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Absolutely The Best Old Unsearched Silver Coin Lot Deal On Ebay "80 Ounces" For Sale

Absolutely The Best Old Unsearched Silver Coin Lot Deal On Ebay



Please be sure to see all the pictures located below this item's description.


New Listing, Same Great Lots
Save $$ When You Purchase in Volume!

If wanting less quantity, you can still buy from our other 1/2 pound listings.

As our "Buy It Now Price" always reflects current trends at the time of posting an sale, we will try to hold our prices for this offering as long as we can. Don't be surprised if we have to raise our prices in the future, depending on market values, as we have had to do many times in the past.

Consider buying this huge FIVE pound (80-U.S. Ounces) of collectible United States Silver Coin Lots NOW to LOCK-IN your fixed price!

Unlike other bulk lots sold on , there is Absolutely NO "filler" wheat pennies, war nickels or 40% halves in these lots. All coins are old pre-1965 90% solid silver U.S. un-searched coinage!

Add to that "our silver coins" are mostly collectible numismatic grade and not just cull "melt value silver" like others offer and you will quickly see why we are so excited to offer this product for your consideration!

Why do we give you all this information? Because we feel that the educated consumer is our best customer.

We will be listing only a limited number at this time due to the explosive recent activity in the silver coin & bullion market!


As we have had many requests to offer "only pre-1965 silver coinage" from this large hoard and to skip the nickel and copper coins, we are answering with this fantastic offer!

This is exactly the same group that many buyers have enjoyed over the past year or so, often finding many rare and high grade coins from this same hoard! The only difference here is for these lots, I will instruct my helpers to pull out all non-silver coins so that each and every group via this offering will contain ONLY pre-1965 U.S. silver coins!!!

Yes, you read this correctly. For each lot purchased from this listing YOU WILL GET A HUGE FIVE POUNDS (80-full U.S. Ounces) of truly unsearched U.S. collectible silver coinage from this original hoard. Plus this is unheard of for any bonus, "EACH AND EVERY LOT" is guaranteed to contain at least TEN 100+ year old genuine pre-1904 Morgan Silver Dollars in collectible grade!

Folks, if you enjoy copper & nickel coinage as a mix with silver, we may still be offering our mixed lots as well as other new lots in our other listings. Again this deal is for PRE-1965 U.S. SILVER COINS ONLY!


As many already know, we are of the elite few original & true "un-searched U.S. coin lot" sellers in the United States! Don't be fooled by the many copycat coin lot deals! We have been listing quality unsearched coin lot sales since 1999 and have become a Leading Bullion Seller and a well respected member with well over 15,000+ positive transactions. Because of our long-standing history & along with our unsurpassed response of neat finds happening every week, you too will agree this is the only TRUE un-searched U.S. coin lot deal available anywhere!

As mentioned, we have over 15,000+ seller only positive responses of U.S. coinage that includes, by far, the best ratio of repeat customers and lowest ratio of negatives of ANY bulk coin lot seller via sale! Here again, you can see for yourself why our offering is in fact the "Best Un-searched Coin Lot Deal" out there! We buy in bulk and sell in bulk! It is as simple as that!

Our Company will not EVER belittle your intellect in offering you so called "un-searched lots", but EVERY coin is individually carded in a dime store cigar box or jewelry box deal like other sellers do.

Our Company will also NEVER offer so called "un-searched lots", but also sell single "better U.S. coins" including graded coins like other sellers do!

Also we ask that you check a seller's response to see if they are buying from exactly what they are offering as unsearched, as we know more than a few sellers that do. Again, we tell you this because we feel an educated consumer is our best customer!

Folks, if you truly enjoy the fun and excitement of unsearched collectable U.S. coinage at it's best, this is in fact, the "ONLY" real deal yet out there!


We are excited to offer this huge purchase we acquired, as it is like none other we have ever seen or heard of in the many years that we have been in the coin business! As some of our regular customers may know, this AWESOME purchase was in negotiation for well over six months. Finally, the previous owner accepted our offer to buy. Because of agreements notarized and signed by us, we are not allowed to divulge names or the exact place of business that these coins came from as an exorbitant amount of money changed hands. What I can honestly say is "we did not & will not search any of these coins for high grades, rare dates or errors as our time no longer allows it". As I don't expect these coins have seen the light of day in decades, you will be the first to search this group for the many rare, high grade & error coins contained! With that in mind, and as you read on, I will do my best to be as descriptive as humanly possible!

Please read in it's entirety, the complete description of this new unique sale and view all pictures before offerding on what we are now offering for your consideration. After fully understanding our true sale and reading our response, you too will agree that this is "Absolutely The Best UnSearched Coin Lot Deal on "!

There are many high resolution pictures below this sales lengthy description! Grab a cup of coffee or an ice cold soda and read on while giving these pictures and description a chance to load.


As stated in the "quick overview", this purchase is like none other we have seen or heard of! This buy-out includes coins collected & purchased by an individual for well over 50+ years. He collected and saved change from the late 1940's to mid 1960's. This individual collector also attended nearly all local and rural sales that included coins in that same period. As he was a believer (like many back then) that all paper money would eventually be worthless, he stashed away all these coins in old beer kegs. The idea he had was as quoted " I was so concerned about someone stealing my coins, but if the container was too heavy to lift, no one could take them". Believe me, he wasn't joking as I had to hire a delivery company that normally delivers heavy security safes to get these kegs back to my office as each one weighed in at over 700 pounds! Keeping up with the times, this collector was VERY educated and did not hold any modern clad coins as he also deemed them worthless much like paper money. As you can imagine collecting coins in this era (50+ years ago), many of the silver coins are BU (brilliant uncirculated)! In that same reality (back then), it is unlikely that any one much collected error coins or gave a dang about high grades from the 30's, 40's and 50's as there seems to be many contained.

Why We List As "The Best Lot Deal On ":

We are selling this spectacular collection off in lots via sales only. These huge 5 (Five) pound lots will be weighed and bagged on a digital scale for accuracy.

  • This is VERY important (due to the high price of Silver lately), we are the ONLY lot seller that can GUARANTEE over $90.00 face value in old UNSEARCHED 90% silver coins per lot at this price level. This includes un-searched circulated & uncirculated silver dimes, quarters, halves & old dollars!

  • As a special bonus & because of the high amount of old U.S. silver dollars in this hoard, we are the ONLY lot seller that can guarantee at least TEN old U.S. silver pre-1904 Morgan Dollars in each and every (1) lot purchased from this listing!

  • In every lot purchase, in addition to your Morgan dollars & other silver, we will guarantee your FIVE pound lot will contain at least EIGHTY (80) old U.S. 90% silver half dollars. Most are the Barber, Walking Liberty or Franklin types, but I also did see some nicer 1964 90% Silver Kennedy's in the sample groups.

  • Unlike other "lot" sales claiming to be "unsearched" and then telling you exactly what you will receive (one of this and one of that), ONLY our coin lots are truly unsearched & randomly packaged from this unique purchase we acquired.

  • Other than our above listed guarantees, we are the ONLY lot seller that includes a reasonable chance in discovering coins that can be valued at MANY times over what you will pay for your individual lot(s). We can back that claim up in our recent discoveries listed in our response & appreciative emails! Please read other lot seller's response and see if they can back up their claims and if their customers were truly happy!? Don't be fooled, most claims of coins found in other sellers lots are generally bogus and are never mentioned in response as stated in their listings (at least I have never seen one)! Our claims are true to the letter and can easily be viewed in our response as shown!

We would also like to welcome you to view our most recent response for even more satisfied customers than what is documented below!

Unlike most other coin lot dealers, we don't type in "so-called finds" into our sales description, rather we are simply proud to paste in "REAL" finds just as quoted from our response pages! We will update these listed responses every few weeks or so & hope to add YOURS!

Listed below are just a few of the many recent REAL response quotes of satisfied honest buyers taken directly from our response pages for these All Silver Lots!!

Much more value than I anticipated. Super lot at a super price. Will shop here again Buyer: tmarfizo ( 45) Very fast shipping, always happy here. Customer oriented GREAT 5 STAR SELLER!!!! Buyer: 6gunsally ( 617) Got my order in 4-days. WOW! The dollar was a rare 1895-S EF++ Thank You! A+++++ Buyer: spikemaster349 ( 1190) Great customer service. Nice group of coins, some BU!! Very Pleased!! AAA+++++++ Buyer: rwynn955 ( 29) I've bought a lot of these lots. Fantastic a+ in every regard! Buyer: jowie_68 ( 322) #1 er it doesn't get better, Friendly, Fast, and HONEST!!! AAAAAA++++++ Buyer: bmwk75 ( 2655) Great price and speedy delivery. Would buy from again Buyer: eyes4younme ( 165) Very nice mix of silver, Some BU. Getting ready for the Inflation Werewolf. Buyer: bottom_offer ( 197) EXCELLENT! 10 BU and the rest are Fine to AU. Great transaction and quick ship!! Buyer: ponderit ( 347) Very quick shipping! My husband is having a blast searching through them :) Buyer: jltrick217 ( 236) Some beautiful uncirculated coins in lot and nice older coins as well Buyer: csidedr ( 118) SUPER LOT!!! A lot of fun going through. Need to save money and get more! A++ Buyer: naryid ( 128)

Why We Are Selling These Lots:

In all honesty folks, we currently are business owners of three companies and are managers of yet another (most are unrelated to coins). In that, WE have little to no time to look in detail of any huge purchases we make, but rather enjoy passing down to our customers "the true treasure hunt" like I enjoyed years ago with my father when I did have time. I can't guarantee that every buyer will "strike it rich" but can guarantee that this is the "REAL DEAL" and unlike any other "so-called" unsearched coin lot offers available on !

As you can imagine, we have a bit of money tied up in this last buyout! Personally, I find excitement in traveling around the country & purchasing truly unsearched groups of coins like this as they are rare! Recently, we have come to realize that most ers offerding on our lots enjoy the same opportunity, as it is VERY fun and entertaining! This is your chance to do so on a smaller scale but with the same opportunities for rare and high grade coins being discovered by offerding on our lots.

We do ask that any buyer restrict offerding to a maximum of 1-lot per week from this listing, not only to be fair to other buyers, but also to help protect our company from sale blocking by other sellers!

If you would like to buy more than 1-lot this week, you are always welcome to purchase from our other listings and become one of our many repeat/regular customers. New listings are posted weekly.

To Avoid Any Misunderstanding:

This is unsearched U.S. coins at it's best! As we have GREAT success selling truly un-searched U.S. coin lots, we also have had a few buyers that just do not understand what un-searched truly means. For those few, I would like to explain: As always, our starting offer does NOT necessarily reflect any guaranteed value of what you will find in your particular lots. Your lots can be valued at many times what you offer or some maybe less than what you offer! Our starting price is based on all lots combined then divided as to total lots offered. With out adoubt, this is the best shot you have if you love the fun and true adventure of finding valuable coins worth much more than you pay!

These lots are sold "TRULY" unsearched and that is another reason why I list this sale as "The Best Lot Deal on "! We feel this is the only "lot deal" you will have a realistic chance of hitting rare coins, High Grades, etc. Such as is reported over and over again found in this and our last lot deals via sale. Please take a minute to look back in our response & see for yourself! Again check other lot sellers response to see if what they are claiming is true (NOT)! All of our quoted responses are real and are quickly accessible and are NOT made up "fluff" like other lot sellers claim!

What coins are included in the total group:

I personally guarantee you will get a full 5 (Five) U.S. pounds (80-ounces), that's over $90.00 face value in 90% silver coins per lot purchased! These lots will NOT contain any "filler silver" as offered by our competitors such as lesser value 40% (1965-1970 halves) or 35% silver war nickels!

Again, the coins in your huge 5 pound lot(s) will be randomly pulled from the massive total group that includes:

Thousands of coins from silver mint sets dated 1950-1964

Liberty Seated Silver Dollars

Trade Silver Dollars

Morgan Silver Dollars (many AU & BU coins)

Peace Silver Dollars (many AU & BU coins)

Bust Type Half Dollars

Seated Liberty Half Dollars

Barber Half Dollars

Walking Liberty Half Dollars (many AU & BU coins)

Franklin Half Dollars (Tons of BU's)

1964 Silver Kennedy Half Dollars (most are AU to BU)

Bust Type Silver Quarters

Seated Liberty Quarters

Barber Quarters

Standing Liberty Quarters

1932-1964 Silver Washington Quarters (many are BU's)

Bust Type Silver Dimes

Seated Liberty Silver Dimes

Barber Silver Dimes

Mercury Silver Dimes (many are AU to BU & tougher dates)

1964 & Before Silver Roosevelt Dimes (tons of BUs)

If you find anything I missed, please let us know via e-mail. Nothing will be removed & NO foreign junk is ever included!

I personally guarantee all coins listed above are represented in quantity of this total huge hoard we just purchased.

Don't Miss Your Chance:

To own your part in this "once in a life time chance" of another great original hoard as we don't get these in often. Again, this collection is being sold as packaged Totally Unsearched (other than what is truly guaranteed listed above). Remember 1-lot max per winning offer per week from this listing. Thanks.

S&H charges:

****Applies to U.S. customers only****

This is our BEST VALUE if buying in volume!

For international shipping rates, please email us for a quote

Please see all SEVEN pictures of this lot sale below:

WARNING TO SELLERS; DO NOT COPY OUR PICTURES OR LISTING! All images and phraseologyare theintellectual property ofSuncoins and it's owners and are fully protected by U.S. and internationalintellectual property laws. The images and manner in which the language [hereinafter collectively known as "images"]is used herein andpresented on this websiteis not in the public domain. These images, in whole or any portion of, may not be reproduced, copied, projected, used or altered in any way, alone or with any other image(s), by use of computer or any other means, saved to a digital file for personal or commercial use, without the written permission ofSuncoins and it's owners. Any unauthorized usage is subject to penalty under existinginternational laws.

Pictured above is a large group of silver just separated from the copper and nickel coinage that is ready to be weighed, packaged and shipped

Pictured above is a closer look at this large group

Pictured above here is an even closer look at this large group

Pictured above is another close look at this large group. As you can see, there are many very nice collectable coins included just waiting for your discovery!

Thanks for looking at this incredible offer as we would truly appreciate your business!

Payment and Shipping Info Payment Options

Credit or DebitCard (through PayPal),PayPal transfer.

Shipping Options We ship United States Postal Service "Registered Mail" for this offering Sales Tax 0% for in-state buyers / 0% for out-of-state buyers Terms *Payment must be received within 3 business days from time of purchase.

*For more information & our company policies including returns, please visit our “me” page.

*For international shipping rates, please email us for a quote before placing a offer as rates can vary depending on your location.


We are a Registered U.S. coin lot & bullion seller since June 1999

Absolutely The Best Old Unsearched Silver Coin Lot Deal On Ebay

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