Abp American Brilliant Cut Glass Libbey "melrose" Tray 12x4x2.3 6lb Raised Sides

Abp American Brilliant Cut Glass Libbey

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Abp American Brilliant Cut Glass Libbey "melrose" Tray 12x4x2.3 6lb Raised Sides:

We are delighted to present to you for considerationa Libbey Cut Glass Company pattern always sought and in demand.It is a splendid example of superb craftsmanship.The pattern, "Melrose".We are presenting it today in a crimped, raised-sided tray;its dimensions, 12 inches in length and 4 inches in width , narrow,due to the turned in "crimped" styling.The height about 2 1/2 inches, at its highest.
Handcrafted completely during the American Brilliant Period,(1870-1916)the wonderful blank is mouth blown, white water and phosphoresceslime green under black light.It is a thick blank, 1/2 inch thick. The tray weighs over 5 pounds.(Measurements rounded.)
We found the tray to be in fine condition:We examined it in normal lighting and in a display mode.We found no major chips, cracks,repairs, nor anydiscoloration.The tooth profile was complete.Under magnification, the possibility that a scatteringof micros might be discovered.Normaland expected in this glass, over 100 years of age.
With regard to quality: Assured fine quality on the basis ofmaker, attributed to Libbey - reputation for excellence, always.Additionally:All requirements for excellence have been well met:There is itsprodigious capacity to disperse light and ultimately produce the appearance of vivid colors in sunlight.AND.....The bowl exhibits both pattern balance and symmetry.The resonance, sonorous and lingering.
Please note that the narrative written in describing a patternmay become overly complicated and so our twofold description isthat of a narrative summary with details supplied in the photographs.Additionally the photographs and the accuracy of thecamera eye make it more feasible that the photos become the final wordwith regard to condition, quality and all herein described.
The motif criteria.The rim has been crafted with the pattern included.There are hobstars and fans crafted directly into thesaw tooth and scalloped rim.It might be referred to as partial fan scallop design.We wish to point out:The valley teeth have been cut in a unique manner -they have been flattened. They are not chipped.In the pattern, the rim and area below it are handcrafted withhobstars alternating with a the fans above the diamond set hobstars,co-joined to the nailhead below; star enhanced; repeating four times.
But it is the center that is the "Star" of the design.In the tray one needs to carefully study the layout because,in a brilliantly designed manner, there is what might be called a mirage.The well known "Melrose" hobstar; its size and surroundingsnormally easily determined are not so in this tray.Perhaps it is a Libbey slight variation of their own pattern.The many miters employed in the construct of the congruent figurein which the star-type hobstar lies makes this determination difficult.It is more easily seen on the underside.There is an illustration in "Reflections", not naming the pattern,but featuring it on Page 236.
With that, thank you, please review the equally important photographsand feel free to ask questions.
Disclaimer: In an item such as this, complex, fully cut, with complicated motifs, overlooking a flaw is a possibility that always exists...........
Terms and Conditions:As stated above: Please review the photographs. These are integral to this description and are as important as the identifying verbiage. If anything is unclear in the written description, please refer to the photos to assist you. Questions are welcome. We wish always to provide the most efficient and correct information available: so... if you have any questions please ask.We work diligently todescribe all items accurately to the best of our knowledge.As a member of the ACGA in good standing, we aoffere by all its rules and regulations.Any inconsistencies will warrant a full refund of cost and original shipping. Normally the buyer is required to provide for return shipping. Notice to be given within 14 days of receipt of item. The item must be returned in the same condition as when it was received.Buyer's Remorse is not a valid reason to return an item. However should a problem arise; please advise, we shall work with you to resolve any and all problems.
(1)One day turnaround time.Processing your purchases will be accomplished within 24 hours, unless the unforeseen were to occur. We would then notify you and offer expedited shipping to prevent any inconvenience.(2)All items are warranted as described in this write-up.Returns accepted up to 14 days after receipt of prior notice of intent to return.FLAT RATESHIPPING IN CONTINENTAL USA.Shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and other outlying areas will require a quote.Flat rate will not apply.WORLDWIDE SHIPPING AT INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHED RATES.This includes USA Possessions and Protectorates.PLEASE PROVIDE A PHYSICAL ADDRESS. WE USE UPS FOR SHIPPING AND THEY REQUIRE A PHYSICAL ADDRESS. THANK YOU.
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Abp American Brilliant Cut Glass Libbey "melrose" Tray 12x4x2.3 6lb Raised Sides:

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