63.95 Ct 10 Pieces Green Color Onyx 100% Natural Excellent Quality Gems W927

63.95 Ct 10 Pieces Green Color Onyx 100% Natural Excellent Quality Gems W927

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63.95 Ct 10 Pieces Green Color Onyx 100% Natural Excellent Quality Gems W927:

Astro Kapoor Combined Purchases |Shipping |Returns |Payments |Contact Us |response 63.95 CT 10 Pieces Green Color Onyx 100% Natural Excellent Quality Gems W927 Stone OnyxColor: GreenPcs:10Origin:South AfricaWeight:63.95 CT
Hardness:Not (Unheated & align="center">Clarity Scale

IF:Internally FlawlessVVS:Very, Very Slight InclusionsVS:Very Slight InclusionsSI:Slightly IncludedI1:Included

(Not Applicable to Translucent / Opaque Gems)

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Photography has been done through Samsung Mobile E7in the fluorescent light.

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Benefits Of Natural Onyx

Onyx Gemstone Meaning

Onyx is a layered stone which exhibits different colors. Onyx gemstone is usually a material cut from agate. Onyx is generally a stone with chemical formula Silicon Dioxide which denotes that it belongs to the quartz family. It has a hexagonal quartz system. Onyx is also classified as banded chalcedony. Onyx can be identified by the presence of black base and white upper layer. In the sard onyx the base is brown in color. Onyx is strength giving stone. It provides support in difficult and confusing situation.

Onyx Source
Onyx gemstones deposits are found in all countries all over the world. But it is mainly found in Argentina, India, Brazil, Bostwana, Mexico, Myanmar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the USA.

Onyx Metaphysical Properties
Onyx stone is for increasing the inner strength. It increases the mental power and helps to keep focus on any one goal. Onyx is a secretive stone. It assists in keeping your own counsel. Onyx quickly enhances the retention of memories and keeps the mind in the attention. Onyx is a very favorable stone for teachers, accountants, lawyers, business man, software and computer applications.

Healing Properties of Onyx
Onyx is used for giving physical strength to the body. It is very useful for the bones and teeth. It helps to keep the power and never let it to go from the body. Onyx heals the adrenal gland, pancreas and other endocrine organs of the body. Onyx is very excellent gemstones for the body builder. It is recommended for the athletes as it enhances the solar plexus. It is also helpful in healing the wound and is very useful during the child birth. It is also useful for the treatment of eye and the ear problem.

Benefits of OnyxGemstone
Onyx gemstone is very good for opening the chakras. Onyx recognizes and integrates dualities within the self. It anchors the flighty into a more stable way. Onyx assists in absorbing from the universe energies that are required for the healing properties. It boosts general endurance and self confidence of the person. It also helps to maintain a positive mood in any hectic situation.
Onyx is very useful in assisting the nervous trauma. People who are in the extreme nervous situation can get benefits by wearing Onyx beads.

Onyx Gemology
Chemical formula – Silicon Dioxide
Crystal structure – Trigonal, microcrystalline
Cleavage – None
Hardness – 6.5 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale
Transparency – Opaque
Luster – Waxy to Dull
Color – black, grey, brown, blue , green

Onyx Gemstone Value

Color –Onyx has a black base and white stripes on the surface. In gemstones Onyx may be found in the single color. Lot of Onyx gemstones are completely black.
Clarity– Onyx has a waxy to dull luster. Gemstones are free from any inclusions.
Cut and Shape– Due to its beautiful colors, Onyx is carved into different shapes. It is also cut into glassy cabochons.

Why Onyx from GemsMine
Onyx is a semiprecious gemstone. You can find lot of fake black colored or other colored gemstones in the name of Onyx.. We discard the fake and poor quality gemstones. We provide Onyx in a wholesale price to our clients.

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63.95 Ct 10 Pieces Green Color Onyx 100% Natural Excellent Quality Gems W927:

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