90th Infantry Division Wwii Combat Dvd Western Europe

90th Infantry Division Wwii Combat Dvd Western Europe

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90th Infantry Division Wwii Combat Dvd Western Europe:

Combat Reels DVD Series #2"Liberation of Western Europe"/ Volume #23

Original combat Footage of the 90thInfantry Division in WWII

Currently we are offering 21 different DVDs for the following Divisions in our Series #2 "Liberation of Western Europe":

1st Infantry, 2nd Armored, 2nd Infantry, 3rd Armored, 4th Armored, 4th Infantry, 5th Armored, 5th Infantry, 7th Armored, 8th Infantry, 9th Infantry, 28th Infantry, 29th Infantry, 30th Infantry, 35th Infantry, 79th Infantry, 80th Infantry, 83rd Infantry, 82nd Airborne, 90th Infantry, and 101st Airborne

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For sale is one Combat Reels DVD, Volume #23 from Series #2. This DVD video contains the official and actual combat camera footage of the 90thInfantry Division after Normandy as they fight into Eastern France near Metz and move closer to Germany. There is approximately 37 minutes of total footage. This is NOT A DOCUMENTARY. This is a collection of excerpts from the official, silent, black and white, 35mm reference reels stored at the National Archives in Washington D.C. The 166th Signal Photo Company originally captured the footage; it was then turned over to the National Archives for preservation where it has sat for 65 years. There are sometimes many combat units represented on one reel, due to the procedure that the Archives used when the original reels were cataloged. However, this Combat Reels DVD has been edited to strictly contain only footage of the 90thInfantry Division and only shows other unit footage when two or more divisions are intertwined. A reference page begins each chapter describing the available information for the coming images. This information lists the unit responsible for the footage, as well as the cameraman’s name, the location, date, combat unit being filmed, and a brief description of the actions taking place. The reels used for this video have all been positively identified to contain film footage covering the 90thInfantry Division.

On August 23rd, 1944 the 90th Infantry Division, also known as "Tough Ombres", was fighting in the XX Corps of the U.S. Third Army. The division had just completed the closing of the Falaise Gap by meeting with the Polish Forces. Series II "Liberation of Western Europe" begins here and continues through to the beginning of December 1944 as the 90th Division is preparing to attack the southern portion of the German Siegfried Line. The first clip shows men examining the destruction of German equipment near Chambois. Watch troops then inspect a Maginot line fort as they move towards Metz. See the destruction left by the capture of Maizieres les Metz. Next view scenes of the Moselle River crossing near Cattenom and Malling. Then General Patton visits Gen. Van Fleet at the 90th Division CP in Koeingsmacker. The 90th then is honored with awards in a parade for the liberation of Metz. The series ends with scenes of men practicing mortar fire on a bunker at Fort Hackenberg. Enjoy these close up shots of the actual locations the 90th Infantry Division fought for and occupied. Some of the footage can appear darker than other parts due to possible abnormal exposure of the original film. The close-up shots are great for persons trying to identify relatives or historians just wanting to see the original uniforms and equipment of this particular unit. Shoulder patches and helmet markings are quite common, as well as vehicle bumper markings. There are shots of officers from the 90th, as well as your average grunt.

There is some of this footage you may have seen in documentaries about World War II, however, most of the footage you will have never seen before. At Combat Reels we are huge fans of WWII documentaries and the general history of this conflict, and we have never seen most of this footage before. Here at Combat Reels it is our goal to providing all fans and historians of World War II with a quality research tool covering as many combat units as possible. There is not DVDs of this nature currently available any where else. We have spent countless hours in the archives researching the endless reels of footage to bring all of it forward to the public. You have never viewed World War II until you see the candid shots that Hollywood didn’t take the time to find.

All of the images have been watermarked with a Combat Reels logo, which is not obstructive to the images. This is done to prevent theft of our exhaustive research efforts concerning commercial usage.

These videos are produced by Combat Reels Inc. and are intended only for private home use. All rights are reserved by Combat Reels Inc. and protected under copyright. All copies of these DVDs are manufactured in the NTSC format. If you have any questions concerning what you are purchasing, PLEASE e-mail before you offer. Delivery will take 5 business days after payment is recieved. Shipping takes place the following Tuesday or Friday after payment clears. Thank you for looking and enjoy your video. Please be sure to look at our other units offered in our store. You may also contact us with your wish list of coming videos, whether you want vehicles, weapons, or locations, just e-mail us and let us know.

Key Words: Tough Ombres, 315thMedical Bn., 315thEngineer Bn., 343rdField Artillery Bn., 344thF.A., 345thF.A., 915thF.A., 357thInfantry Regiment, 358thInf. Reg., 359thInf. Reg., 790thOrdnance Co., 537thAAA, Ninetieth 90 ID WW2


  • Chambois, France
  • Amanvillers, France
  • Etain, France
  • Maizieres les Metz, France
  • Cattenom, France
  • Malling, France
  • Koeingsmacker, France
  • Metz, France
  • Fort Hackenberg, France

  • 90th Infantry Division Wwii Combat Dvd Western Europe:

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