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Antique Meerschaum Sheik Very Long/large Near-mint+unsmoked For Sale

Antique Meerschaum Sheik Very Long/large Near-mint+unsmoked

This is a HUGE, VERY LONG, UNsmoked, breathtakingly beautiful, NEAR-MINT CONDITION and highly detailed/expertly crafted work using onlysuperior-grade blockMeerschaum; a fineChurchwardenstyle pipe, of a handsome Ottoman Sheik. Its exact age is unknown, but it is quite likely to be at least 75+ years old, due to its (absolutely flawless) Bakelight stem on the top of the pipe. Also, it is worth noting this hand carved by a mastersculptorin Turkey. The entire lower section, plus the sections of the stem of this very long, almost 18" Churchwarden pipe, have each been carved from individual blocks ofMeerschaum and have no visible flaws that I'm aware of.
For purposes of ethics, and full disclosure, I need to draw your attention to the front face photo: there is a tiny, almost unnoticeable crack on the upper left cheek. (See photos.)Perhaps most importantly, this excellentMeerschaumpipe should prove to be a very long-time, truly cherished smoking pipe and heirloom, with a generous (thus long-smoking) tobacco bowl. (See Pipe Vital Statistics, below.)
It's well worth noting thatMeerschaumis averylimited natural resource; an increasingly rare mineral. The bestMeerschaum,for both sculpting and smoking purposes, is exclusive to an area in central Turkey. Furthermore,Meerschaum-crafted pipes, particularly hand-carved blockMeerschaum like this pipe here,are very much the Rolls-Royce of smoking pipes; king of collectable pipes. In fact, a good block Meerschaum pipe like this caneasilybe a very often-smoked, much preferred tobacco pipe -- for manyGENERATIONS;a true as much pleasure with it's first smoke as its many thousandth. Most importantly, Meerschaum does not burn-out, as will eventually even the very finest, most expensive, ultra-high quality vintage Algerian Briar, or a top-of-the-line antique Root Briar by Dunhill. As a matter of fact, over a considerably long time (many generations), a heavily smoked Meerschaum pipe will eventually develop a strikingly beautiful, dark carmel-colored patina, which greatly increases its collectable value; is much prized by serious Meerschaum collectors. Thus, a fineMeerschaum is well worth the large investment it can command, and is equally well worth treasuring, over a great many generations.Moreover, this pipe can also serve as a very real, portable work of not just admirable craftsmanship, but as Fine Art!
--Pipe Vital Statistics--Length: 17 3/4"Height: 3"Tobacco Bowl is 3/4" wide, 1 3/4" deep

All dimensions provided are do strive hard to be accurate!--PAYMENT & SHIPPING INFORMATION--
ALL SALES ARE FINALANDITEMS ARE SOLD "AS IS" WITHOUT GUARANTEE NOR WARRANTY:NO RETURNS ACCEPTED. Therefore, please check the listing picturesvery carefullyand or buying;please allow 24-48 hours for me to reply to any query.The following conditions are both simple and binding to the highest/winning buyer: 1. Lucky winner will be contacted directly by email. All items will be shipped USPS Priority Mail. 2.Payment must be made within 4 days of sale close via PayPal.I ship after receipt of payment in full; if after four days the item remains unpaid, it will be re-listed and credit is applied for from . 3. Pleaseread my entire description and any notes;examine every photographvery carefullyand ask any questions inadvanceof offerding.--Thanks & Good Luck! :)
I accept only PayPalandwill always attempt to ship less than 2 workdays (Mon-Fri) after receiving your clearedPayPal payment, always due strictly within 4 days from the close of an sale; unpaid winning offers will then be reposted again for sale and notified.-- And thank you, so very much for looking!!!:)
Immediately after your initial purchase,upon your specific request by email, I amalwaysquite willingto send your treasure viathefastest US mailoption of your choice,or by using aprivateParcel ServicelikeUPS,for an additional (often substantial) additional fee, added to your final invoice.
>>PLEASE NOTE:For security reasons,INEVERship to anunconfirmed address,norto Buyers – Please Read:
I willNOTship to athird party, nor Moreover,doNOTeven bother to ask me tofalsely aCustoms claim form:I simply will not do it;nor shall I even reply to such requests.
All international buyersneed to keep in mind,some countriesreserve the right to holdup your purchase in Customs,which coulddelay final deliveryto you for30+ daysandmightalso result Fees.Unfortunately, I cannot help in these sticky situations;bothadditional feesorfurther Customs paperwork the to negotiate international S&H costs, whichMUSTinclude insurance;I simply don't respond to emails asking for a S&H discount, or an unreasonable request for a different shipping method without the necessary cost added.PLEASE NOTE TOO THAT USPS HASRECENTLYINCREASED INTERNATIONALEXPRESS RATES, NEARLY +20%
I will, quite gladly, ship to Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg,France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Vatican City, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania,Bulgaria, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, or Japan,for anadditionalinternational shipping fee,calculated and provided to you with yourfinalInvoice.
I always ship viaUSPSFirst Class International Shipping, for allinternational package delivery--and thereby agree to pay substantially greater shipping & handling (S&H) fees--as part of your finalpurchase invoice. Furthermore, payment ofanyadditional import duties, fees, taxes, customs fees, special Customs paperwork filing fees, plusanyadditional al.,areentirelythe responsibility of the international buyer(that's you.)All international sales over $50 are generally shipped byUSPS Priority Mailand areALWAYSinsured for the full amount of the sale. The onlyexceptionis, ifarequest is parcel delivery(like UPS substantially moreandcan be added to your wellBEFOREyourinvoice is issuedvia .Import duties, taxes, and other Customs charges areNOTincluded in youritem pricenor finalshipping cost:all of these charges are entirely the buyer's checkwithyour country'sCustoms office, todetermine what, if any, Customs fees/costs will be, prior to eitherofferdingor buying ANYTHING.<<
Antique Meerschaum Sheik Very Long/large Near-mint+unsmoked

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Antique Meerschaum Sheik Very Long/large Near-mint+unsmoked:

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