Ac128 (2x) + 2n3904 Fuzz Factory Set - Matched Pair Of Vintage Germanium

Ac128 (2x) + 2n3904 Fuzz Factory Set - Matched Pair Of Vintage Germanium

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Ac128 (2x) + 2n3904 Fuzz Factory Set - Matched Pair Of Vintage Germanium:

I list here Vintage Germanium PNP Transistors AC128. The price is for set of3 transistors (3pcs). There are used 3 transistors in this pedal. The first is 2N3904, the second transistor is AC128 with lower gain and a the third one is AC128 with higher gain. You will get 1 pc of 2N3904 together with bothAC128s. 3 Items per lot in this listing mean 2 pcs of AC128 (Q2 and Q3) and 1 pc of 2N3904 (Q1).

Transistors have been selected for use in the Fuzz Factory. You can download a schematic. There are mostly recommended for the Fuzz Factory AC128s, Q2 has hfe = 60 - 80 and Q3 has hfe = 100 - 120. Be careful, transistor gain has to be here exactly hfe (the small-signal current gain) and not b = h21E = hFE(DC current gain). You aren't going to use them for a switching application, right? You will get clearly marked both transistors which should be used as Q2 and which one as Q3 in the Fuzz Factory. Both transistors will be certified by their hfe and ICB0.

Would you like to hear how the trannies from me sound? You can watch video from my friend Leif on YouTube. Or look at this:YouTube or at this: YouTube.

Maximum ratings:

  • ContinuousCollector Current: 1000mA
  • Maximum Power Dissipation (Tamb =77°F / 25°C): 1000mW
  • Junction Temperature: < 194°F / 90°C
  • Operating and Storage Temperature:-67°F / -55°C ÷ 167°F / 75°C

My previous salesfrom the listingsof AC128 pairsand Brian May Deacy replica quad sets:

User ID Listing Pairs/sets Purchased Location response You? J plum-happy1969 F. Face 1 Apr-22-13 Japan lcjaubrey F. Face 1 Apr-20-13 Canada alexkuvallini F. Factory 1 Apr-13-13 19032-2011 evol_mit F. Face 2 Apr-09-13 Australia kpb1012009 Rangemaster 1 Apr-08-13 11103-3134 came quick, still have to try it out jim-in-co Deacy Amp set 1 Apr-08-13 80501-7903 sellitfast1962 F. Face 1 Apr-06-13 02576-0392 Great communication Product as advertised will use again linda_sue70 F. Factory 1 Apr-03-13 50321-1732 uninspired_love Deacy Amp set 1 Apr-02-13 74012-7620 adracht F. Face 1 Mar-31-13 U. Kingdom hallmargauti F. Factory 2 Mar-31-13 Iceland blakewrobbel F. Face 1 Mar-25-13 02215-1701 larkstongues1972 ToneBender 1 Mar-19-13 U. Kingdom Superb items, received super quick. purpleblacksmith F. Factory 1 Mar-14-13 60625 elenore19 F. Factory 1 Mar-14-13 55604-1182 mictester F. Factory 1 Mar-13-13 U. Kingdom seeth F. Factory 2 Mar-07-13 55406-1740 antoffik F. Factory 1 Mar-06-13 Russia Thank you! Very nice! Item good! astrobalance206 F. Face 1 Mar-03-13 98108-4921 A+ nankeenheron F. Factory 2 Mar-02-13 Australia Fast shipping, well packaged and labeled; haven't tested yet (Futurlec - slow!) lhlife F. Face 1 Mar-02-13 92506 Everything looks good. bossemusic F. Factory 2 Mar-01-13 Sweden diegoccc F. Factory 1 Feb-27-13 Argentina Muy rapido el envio y funcionan a la perfeccion. 100% recomendable. chainsword_corax F. Face 1 Feb-24-13 France fast shipping! nice! ++++ ananashead_fx F. Face 1 Feb-23-13 Spain all ok, recommended! jamorstudio F. Factory 1 Feb-22-13 Czechia Great seller, quick and communicative. jros5786 F. Face 1 Feb-18-13 11727-2039 Quick shipping and arrived safely A+++ ricercar.record F. Factory 1 Feb-14-13 78681-7154 Very Fast Shipping! Great Seller!!! satya_2020 F. Factory 2 Feb-13-13 India radnaskela7 F. Face 1 Feb-13-13 Croatia hope it will work good as they looks good jfru36 F. Factory 1 Feb-11-13 New Zealand Quick delivery, Items were as described and even included a 2n3904 transistor wigglyben F. Factory 2 Feb-08-13 48823-3938 stratocasteroil F. Factory 5 Feb-07-13 90731-5523 FANTASTIC! Marked clearly, delivered quickly, Exactly as described. Excellent! fredpala13 F. Face 1 Feb-06-13 Brazil The shippin is fast and it arrives perfectly safe, and my fuzz sounds amazing!!! ryanisradd F. Factory 5 Feb-05-13 55110-3442 THESE SOUND AMAZING! BUY THEM! Thanks so much! jsguitar93 F. Face 1 Feb-03-13 93277 ch1naski1969 F. Face 1 Feb-01-13 90501-2511 Great communication form seller. Thanks zakky2 F. Factory 4 Jan-31-13 Taiwan fast shipping and reliable seller, thanks a lot kaisersouze79 F. Face 1 Jan-30-13 Italy wjdeweysmith256 F. Factory 1 Jan-29-13 98105-3729 Great communication, arrived fast, $5 investment made my fuzz sound HUGE srrdawg F. Face 2 Jan-27-13 55082-4825 centreof_eternity F. 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Face 2 Dec-20-12 Japan great product, really quick shipping, great seller A++++++ hanyg0311 F. Face 1 Dec-19-12 Korea, South Thank you ..... tjookum F. Factory 1 Dec-18-12 Netherlands mainacefx-us F. Face 2 Dec-17-12 07067-2316 Great seller...will always buy here!!! kgalizio F. Face 2 Dec-16-12 44240-2635 good er thanks hoeppnersteven_79 F. Face 1 Dec-13-12 Canada Product exactly as described, very quick ship, thanks zlabledog F. Face 1 Dec-12-12 New Zealand Fantastic Trader ++++ klaushomey F. Face 1 Dec-12-12 11218-2513 sounding good! grockeg F. Face 1 Dec-12-12 53181-9599 giovanni1722 F. Face 2 Dec-11-12 Chile triworm F. Factory 1 Dec-10-12 93657-9326 402fortytwo F. Factory 1 Dec-09-12 Denmark Wow, fast shipping, great communnication, what more could you want.. omar3800 F. Factory 1 Dec-07-12 Iceland Fast shipping and just as described. Thank you!! ge7475 F. Factory 1 Dec-04-12 Bulgaria 1187stephanie F. Factory 1 Dec-03-12 92553-1517 fullthrottlecycleservice F. 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F. Face 1 Nov-27-12 62621-0422

3 weeks no item, fake tracking number, and nothing but excuses BEWARE!!!

Selleranswer: Sharon you left a negative response 2 days after I fully refunded lost goods :-)

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I have used my germanium transistor meter to test and select carefully all the transistorsfor this listing:

Please find below pictures and explanations of possible applications taken from the projects of the best of my customers:



I finished the circuit "Fuzz face". The transistors are great and plays beautifully. I am sending you the photos to publish on the site...


It's a dunlop reissue which I left the PCB (with bad false NTE Ge transistors). I bought at musikding the PCB on which I put the original values components and your AC128. Sounds awesome.


I finished the Fuzz Factory this evening and the transistors sound terrific. I'm really happy with them.




Here are some pics of your AC128 transistors inside of my Fuzz Face.


I leave here attached two photos of my project with materials, I hopethat helps.

Please do visit also my store elebcz to see the other items you could be interested in. Combine items and save 50% off shipping for each additional purchase.

The items will be shipped to you by a priority airmail. Typical delivery times are: Europe (All countries) 7...10 days. All other destinations (North and South America, Asia, Africa, etc.) 10...15 days. For some destinations which are very far from Europe shipment may take a couple of days more. These destinations include countries like New Zealand, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, etc.

Ac128 (2x) + 2n3904 Fuzz Factory Set - Matched Pair Of Vintage Germanium:

Buy Now

2pcs Bec Ba8206ba4 Dip picture
2pcs Bec Ba8206ba4 Dip

5pcs Low Power Lm324dt Lm324 Quad Op-amp Smd Sop-14 picture
5pcs Low Power Lm324dt Lm324 Quad Op-amp Smd Sop-14

500pcs Mmbt8050 Sot-23 J3y S8050 Smd Npn Transistor picture
500pcs Mmbt8050 Sot-23 J3y S8050 Smd Npn Transistor

2pcs M27c128a-10f1 Ic Eprom 128kbit 100ns 28-dip picture
2pcs M27c128a-10f1 Ic Eprom 128kbit 100ns 28-dip

10pcs Mcz3001db Mcz3001 Dip-18 picture
10pcs Mcz3001db Mcz3001 Dip-18

5pcs 8Ω 0.5w Small Trumpet 36mm Diameter Loudspeaker Loud Speaker picture
5pcs 8Ω 0.5w Small Trumpet 36mm Diameter Loudspeaker Loud Speaker