608 World War Ii Letters Military Intelligence O.s.s. Ritchie Boys 5th Army G-2

608 World War Ii Letters Military Intelligence O.s.s. Ritchie Boys 5th Army G-2

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608 World War Ii Letters Military Intelligence O.s.s. Ritchie Boys 5th Army G-2:

608 WORLD WAR II Letters (Feb.1942-Nov.1945):

of War Interrogator. Secret War - Military Intelligence. 5th Army G-2.Army Intelligence. O.S.S. British Intellligence. Prisoner Interrogation. I.P.W. Anzio. Sicily.

CSDIC. North African & European Theatres. U.S. Army Intelligence Operative (Ritchie Boys). Counter-Intelligence. Psychological Warfare. Espionage.Homefront. Social rare and comprehensive Archive of 608 World War Two Letters.

All are from, or pertain to, Battle decorated Military Intelligence Officer and World War II Veteran Nicholas Joseph Sottile.

A commisioned officer and veteran of World War II, he served with the United States Army as a lieutenant colonel in the North African and European Theatres.

(He served overseas from Feb.1943- Nov.1945).

After attending officer candidate school (Fort Knox, KY.) and army intelligence school (Camp Ritchie, MD.),he was assigned to the Allied Force Headquarters in Algiers, then attached to the British Army's CSDIC in No. Africa.Combined Services Detailed Interrogation Centre (CSDIC) (at Ma’adi Camp, in a southern suburb of Cairo?).( with Third Infantry Division in No. Africa, Nick mentions in one letter).

Then he became attached with the 3rd Infantry Division throughout Europe,then assigned to the United States Army Intelligence Forces in Austria.He received six Battle Stars for engagements in Tunisia, Sicily, Naples-Foggia, Rome-Arno, Po Valley and the North Apennines, and a Bronze Arrowheadfor participating in the landing invasion of Sicily and Anzio-Nettuno. Upon returning stateside, he served with various Army Reserve Intelligence Units, Ultimately becoming Commanding Officer of the 863rd Military Intelligence Detachment, Boston Army Base.

Decorated World War Two Veteran Nicholas Joseph Sottile of Waltham, Massachusetts.(Born 1919 - died July of 2008).The son of John and Nunziata (Inferrera) Sottile, of Waltham.Nick graduated from Saint Marys High School - Class of 1937. He took courses at Boston University and the University of Connecticut.He received his bachelor of arts degree with honors - Boston College Class of 1941. Cross and Crown Society, Italian Academy, Boston College Dramatic Society,and Sodality and History Academy.

A life member of the Reserve OfficersAssociation of the United States, Paul Revere Chapter of the Retired Officers Association, Hanscom AFB, member of the Outpost Eleven, the Society of theThird Infantry Division US Army. A member of the Waltham Lodge Sons of Italy and a member of the Knights of Columbus, Waltham Council prolific writter - Nick wrote home as often as he could - sometimes a letter a day - then, as he entered into battle the letters became less frequent.

Most of the letters are to Nick's parents - with a few exceptions - at least one letter to Dad, written in Italian.

Almost all letters are hand-written, with a few typed.Letters range from one to several pages in length.

Almost all envelopes have letters intact - (there may be one or two empty envelopes).

In one letter Nick speaks about his sister Mary's unhappiness with the "Ogres" in censor dept, and how the censors are only doing their job.

On the outside of many of letters at lower left-hand corner Nick has written "Censored by Nick J. Sottile," or just his From letters;

"I have already told you that I was attached to the Third Infantry Division in No. Africa, and took part in the invasion of Sicily with one ofit's batallions.The Sicilian Campaign was comparatively short and then before I knew it I found myself on the Italian Mainland."

"then the next big thing was the landing at Anzio. I doubt very much whether you will remember that or not but I shall never forget that as long as I live.I was among the first, generally speaking, to land, the fourth wave or so. The landing was not too bad, although the water was cold at the time. It was the four months on the beachhead after the initial landing that proved to be trying and harassing..""Life became a little easier after the break-through from the Anzio beach head. Then my unit became the garrison troops of Rome."

(He was one of the first American soldiers to reach Rome during its liberation).

1/10/1943 - Camp Ritchie, MD. (a top secret Military Intelligence Training School)- "I hope that my last letter didn't take you by surprise. The surprise boomeranged for now I find myself back in school again. Just what type is supposed to be hushed up. But you know what I always wanted a crack at." (just one of Nick's innuendos or mentions of his desire to serve in Military Intelligence).

"I was sent to the 88th Infantry Division for about one month whereupon I was sent back to Fifth Army for duty. I was with the 5th Army until the timeI was reassigned to the U.S. Forces in Austria." (Army Intelligence - O.S.S.).

"I have taken part in 6 Campaigns, the Tunisian, The Sicilian, the Naples-Foggia, the Rome-Arno, the North Apennines, and the Po Valley Campaigns."

19 Aug. 1945 -"I heard Mass this morning in a nice medium-sized Austrian Church. the altar was beautiful and for once, I could not understand what thepriest preached about after the Gospel. If you will remember, I studied a little French in High School so I was able to understand the clergy and nativeswho spoke in French in North Africa. then when I hit Sicily and Italy - well I know a little Italian - so I had no difficulty in getting along.But now, I don't know German.." (he mentions he is working on the German).

Nick mentions women (2 kinds) and that he can't date either kind for obvious reasons (another Military Intelligence reference).

Letters from California discuss desert training conditions.

In one letter he mentions being taken by a southern army barber who charged him extra for smelly hair gel.Another letter discusses a visit to the army dentist. In another letter he talks about the diversity of people and the wartime destruction in Vienna.Lots of small talk about local events, locals from Waltham, family matters, etc. ...great Social history! Lots of talk about military life, camp life, and wartimeconditions. Subject matter includes a discussion on patriotism and women in the workplace -(should Mother get a job?).

One letter mentions finally having a bed to sleep in after months of cots and occasionally sleeping on the total of 608 Envelopes/letters. 99 are v-mail - some with multiple sheets. 3 are Registered Mail. 25 are stamped on outside of envelopes with censor or censored marks.V-Mail has censor marks on inside.

601 of the letters are from Nick Sottile. (Feb.1942-Nov.1945).(overseas fromFeb.1943- Nov.1945).

247 letters from 1942. V-MAIL - 0.

134 letters from 1943. V-MAIL - 37.

119 letters from 1944. V-MAIL - 57.

108 letters from 1945. V-MAIL - of Letters/Postcards (2 of each) - Posted Ayer, Mass. Feb 26 & 27, 1942. (FORT DEVENS)

57 Letters (5 are postal cards - one is a Registered Letter) - Posted Fort McClellan, Alabama. March 2, through May 2, 1942.

1 Letter from somewhere in Arizona on the train - May 6, 1942, EL PASO & L.A.W.D. r.p.o.

94 Letters - Posted Camp Cook, Calif. May 5, 1942, through Aug.11, 1942.

51 Letters (one is a postcard) Posted from Los Angeles (Camp Cook) - Aug. 8, 1942, to Louisville, KY, Oct. 10, 1942.Some are addresed; DESERT MANEUVERS - c/o POSTMASTER, L.A., CALIFORNIA.

40 Letters - Posted: Fort Knox - 12 Oct.- 30 Dec. 1942.


5 Letters - Posted Fort Knox. Jan. 2-8, 1943, one with tickets to Graduation Exercises for Sixteenth candidate Class at Fort Knox.

40 Letters - Posted Camp Richie, MD. Jan. 1, 1943, through Feb. 20, 1943.(a top secret Military Intelligence Training School).

1 Postcard from the Washington D.C. Airport Cafe Shop, dated Feb. 20, 1943.

9 Air Mail Letters - from Feb. 27, through April 8, 1943 - with U.S. Army Postal Service A.P.O. cancels. 7 are marked with censor stamps.

24 V-Mail Letters - April - May 1943, two have Censored stamp on outside.

27 letters - June 1, through Aug. 31, 1943 - Most are airmail. 2 are Telegrams. 2 are Registered Air Mail. 3 have Censored Stamp on outside -Two registered Letters and one other.

14 Letters - September through December, 1943. 4 are "Censored by the Army" - one is registered Mail. 1 Telegram.

1 Letter, from P.A. Larosa (a friend of Nick's in the Navy) - Sept. 22, 1943, posted - U.S. NAVY. "PASSED BY NAVAL CENSOR". Mailed from U.S.S. Melville.

13 War & Navy Dept. V-Mail Letters, Aug.- Dec. 1943.


61 Letters - 2 are stamped by Censor. 5th Army, G-2 Section (I.P.W.) Army A.P.O. 464 & 2689 Hq. Co. MI5, A.P.O. 512.

1 Telegram.

57 War & Navy Dept. V-Mail Letters.


101 Letters - 5 are V-mail.6 are stamped by censor/examiner. January, through November 29, 1945.

5th Army, G-2 Section (I.P.W.) & Army A.P.O. 464/ HQ USDIC, US FORCES IN AUSTRIA. Army A.P.O. 777.

1 Letter from Nick's sister Mary, dated Nov. 17, 1945, sent to Nick at H.Q. U.S. DETAILED INTEROGATION CENTER, U.S. Forces in Austria.Auxillery stamped "Returned to United States."

1 rare piece of sheet music: The Sun Never Sets on the A.E.F. by S. Sgt. Paul Reif (A.E.F.). Signed by composer to Capt. Sottile.

1 Letter/Greeting from Major J.M. Kolisch, Hq. Intelligence Center, U.S. Forces in Austria. (O.S.S.)(date looks like 1946).

3 Miscellaneous letters from relatives.

1 letter from 1947 - from a friend who served with Nick, discussing a "Reunion," in New York at the Taft Hotel, letter mentions names of associatesin attendance as well as skits performed - "The Black Market Operator", & "An IPW Team at Work." (I.P.W. - Interrogators of Prisoners of War).

1 Envelope from 1949 - from Dept. of the Army - containingRestricted documents - G-2, G-3, G-4. 11 pages pertaining to staff functions and Counter Intelligence actions - (diagrams).

7 pages - M.I. Resume. 706. Boston Reserve Military Intelligence Group. The envelope is in poor condition. Restricted documents are yellowed, brittle,with splits along folds, fair to good- condition,pages are intact.


Overall, the lot is in very good condition.

A fascinating collection of one man's wartime domestic shipping on all our sales and store listings.

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608 World War Ii Letters Military Intelligence O.s.s. Ritchie Boys 5th Army G-2:

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