Antique & Signed Japanese Bronze/copper Articulated Lobster Okimono For Sale

ANTIQUE & SIGNED Japanese bronze/copper ARTICULATED LOBSTER okimono

At the end of the feudal period (1853) when the US Navy arrived & demanded Japan to reopen their ports & tradings with Westerners, the Samurai class was abolished. Almost all machi-koba (factory) - where armors and armaments had been produced for centuries were closed, and the unemployed blacksmiths, craftsmen started using their skills to make household & ornamental objects in bronze and other metals: koro, vases, okimono ..etc...Articulated animals are a deviated applicationof their armor-making skill, where thin pieces of metals are overlaid, interconnected to create specific forms with natural flexibility.

Here presented is a fine sample of a lobster in bronze/copper: the crustacean body parts are seamlessly connected at strategical points, so flexible it hardly stands erected. Holding it up and a light movement would cause its whole tail wagging, its joints tremble and come alive.Artist's 2-character mark on the thorace.

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