Amazing 1907 Handwritten Diary Kansas City Missouri Mo History/steamboat Captain

Amazing 1907 Handwritten Diary Kansas City Missouri Mo History/steamboat Captain

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Amazing 1907 Handwritten Diary Kansas City Missouri Mo History/steamboat Captain:

This diary was not at all what I expected,
I thought it was going to have ho-hum entries by an elderly lady,
but instead I found entries by a remarkable woman
who is from a wealthy family who has black servants,
one of whom was born prior to the Civil SPECTACULAR 105 YEAR OLD handwritten antique diary / journal / manuscript book
was written by a woman whose name was
who was born on July 13, 1827 in Ohio, and died on Nov. 24, 1916.
A picture of her gravestone can be seen on the find-a-grave website.She married Richard Robertson, who was a Steamboat Captain.
He was 8 years older than Virginia, which was quite unusual for those days!
A 1860 census shows they were living in Newport, Campbell County, Kentucky
where her husband was employed as a "Riverman".
They had a 13 year old domestic servant named "Lena Able".A 1880 Census shows the family living inKaw, Jackson County, Missourri
and Virginia's husband was employed as a Steamboat Capt.
Theyhad a very large family of 7 children:
Richard ~ Minnie ~ Grace ~ Nannie ~ Ernest ~ Howard ~ Guy ~ Lillian,
anda servant named James Sheck.
Their daughter Lillian was visiting abroad in Europe.When Virginia wrote this diary in 1907, she was living with her son Richard, his wife May,
and their children - Laura, Virginia, and Howard.
Census records from 1900 shows they also had two black servants,
Eliza Staples (born 1851) & Jessie Martin (born 1873).
I will include a copies of the Census records to the winning buyer.This diary is JUST AMAZING !!!
The entries are very detailed and give such a wonderful look into her life,
and also into the family life of her son, his wife, and their children.
Virginia writes often about spending time with her other children too, especially Grace.
My research shows that Grace never married
and in 1910, Virginia was living with Grace in the Kansas Ward of Missouri.Virginia writes of going often to "the tea room" for meals
and she really enjoyed going to plays & shows, which she did often.
She loved to go to "Electric Park" to hear the bands play,
took homeopathic medicine, enjoyed shopping and working on her silk quilts, etc.
She writes of her son, Howard, being being in very poor health
and "Dick" trying to persude him to go to Excelsior (Springs) for the water,
and of course, there are many more topics of interest,
way too many to write about here!
It is an OUTSTANDING & RARE Slice of Americana !!!NOTE OF INTEREST: Excelsior Springs came into existence due to the natural spring water that gushed forth from the depths of the earth. It was discovered by accident in 1880 by a farmer, Travis Mellion, when his daughter Opal fell ill with a form of tuberculosis. He asked for advice from nearby campers, and they suggested the spring that oozed from the bank of the Fishing River. Water was collected and brought to his daughter to drink. Over the course of a few weeks, there was noticeable improvement to her health, and she was eventually cured. A log-cabin farmer, Frederick Kugler, also begin to treat hisrheumatic knees and a recurring sore from a Civil War wound, and he was cured of his ailments shortly after ... and their are many more such stories surrounding this town.This is a VERY RARE
Slice of
Missouri& American History !!!

I really wish I had more time to research Virginia and her family
because this family has great history, and I'm sure there are a lot of intereting stories too.
It's rare that I find old diaries from Missouri, so this diary isa great find.HERE ARE SOME EXCERPTS TAKEN FROM THIS DIARY:
Please Keep In Mind That There Is Much More To Read,
This Is Only Part of 15 Entries Out Of 374 !!!" Raining and very dark and dismal. I got out my silk quilt to sew on, am out of all sewing. Nothing to do since the Xmas festivities are all over. Must get busy at something. May, Lily, Jeannie & Yance went to the Theatre to night. Virginia had a little card party. Harold & Laura went to a dance. He leaves for Columbia tomorrow ...."

" Dick went down with May. An unwise thing for he was not well enough to go and came back exhausted. Grace and I went to lunch at tea room, found May, Luanne and Laura there. Went over on train street in the pm. Grace gave me a pretty postcard album. I got material at Pecks for baby wrapper for L ....."

"This is Hatties last day with us. She goes to E.B.F's, got a position this pm. We are all sorry to lose her, but feel that she can do better there. Home all day helping Grace on a new shirt waist, and mending things for self ...."

"Went to see Hamlet at Auditorium this pm. May, Jeanine, G. and I took in lunch at Cafe near by. Lester L__ play Hamlet, George Arcine, Horatio. It was grand and the place crowded. While May & Grace went over on Main St. to look at new suits before lunch, I bought a black voile skirt and left it to be pleated tomorrow ...."

" Grace went down alone still on hunt for girl. The new girl did not prove satisfactory and we were glad when she left today. Will send for the little Darky Helen to wash dishes. She can't cook ....."

"Dicks birthday! We went down town awhile this afternoon. They still are without a girl and Grace gets most of the meals. Helen, the little "coon" is here to wash dishes, bake cakes &c. She does not know anything about cooking ....."

"Grace and I were downtown awhile this afternoon - Grace went to the Post to see why my paper does not come. She had an interesting interview with the Editor who wants her to write for the paper! ...."

"I went downtown with Grace who had an engagement at Dr. Smiths. A big fire this pm. The Pepper bldg. We hear several lives are lost, many injured. Carl Busch and Father lost many valuable things ....."

"Grace and I lunched at tea room and went to see Emma __ in "Jane". A most amusing comedy. May went with Jeanne Thornton to Southside Hospital where one of her sons was operated on. It made May quite sick, the smell of the chloraform ...."

"Aunty brought us a girl this a.m., there was general rejoicing ..."

"Grace had engagement with Dr. Smith about 9 pm. After lunch at home, she and I went out to Electric Park. Enjoyed the music "Ellery's Band" which is very fine. The Park is very pretty but must be seen at night when lighted up to look its best ....."

"Vera, Grace and I went out to Electric Park and had the most enjoyable concert we have had yet. The new band comes Sunday. The Ellery's bands time is up. Don't think this can be surpassed ...."

"Rec'd K.C. papers. The Post had a fine article on Mrs. Calhouns slight sketch of her life, written on the day she passed away. It will be a great shock to her many friends. Minnie and I had a pleasant drive up to English this pm, while there, Mrs. DeGilbert had me come in and try the new piano she has on trial ....."

"Dr. Casey came out on his wheel, spent the day and we had a most enjoyable day. Minnie gave us a fine dinner, and we had coffee at about 5:30 on the porch. We had music when it got too cool to stay out of doors ....."

"Early in the evening there was an alarm of fire which proved very near us... It was badly burned and at one time it looked like the house next door would go as the wind was blowing this way. We had Dick come down on porch where we all were ....."

Dr. Smith ~ W. B. Thayer ~ Talbot ~ Calhoun ~ George Salisbury ~ Grace Barnett ~ Jeannie Thornton ~ Ida Johnson~ and others!

This diary has 365 handwritten entries for 1907, and 9 entries for 1908.
It measures approx. 2 1/2" x 4" and it is in good condition
and there are no missing or loose pages, although the cover does have some chips.


** PLEASE NOTE ** - Unlike many other sellers, I do not sell my diaries outside of the USA.
It greatly saddens me, as I know it does many of you,
when I see these one-of-a-kind American treasures being sent away to other countries.I try to do my partby keeping the diariesand the invaluable historical information that they hold
right here in America where they belong!
I believe that those who have written these incredible diaries would have wanted it this way.Those of you who offer on my sales have the advantage of offerding only against USA buyers,
rather than against buyers from all over the world, soyou haveless competition to win great diaries!I'm so thankful for those of you who are patriotic and feel as I do,
the comments of support that you have been sending to me are verymuch appreciated!
My sincere thanks tothose of you who offer on the diaries that I offer for sale!

If winning buyer does not, I reserve the right to cancel the transaction.
I only ship to USA addresses.

Payment through Paypal is expected within 3 days after the sale ends,
unless other arrangements are made prior to offerding.
Michigan residents are required to pay 6% sales tax.


Amazing 1907 Handwritten Diary Kansas City Missouri Mo History/steamboat Captain:

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