Amazing Sculpt - 1 Lb Clay, Great For Cm Custom Resin

Amazing Sculpt - 1 Lb Clay, Great For Cm Custom Resin

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Amazing Sculpt - 1 Lb Clay, Great For Cm Custom Resin:

Amazing Sculpt is a self-hardening synthetic modeling clay developed by a professional equine sculptor to capture ultra fine details and stand up to the challenges faced by sculpting the horse from life. Amazing Sculpt has a working time of 3 to 5 hours. It tools and sands to a glass smooth finish and can be buffed to a satin sheen. Amazing Sculpt is the ideal medium for modelers and customizers because of its amazing ability to adhere to almost any surface due to its unique high tack right after kneading. Designed to be the cleanest, most stable and consistent synthetic clays on the market!

Amazing Sculpt currently comes in White and Natural.

These color chips may look different on your monitor: More information available at manufacturer's website

Use Amazing Sculpt to:
  • Create Original Sculptures
  • Customize Action Figures & Model Horses
  • Build Models from Armatures
  • Fill into many different kinds of molds
  • Repair & Restore Dolls
  • Fix Ceramic & Porcelain Figurines
  • Taxidermy and Antler Repair
  • Create Complex Dioramas
  • Doll Customization and Repair
  • Create Jewelry
  • Create Rapid Prototypes
  • Filling Gaps

Who should use Amazing Sculpt? Amazing Sculpt is a professional ultra fine sculpting clay intended for use by industrial and commercial users and artists, which means it is not for children. Commercial FX Artists, Sculptors,Modelers and Taxidermists will appreciate the many attributes designed into Amazing Sculpt:

  • Very economical considering it is a high performance sculpting clay
  • Incredible dynamic range during working time - from very soft to firm
  • No shrinkage, high strength, waterproof and UV resistant
  • Self-hardening. Simply mix equal parts by volume to use Amazing Sculpt
  • Very easy to knead, even if you have carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Working time is about 3 to 5 with a 24-36 hour full cure depending on room temperature
  • Stays soft in the containers for years
  • Will not delaminate from itself or other resin like polyurethanes
  • Does not flake, chip, crack or peel. Very useful when using rotary tools.
  • Easy clean-up with Amazing Smoothing Solution
  • Add dry pigment powder for other colors
  • Can be painted with acrylic, enamel, oil, pastels
  • Able to build upon itself in layers without a seamline
  • Viscosity is just right to reduce drooping during the working time
  • Holds fine details during cure, won't flow
  • Very Adhesive after initial mix, a must when doing repairs
  • Bonds to most plastics including Vinyl.
  • Cured hardness is that of most polyurethane resins
  • Extended shelf life
  • Stays soft in containers even at -20 F.
  • Freeze/Thaw stable
Easy To Use: Sculpting & Modeling
  1. Mix Part A & B
  2. Use for 3 to 5 hours
  3. Let cure

Up for sale is 1 pound of Amazing Sculpt in White
Included free with your order is 10cc (1/3 floz) of Amazing Smoothing Solution!

Included free with your order of Amazing Sculpt is
10cc (1/3 floz) of Amazing Smoothing Solution!

An Environmentally Green product designed for smoothing self-hardening synthetic clay, Amazing Smoothing Solution is the perfect “must-have” companion for feathering, texturing, tooling, cleaning sculpting tools and brushes and/or removing stickiness. Use on non-cured synthetic clay to get a glass smooth finish. Tip: When working with self-hardening synthetic clay, apply Amazing Smoothing Solution onto your gloves so the putty will not stick to them. Unlike using water or isopropyl alcohol, Amazing Smoothing Solution will not drag when smoothing putty. Non-Flammable, Biodegradable, Environmentally Safe and Friendly. Use water based Amazing Smoothing Solution as a safer alternative to acetone, denatured alcohol, MEK or other commonly used toxic solvents. List price for Amazing Smoothing Solution is $1.95, but free with your order of Amazing Sculpt.

Recently, a Breyer model was customized step-by-step. Click the image to see the customization tutorial:

Here is another model editon by Debbi LerMond of by the name of "Aisha II" created using Amazing Sculpt:

Get your Amazing Sculpt kit today and we will send it to you right away because we know you don't like waiting for shipping. We ship daily, so your Amazing Sculpt will be packaged up and mailed with a tracking, usually within hours. Thank you for your business, we appreciate it very much.

Kit Includes:
  1. Amazing Sculpt 1 pound in White
  2. Amazing Smoothing Solution 10cc (1/3 floz)
  3. Dipping Cup w/lid for Amazing Smoothing Solution
  4. Set of Disposable Gloves for mixing clay
  5. Priority Mail flat rate box (domestic or international)

    Free Shipping in the United States! You are getting 1 pound of Amazing Sculpt. With the tubs and box, we are pushing 2 pounds (1kg). We have designed our 1 pound Amazing Sculpt containers to take advantage of the US Postal Service's new Priority Mail small flat rate box. This means you get added strength and security of a box and it's shipped to you really fast at a very low price - Free. You will receive an email with the delivery confirmation/tracking number. In Canada, and International (the rest of the world), we ship by Priority Mail International. You can track your package of Amazing Sculpt at Your International order may continue to be tracked once it is received by your postal service if they use the same tracking number. Since International orders are being shipped thousands of miles, we place your Amazing Sculpt in the same sturdy Priority Mail small flat rate box for fastest shipping. Please note for International orders, your Amazing Sculpt will still have to clear your country's Customs, which can take up to several weeks. We do the best we can to ship out promptly, but we have no control over International packages going through Customs. Please do not leave us negative response if your Amazing Sculpt order is held up in Foreign Customs as we are not responsible for the delay caused by them. For speedy Customs clearance, we affix a self-adhesive combined Mailing/Customs label for International orders. If you have questions about your shipment, please email us first, as we do our best to have 100% satisfied customers. Also, we declare the shipment at the price you paid and we do not declare "gift" on the Customs label. If you are an International buyer, you are responsible for paying your own country's Customs fees.

    Shipping by Priority Mail: United States $0.00, Canada $14.95, International $17.95
    (Items shipped without insurance.)

    If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase,
    return it unused and undamaged within14 days of receipt
    for a refund. S&H not included.

    Amazing Sculpt - 1 Lb Clay, Great For Cm Custom Resin:

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