Accel Spark Plug Wire Fire Boot Kit 60% Off 170081*

Accel Spark Plug Wire Fire Boot Kit 60% Off 170081*

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Accel Spark Plug Wire Fire Boot Kit 60% Off 170081*:


PART # Accel170081

60% off major performance retailers price



Manufacturer's Part Number 170081 Part Type Heat Protection Product Line ACCEL Pro Sleeve Boot Guards Length (in) 6.000 in. Width (in) 1.250 in. Installation Slip-on Quantity

Sold as a set of 8

This product sells for approx. $56.00 at nearly all major performance retailers. Brand new factory sealed,first line product.

The use of the Accel Pro Sleeve boots are priceless for those with header to plug wire clearance issues. They become the barrier between your wires and the headers. Do understand that the best solution is to have a clearance of half an inch or more between the wires and the header, but some headers do not allow for this, and that's where the Accel Fire boots are a must. If your engine produces great amounts of heat, the fire boots are the answer, but in time even the fire boots will degrade from the heat. The cost and ease of replacement of the fire boot is small compared to replacing theexpensive wires, not to mention a wire that has degraded from excessive heat will leak voltage to some degree affecting the performance of your engine. These fire boots are a common sight at the race track, and the only solution to protect wires. There aremany such products on the market, some claiming to protect to higher temperatures, but rest assured most will have the same properties. Many racers often only require the use of one or two of these, but buying a full set is wise due to the fact that all fire boots will degrade eventually, especially on engines that produce excessive heat. Never will you find these priced this low, and they won't last long. If we were to buy these at master warehouse distributor price it would be right about or possibly more than we are offering them for. Checkout some of our other 60% off items. Justtype in 60% offin the search bar under our listings, and you will see many such items.

These ACCEL Pro Sleeve boot guards will protect your spark plug bootsfrom extreme heat. They feature a double-layered fiberglass construction to absorb the heat and abrasion. The boot guards use an adjustable boot ring to allow the boot to be rotated and expand over irregular surfaces for easy installation.

A note from our company president, Skip White

If your plug wires or the plug wire boots areless than 1/4 inch to the header or exhaust manifold, they will positively burn in a very short time. It actually takes approx. half an inch clearance or moretokeep the wires or boots from burning. I've seen this many times, and the replacing just one wire is often not an option as most wires are not available in singles. Prior to the wire becoming obviously burnt, they will leak voltage, and arc at the point nearest the header, and create a slight or complete misfire. Sometimes you can't prevent this due to the design of many of the headers on the market. This is where the Fire boots become a great asset. They are a common sight on many race and show cars. With a little creativity they can and dolook good. I've seen many users twist the sleeve and wrap a strand of stainless steel wire around them, or many will just slip them on and they still look great. At the price we have these at you can't go wrong. One thing for sure if you burn one wire, the cost and inconvenience of replacing all of your wires will be costly and time consuming. The Accel fire boots part number 170081 do actually sell for around $56.00 at all of the large performance retailers. Do a search on Google and you will see this to be factual.

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Accel Spark Plug Wire Fire Boot Kit 60% Off 170081*:

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