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Aam Marbles Peltier Nlr Blue Galaxy W/aventurine - B For Sale

Aam Marbles Peltier Nlr Blue Galaxy W/aventurine  - B

Untitled Document

This sale, a marble consignment, consists of a (one marble), Peltier NLR " Blue Galaxy with aventurine " measuring 5/8, in M (9.3) condition with a couple micro pin-pricks, minor as-mades and tiny as-made dimples. Examined, as always, under powerful magnification with strong lighting. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, please return the marble for a full refund! Look for the AAM logo or AAM in the title of our sales and know your getting quality, professionally graded and accurately identified marbles!
For more details about consignments click on ME by my response score or simply contact me.
Pictures are taken with a Super Macro Mode which emulates viewing the marble with a loupe. You may see reflections, as-mades or debris in some of the pictures that look like damage but are not, i will always list any and all damage, please contact me if you are uncertain and i will answer any of your questions. Also note that due to the clarity and close up pics, as-mades or damage will appear much more exaggerated than in hand so i may avoid getting pics of the damage or blow-outs, it is NOT because i am trying to hide it because you can always, for any reason, return the marble and i list any and all damage or as-mades in the description. They sometimes look much (10x's) worse if i focus on them with my camera and it hinders the marbles true value, this is not to deceive as i describe and grade my marbles accurately, i use an Optivisor and 60x Loupe, so know i'm not trying to hide anything but would rather avoid making a pin-prick, look like a crater. I use Full Spectrum Daylight Bulbs. These give the best results for colors and clarity outside of taking pictures under natural sun light. I have had people claim that i use image trickery which is completely false. The bulbs i use give 100% accurate colors. I have 3 computer monitors i work on and all have been calibrated and are completely accurate.If for any reason the marbles you receive look different, try taking them outside to view in natural light. If that doesn't help, then your monitor needs adjusted. I promise my pics are in no way false, in fact, they are the complete opposite and are as accurate as one can get.
My handling time may be up to 2 days. I usually get them out next morning or as soon as you pay (not on Sundays) but my handling time may be up to 2 days. Your item will not be shipped until after the item is paid for and cleared. I ship first class USPS with a small box and bubble wrap with delivery confirmation. If the lot is bigger, i may use a flat rate priority box. I will combine shipping if you win more than one item. If you would like insurance on your item it is your responsibility to inform me to purchase the insurance for you, otherwise i will ship your package with out it unless it is requested. If the item sells for $100 or more, insurance is required. Buyer pays all shipping and insurance fees. Once your item leaves mypossession, i am no longer responsible..

- RETURNS -All returns must be made with in 7 days upon receiving the item. Buyers are responsible for all shipping costs (that includes the initial shipping fees plus the return shipping), if for any reason i am responsible for the return of the marble, i will pay the return shipping fee. You will receive the refund once the item is returned and found to be in the same condition it was in when it left here and it must be the same item that you won. Please email or message me before leaving any kind of response so that we both are happy with the transaction. I am really easy to deal with so please email or contact me first if you are unhappy for any reason. - GRADING -
I use a Optivisor 3.5x and a 60x jewelers microscope loupe for grading and a digital caliper to measure. I grade each and ever marble with the Optivisor, If the marble shows spots that are still subjective to me, i will use a 60x Mini Micro Loupe. You can be sure that my marbles are graded accurately. I will still describe any damage and or as-mades in the description. I also use a digital caliper to measure the marbles, the size will always be spot on. Keep Scrolling Down For Grading Scales9.7-9.9 (Mint +):
There is no damage present, even under magnification, though the marble is not quite a perfect, ive yet to feel comfortable enough to grade a marble at a 10, so you will probably never see me grade a marble at 10. 9.3-9.6 (Mint):
To the unaided eye, this describes a marble with no damage, though under magnification there may be one or two pinpricks (no larger than 1/64th), a hint of wear, an abrasion or rub spot. Marbles in this range may have "as-mades" such as blow-outs, pits or a touch spots, roll marks and minor cold roll marks. 9.0-9.2 (Mint- minus):
Mint- marbles will have no dings or damage with the exception of perhaps some micro pinpricks, minor wear, a sparkle or two, very minor abrasions, a small subsurface reflection or moon, 1 to 2 small pin-pricks (no larger than 1/32) and or minor as-mades. These marbles will show no signs of being played with. I know this a little more laxed than previous years but we should allow for minor marks or as-mades and still have a mib be in the mint range. 8.7-8.9 (Near Mint +) (NM+):
These marbles are almost in the Mint range, but may have a small flake or moon, fleabite or two, as well as a few sparkles, subsurface reflections/moons, minor "as-mades," and/or minor wear. Near Mint (+) marbles will have at least 3 angles from which they view Mint with the allowance of very minor wear..

8.3-8.6 (Near Mint):
This range describes marbles that have the same sort of description seen on Near Mint (+) marbles, only to a higher degree. Two sides should still be viewed as Mint with very minor wear. This means, they may have a small flake (3/32nd or smaller) or moon, or two, as well as a few sparkles, subsurface reflections/moons, one or two fleabites (3/32 or smaller), minor "as-mades," and/or minor wear. 8.0-8.2 (Near Mint -):
These marbles will have the same sort of damage seen on specimens in the upper Near Mint ranges but only more so. No side will be viewable as Mint, but the damage will not be deep or cover more than one quarter of the marble's surface, with the exception of overall wear. 7.7-7.9 (Good +):
The difference between marbles in this range and those that are Near Mint (-) is highly subjective, though such marbles will have over one quarter of the surface covered with damage, but not more than 50%. A Good (+) marble should be able to be reconditioned (polished) without too much glass required to be removed. 7.3-7.6 (Good):
Good marbles will have substantial damage, some of it deep enough so that polishing may not remove it all. Roughly half of the surface will have damage, and wear is generally heavy.
Aam Marbles Peltier Nlr Blue Galaxy W/aventurine  - B

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Aam Marbles Peltier Nlr Blue Galaxy W/aventurine - B:

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