ 2x2 PREMIUM PRO TESTING STONE - $10 Retail Value!
Essential for testing gold, silver, and platinum! This high quality testing stone can be washed and used again for hundreds of tests. It is designed specifically for testing and leaves a very visible streak when testing gold, silver, and platinum. It will not damage the pieces you are testing. This stone has a rubber backing and is brand new in the original PuriTEST Box. Warning: Most Sellers sell random stones that were purchased at a home improvement store, which are not made for gold testing and do not work. This type of stone will also damage your piece.

RETURN POLICY: Most of the items we offer come with a long term manufacturer warranties but we also offer a 30 day no hassle return policy! Just send it back within 30 days and we'll give you a full refund no questions asked!

Please message me with any questions! I'll be glad to call and explain things if necessary!

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6 Gold Testing Acid Jewelry Test Kit 10k 14k 18k 22k 24k Silver Platinum 999 925:

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