9.3" Old Tibet Tibetan Buddhist 24k Gold Gilt Shakyamuni Buddha Statue


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9.3" Old Tibet Tibetan Buddhist 24k Gold Gilt Shakyamuni Buddha Statue:

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  Gesar Art Gallery Inc. located at northern Dege County where was the birthplace of Gesar. We have run Tibetan artworks shop in DeGe, Tibet more than 20 years. We are now one of the biggest Tibetan antique & handicrafts shop in DeGe Country. Shop is run by full-time Buddhists, devoted to practices of the Tibetan tradition.

Gesar is a heroic epic collectively created by China's Tibetans. Originating in the folk oral traditions, Gesar passed down through Tibetan generations in a combination of song and narration for over 1,000 years. So far, Gesar has been collected as a work composed of more than 120 volumes, with more than 1 million verses, altogether over 20 million words, 25 times the length of the Iliad. Gesar, is the greatest work of Tibetan literature, Gesar is easily the lengthiest epic in the world, and also became popular in ballads among the Mongols and Tus.

King Gesar was born a son of supreme god Indira. In the youth, he was mischievous to the point of wickedness, unruly, but divine by nature and possessing supernature. His great antagonist was his paternal uncle, cowardly, vain and pretentious, who hoped to rule the country. The hero was banished with his mother, but his exile enabled him to build up hidden strength. He came out victorious in a horse race, whose winner was to become the country's king. Then he started to conquer the kingdom of demons, the Jiang kingdom and the Hor (northern people, Mongolian) kingdom. The war between `Ling' and Hor kingdoms was one of the central pieces in the story. The war between `Ling' and Hor started with a beautiful girl, Qomu, the queen of king Gesar. The Hor king, `white tent king', heard about her beauty, and sent a message to `Ling' king for her. Upon the refusal, Hor king sent troops to attack `Ling' kingdom. After several battles, another girl was sent to Hor king in the place of Qomu. The trickery was discovered, and battle renewed. The capital of `Ling' was captured by Hor troop with queen Qomu. King Gesar summarized all his troops and with the help of an important Hor general, captured the capital of Hor, killed the `white tent king' and rescued Qomu.

In Tibetan-inhabited areas Gesar has been known as the king of the ancient Tibetan kingdom of Ling. The great hero and his brave army are kept alive in the richly imaginative retelling of the epic. From early times the epic was passed on orally (See Gesar Bards and Artists). Today a small number of woodblock preserving sections of the epic can be found in Lhasa, Xigaze and Dege County in Sichuan Province and some handwritten copies in the homes of families high and low. The Potala Palace still has a statue of Gesar, drawing pilgrims every day. Gesar was the king of Ling in the 11th century, and more of his deeds were recorded in the Kangba region than anywhere else. Handwritten and printed versions of Gesar from Dege are considered the most authoritative works, and in Dege, people still argue that the village of Ngaxu in northern Dege County was the birthplace of Gesar.


9.3" Old Tibet Tibetan Buddhist 24K Gold Gilt Shakyamuni Buddha Statue

This is an Old Tibet Tibetan Buddhist 24K Gold Gilt Bronze Shakyamuni Buddha Statue. As you view in the images, it was Very nicely finished and complete with many fine details. Very particular and infrequent. It is a great piece of valuable collection or a very good present. Our items are guaranteed to be authentic and bear the identification. If you are not completely satisfied, you may return your purchase for a full refund.

Buddha Shakyamuni (Tibetan: sha kya tu pa, sang gye, English: the Enlightened One, Sage of the Shakya Clan) together with his two attendants.

Our teacher, the Sage of the Shakya clan, was born in India and underwent hundreds of austerities to bring his meditative experience and view to consummation. He was the first in this human world to attain buddhahood and the first promulgator of the tradition of the Buddhist teachings. He is the sublime being who opened our eyes with his enormous compassion and blessings.

His two attendants standing below Buddha Shakyamuni,the left side is Shariputra, and the right side is Maudgalyayana.

"The Sage of the Shakya Clan," the founder of Buddhism, was born in 623 BC as the Indian Prince Siddhartha, who renounced the world at the age of 29 to become a monk. After six years of arduous effort, He discovered the Middle Way of training, leading to His experience of Great Awakening. Within this experience He discovered the Four Noble Truths; He continued to teach until His entry into Eternal Meditation with His death at the age of 80.

Material : 24K Gold Gilt Bronze

Condition : Excellent condition.

Origin: Tibet

NO. HEIGHT WIDTH THICKNESS WEIGHT EMS COST CG791 inches mm inches mm inches mm GRAM USD 9.3 235 7.1 180 4.5 115 2765 80          

























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9.3" Old Tibet Tibetan Buddhist 24k Gold Gilt Shakyamuni Buddha Statue:

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