8''natural 8-9mm White Akoya Pearl Bracelet 925s Clasp

8''natural 8-9mm White Akoya Pearl Bracelet 925s Clasp

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8''natural 8-9mm White Akoya Pearl Bracelet 925s Clasp:

qliwa886 Store


about 0.35kg include packing & GIFT Magnificentsmall silk bag


see pictures,round AA+

average diameter

Pearl size approximately 8-9mm in diameter


8''(approx 20cm)We can take any length for yougoods
If necessary, please email or call me. Thank you.


925 silver clasp.925 marked.

(other clasp also available - if required please notify by email. Thank you.)

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  1. Type of Pearl
    The first step is to identify the type of pearl-freshwater, Akoya, or South Sea, the three main pearl types used in jewelry. Each type of pearl is produced by a different species of oyster, and each oyster lives in a different region of the world under very specific climatic conditions.

  2. Pearl luster : It describes the shininess in a pearl and is a combination of surface brilliance and inner glow. A very good luster means it has higher pearl value.
  3. Pearl Nacre : The iridescent internal layer of a mollusk shell. It is a natural substance oyster secretes to protect its sensitive flesh. The thin nacre is very prone to peeling and chipping whereas thicker layer commands more value because of its greater luster depth.
  4. Pearl Surface : If outer surface is very clean and have very few blemishes such pearls carry higher value. Higher quality of pearls have mirror like finish and without any blemishes on its surface.
  5. Pearl Size : Pearls are commonly measured in millimeters (mm) in their diameter. Large size pearls carry higher prices. Even 1 mm makes the difference. The average most sold pearls today are between 6.5mm and 7.5mm and are preferred choice of many young women. Depending upon age, taste, status and styles many go for higher sizes as well.
  6. Pearl Color: Surface color or body color. Most irradiated or dyed pearls have surface colors. The natural pearl colors are white, black, champagne, green, gray, aqua and gold. Again within each category there are common overtones. White with rose overtones look great especially on fair skin and the cream or the golden overtones look fabulous on darker complexions. Most important is woman's taste and preference.
  7. Pearl Shape : The perfect round shape always have high pearl values but near round or off round are very much common, great in demand and sold everyday. Pearl necklaces are not restricted to round shape pearls only and other shapes like tear drop, pear, potato, coin and irregular baroque shape pearls are equally popular among women and commonly used by jewelers and designers alike.
  8. The AAA - A SystemThis system grades pearls on a scale from AAA to A, with AAA - or commonly known as gem-quality - being the highest grade:• AAA: The highest-quality pearl, virtually flawless. The surface will have a very high luster, and at least 95% of the surface will be free from any type of defect. The pearl will be perfectly round, and have a mirror-like luster, and a total nacre thickness (Akoya pearls only) of at least .75mm.• AA: The surface will have a very high luster, and at least 75% of the surface will be free from any type of defect. The luster will be very high, and have a total nacre thickness (Akoya pearls only) of at least .5mm.• A: This is the lowest jewelry-grade pearl, with a lower luster and/or more than 25% of the surface showing defects. In many cases, if the pearl is being mounted into a piece of jewelry, it can be mounted so that the defects are hidden -- thus providing a lovely jewelry piece at a lesser price. This quality has a chalky appearance and thin nacre, typically of .25mm or less. This thin nacre is due to early harvesting of the pearl.

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FAQ: Q: Are these real genuine pearls?
A: Yes, all the pearls we're selling are 100% real genuine pearls.

Q: You say these are real pearls, why the prices are so low?
A: We're an original supplier, and we offer the finest pearls jewelry at very low prices.

Q: Do you combine shipping?
A:Yes, we do. Combined shipping ,add US$2.00 for each additional item

Q: Can I get my necklace or bracelet in a longer or shorter length?
A: Yes, just tell us your prefered length, we can customize your item as your request. Price could be different since length changed.

Q: I want to change another clasp, is it OK?
A: Yes, we can offer some other available clasps for your item. Just tell us your prefered clasp and pay some extra fees, we can customize your item as your request.

Q: Do you wholesale?
A: Yes, we're an original supplier. We offer the finest pearls at competitive prices, and our handcraft is the BEST. sorry!and we can not do that! for wholesale detail.

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About us:

We are a specialized on-line pearl jewelry store calledLONGTAIJIAN since 2004. Our office is located in beautifulJiangsu area of China. We also sell our products on our own web site by offering deep discounts, specials, clearance and reward programs. Buy from beautifuleast2005=F2C (Farm to Consumer)

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8''natural 8-9mm White Akoya Pearl Bracelet 925s Clasp:

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