Antique Old West Photography Picturesque Indians Pioneer Tourist Railroad Photos

Antique Old West Photography Picturesque Indians Pioneer Tourist Railroad Photos

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Antique Old West Photography Picturesque Indians Pioneer Tourist Railroad Photos:


Original 1913 Edition of “Our Own Country Representing our Native Land and its Splendid Natural Scenery, Rives, Lakes, Waterfalls, Geysers, Glaciers, Mountains, Canons, Entrancing Landscapes, Historic Homes, Places and Scenes. Reproduced in a Series of Five Hundred Superb Original Photographs with Graphic Historical Descriptions and Character Sketches, constituting a Complete Historic and Geographic Picturesque America” by James Cox & William S. Bryan :: Published by JNO. W. Corley: St. Louis, MO. :: Measures 11 x 13" :: Complete with 336 Pages. VERY GOOD CONDITION: A tightly bound volume, firm hinges with some looseness, generally clean pages throughout, cover wear as shown, complete with all pages and photographs; overall an excellent condition example of this great photo book.

OUR OWN COUNTRY is a turn-of-the-century photography book across the United States, comprising 500 Vintage Photographs of America. While many of the books of the 1800s employed engravers to reproduce photographs, the last part of the 19th Century introduced large-scale photography books to the public—Showing the picturesqueness of America far more graphically and accurately than the skilled artist.

From the Western Regions of California with the Promise of Gold, to the Sioux Indians in the Northwest, The American Cowboys, Plantations of the South to New York in the East—this monumental volume covers the splendor of America often forgotten. Traveling by Railroad with bulky camera equipment, the publishers of this volume returned with scenic views of the United States never seen by the general public. Originally published in 1894, this updated version includes even more photographs at the beginning of the 20th Century.

In the preface, the publishers state:

"Our Own Country" will give an insight into the stupendous splendor of the United States. Those who accompany us on our journey will see and read of the majestic mountains of the West and Northwest; of the only partially explored regions of Alaska; of the vast prairies once in the possession of herds of buffalo but now cultivated and controlled by man; of the poetic nooks and awe-inspiring bluffs to be found on the Mississippi, the Missouri, and a score of other less lengthy but equally remarkable rivers; of the great American Desert, now a fertile plain; of the Sunny South with its kingdoms of cotton and nations of stock; of Florida with its orange groves; of California and its fruit orchards; and of Dakota and its wheat-fields. In a word, he will learn that he lives in a country which is blessed as is no other land with endless beauty and matchless variety.

  • The Indian is a part and parcel of the United States, and hence this work would be incomplete without a full representation and history of this special and peculiar character, as well as aborigine. We shall see the murderous and treacherous Apache; the careful, scheming and well-nigh civilized Cherokee; and the absolutely indifferent "blanket" Indian, who in stubborn silence mournfully contemplates his fallen greatness, and, Rachel-like, refuses to be comforted.

  • And while thus engaged we shall also secure portraits and pen-pictures of the Indian's natural enemy, the reckless and unique cowboy, a special product of American life and character. In "our Own Country" he will be seen as he really exists, and not in the artificial character which is given him in the comic papers, as well as in some periodicals of more serious tone. In these pages he will exist forever, indelibly photographed as he lives and moves in real and every-day life.

  • We shall also behold among the rice-fields and the cotton and sugar plantations of the South, the towering form and splendid physique of that embodiment of all we have learnt to love in human nature—the Southern Colonel. As the rays of the camera flash across the beautiful Southern country with its orange groves, its forests and its dreamy landscapes, we shall behold another picturesque and entertaining character—the American negro.

  • In the broad and beautiful pages of "our Own Country" both the Old and the New South will be photographed as they were and are. Then, from the perfumed and restful atmosphere of the South-land, a pleasant and instructive journey will be taken through the mountains and valleys of the SouthEastern and Atlantic States. The camera, which will be our constant companion, will immortalize many of the most striking scenes to be found in the picturesque and historic regions of Tennessee, the Carolinas, Virginia, Maryland and New York; and, still with our faithful and indispensable ally, we shall reach the granite hills of New England.

It is the purpose of "our Own Country" to photograph every nook and corner of our native land, and to preserve them in all the freshness and beauty of real life and of nature unadorned. The changes will be many and abrupt; the scenes kaleidoscopic and awe-inspiring; the legends bright and instructive, and the very best that the nation possesses in the lovely and the picturesque will be brought into bold relief.”


THE UPPER MISSISSIPPI AND NORTHERN LAKES: Sumner-Time at Minnehaha—Minnehaha Creek Below the Falls—Old Fort Snelling—Phantom Rock, Camp Douglas, Wisconsin—Minnehaha in Winter—Mirrored Rocks, Dells of the Wisconsin—Rafting in the Dells of the Wisconsin—Beleaguered Casile, Camp Douglas, Wisconsin—Witches' Gulch, Dells of the Wisconsin—Romance Cliffs, Dells of the St. Croix—Sugar Loaf, Mackinac Island, Lake Huron—Whaleback Steamboats of the Northern Lakes—Summering in Apostles Islands, Lake Superior—Camping in the Pine Woods of Wisconsin—Scene on the St. Croix River Near the Falls—Plowing for Wheat in Northern Minnesota—Pictured Rocks of Lake Superior—Rustic Railroad Bridge, Black Hills of Dakota—Some " Bad Indians" of the Government Police—Camp of Ojibway Indians, Minnesota—A Ranch in North Dakota—Falls of Miner's River, Near Lake Superior

IN THE BLACK HILLS OF DAKOTA: Indian Hut of North Dakota and Manitoba—Interior of Gold Stamp Mill, Deadwood—Silver Ore and Smelter—A Real Live Cowboy—Spearfish Falls—Home of the Cowboy—A School-House on the Prairie—Spearfish Creek Above the Falls—President Arthur and Party in the Black Hills—The Last of the Buffaloes—Spearfish Canon—Standing Rock Agency—Issuing Beef to Indians—Crow Butte, Near Crawford, Nebraska—Sitting Bull's Camp Before the Custer Massacre—A Glimpse of the " Bad Lands"—Deadwood Gulch—Knife-Blade, or Needle-Point, Black Hills—Elk Canon, Black Hills—Railroad Building in the Black Hills—General Custer and Grand Duke Alexis—Western Hunter's Hut—Deadwood, South Dakota—Moose Hunters' Camp

THE NORTHWEST: The Three Sisters—Foot of the Great Glacier and Mount Sir Donald—Kicking-Horse Canon—Near View of the Great Glacier—Asulkan Glacier—Mountain Creek Bridge—Indian River, Near Sitka, Alaska—Fort Wraugel, Alaska—Group of Alaskan Indians—Old Russian Block-House, Sitka—Religious Procession, Sitka—Indian Cemetery Sitka—Saginaw Jack—Whale Totem—Cremation of a Chief's Wile—Alaskan Indian Village—Basket Weavers, Sitka—Woodland Scene Near Sitka—An Alaskan Home—Trading Post and Greek Church, Sitka—Kling Kwan Indian Village, Alaska—Barauoff Castle and Public Square, Sitka—A Pioneer Settlement in Alaska—Near View of Muir Glacier—Cowlit's Glacier, Tattoosh Mountains—Ice Pack, Muir Glacier—Ragged Point of Muir Glacier—Steamer in Glacier Bay—Visitors at the Glacier—Front View of Muir Glacier—City of Vancouver, British Columbia—Ice Wall of Muir Glacier—Tourists Landing at Muir Glacier—Glacier Bay From Top of Muir Glacier—Broken Glacier on Mount Hood, Oregon—An Oregon Forest—Mount Hood, Oregon—Cloud-Cap Inn, Mount Hood—Cathedral Rock, Columbia River—Dalles of the Columbia River—Old Block-House on the Columbia River—Multnomah Falls, Oregon—Lone Rock, Columbia River—Camp of Umatilla Indians—Winter on the Columbia River—Shoshone Falls, Idaho—Brink of Shoshone Falls—The Ferry at Shoshone Falls—Eagle Rock, on the Brink of Shoshone Falls

YELLOWSTONE: Diana's Bath, Mammoth Hot Springs—Giant Geyser—Gibbon Falls—Mammoth Paint-Pot—Crater of Mammoth Geyser—Coating Spring Terrace—Pulpit Terrace—Preaching Prom Pulpit Terrace—Jupiter Terrace, Yellowstone Park—Crater of Grand Geyser—Lone Star Geyser—Old Faithful in Action—Little Fire-Hole Falls—Cone of Giotto Geyser—Crater of Deluge Geyser—Kepler's Cascade, Fire-Hole River—Yellowstone Canon—The Golden Gate Road—Biscuit Basin—Tower Falls—Peculiar Formation of the Hot Springs—Yellowstone Lake—Gardiner River Road and Canon, Yellowstone Park—Minerva Terrace—Devil's Punch-Bowl

YOSEMITE: A Glimpse at Yosemite in the Early Morning—Vernal Falls, Yosemite—Bridal Veil Falls, Yosemite—The Silver Apron—Our Photographer at Glacier Point—Making Love at a Height of 3200 Feet—Nevada Falls, Yosemite—Yosemite Falls After a Snow-Storm—El Capitan—Illillouette Falls and South Dome—Profile of Upper Yosemite Falls—Agassiz Rock—Merced River and Yosemite Valley—The Three Brothers—Cathedral Rocks and Reflection

CALIFORNIA: Lake Tahoe and Cave Rock—Home of Perchaugo (Temecular) Indians—Prospecting for Gold in California—Najaqui Falls, Gaviota Pass, California—A Young Yuma Indian—Yuma Indian Squaws—Trains Loaded With Big Trees—Old Chief of the Yuma Indians—Gaviota Pass, California—An Uncivilized "Digger" Indian—A Glen Near Gaviota Pass—A California Olive Orchard—"Bad Indians" Who Were at Custer Massacre—Sioux Indian War-Dance—Chief Rain-in-the-Face and His War Pony—The Old Palms at Los Angeles—Way Side Hut, Southern California—Native Mexican Village. Southern California—A Picnic Party Among the Big Trees—A Relic of the Past—A California Landscape—The Old Mission Garden—An Eighteen-Year-Old Cactus—A California Banana Garden—A California Cactus Garden—An Ideal California Home—Avenue of Dracaena Palms—Mount Hamilton and Lick Observatory—Dust to Dust, Ashes to Ashes—Aristocratic Mexican Adobe, Southern California—Cliffs of the Pacific Shore—California Cottage and Gold of Ophir Rose—Characteristic California Lawn—The White Deerskin Dance—Cadrilla Celebration—Indian Funeral and Cemetery—Camping in California—Effects of Civilization on the " Digger " Indian—Interior, or Court, of a Mexican Home—California Among the Ferns and Redwoods of California—Orange Tree in Fruit—Interior of Chinese Theater, San Francisco—Logging in the Redwoods—Court of Palace Hotel, San Francisco—An Aristocratic Chinese Lady of San Francisco—A Fallen Giant—The Surf at Cliff House—The Golden Gate—Golden Gate Park and Mid-Winter Fair, San Francisco—Old Fort Humboldt, California—California Rural Ferry-Boat—Hydraulic Gold Mining—Scenery on Mad River, California—In the Depths of the Porest—Happy Indian Family—California Landscape and Train of Pack-Mules—Fairy-Land—The Ghost Dance—Navajo War-Chief and His Daughter—Youth and Old Age—Remnants of Mojave Indians—Yaqui Indians—Descendants of the Aztecs—Mother's Pride—North Fork Falls, Humboldt County, California

ARIZONA: Sunday Morning, Hoopa Valley—An Arizona Landscape—Beautiful Mexican Girl and Giant Cactus—Camping Among the Big Trees—A Mexican Family and Their Home, Arizona—Arizona Stage-Coach and Passengers— Mud Cliffs on the Verde River, Arizona—Prehistoric Ruins of Aztec Springs, Arizona—Prehistoric Hieroglyphics, Near Phoenix, Ariz.—Big Spotted Horse, Pawnee—Big Mouth, Arapahoe—A Garden of Eden in the Desert—Poverty Personified—Palace of a Pueblo Indian Chief— Ruins of the Palace, Casa Grande, Arizona—The Roosevelt Dam— Salt River Valley, Arizona—President Roosevelt Dedicating the Dam which bears his name

GRAND CANON: On the Way to Grand Canon of the Colorado—The Point of Rocks—The Universal Adobe—Bridal Veil Falls, Grand Canon of the Colorado—Relics of the Cliff-Dwellers—Homes of the Pueblos Near Grand Canon—Climbing the Cliffs of the Grand Canon—A Cave of the Cliff-Dwellers—Pueblo Indians in Holiday Attire—Wall of Stalactite Cave, Grand Canon—A Pueblo Belle—Relics of an Ancient Race—General View of Grand Canon of the Colorado—Silver Apron Falls, Grand Canon of the Colorado—Twin Cascade, Grand Canon of the Colorado—Along the Trail to Bridal Veil Falls, Grand Canon, Colorado—Our Photographs Climbing the Canon Walls with Ropes—Singular Rock, Formations of Grand Canon—Stony Cataract, Canon Trail—Yayai’supai Indian from the Regions of the Grand Canon—Caves of Cliff-Dwellers in Cliffs of Grand Canon—Along the Brink of the Abyss—Pima Indian Village and Family—Nuh-Kah-Arlet, Little Bear, Arapahoe—Maricopa Warriors—Cheyenne Indian Boy, With Bow and Arrows—Hance's Cabin, Near the Descent to the Canon—Cliff Dwellings and Fortified Rock—Stone Palace of Cliff-Dwellers, Grand Canon—The Cliffs From the Bottom of the Canon—Solomon's Temple, Grand Canon of the Colorado—The " Needles" From Cantilever Bridge, Colorado River—Village of Pueblo Indians, Near Grand Canon—Moonlight View of the Temple Set, From the Sphinx, Grand Canon of the Colorado

UTAH: Battle Creek Falls, Near Pleasant Grove, Utah.—Grave of Brigham Young, Salt Lake City—The Amelia Palace, Salt Lake City—Provo Falls, Utah—General View of Salt Lake City—The Tabernacle, Salt Lake City—The Castle, Price Canon, Utah—Great Salt Lake From Garfield Beach—Ziou's Co-Operative Mercantile Association—Ruby Castle, Grand River, Utah—Portals of Grand River Canon—The Devil's Slide, Weber Canon, Utah—Sandstones of Platte Canon, Utah—The "Organ," Green River, Utah— Gunnison Butte, Green River, Utah—Utah Valley after Irrigation

NEW MEXICO: The Navajo Church, Near Fort Wiugate, N. M.—Group of Natives, Near Pueblo of Taos, N. M.—Home of Kit Carson, Near Taos, New Mexico—Street View in Pueblo of Taos, New Mexico—The Old Church at Pueblo of Taos—Fortification and Portion of the City Walls—Governor's Dining-Room in the Old Palace—Santa Fe, New Mexico—The Plaza, Santa Fe, New Mexico—Military Headquarters, Santa Fe New Mexico— Camp of Cinnamon Bear Hunters, New Mexico—Cliff Houses, Gila Hot Springs, New Mexico—Street View in Native Section of Santa Fe, N. M.—Pueblo of Tesuque, New Mexico

COLORADO: Fishing at Wagon-Wheel Gap, Colorado—Grand View of Canon Rio Las Animas, Colorado—The Royal Gorge, Colorado—Mountain of the Holy Cross, Colorado—The Pyramids, Perry Park, Colorado—Profile Rocks, Perry Park, Colorado—The Toll-Gate, Mount Ouray, Colorado—The Cascade at Ouray, Colorado—Falls in Williams Canon, Colorado—Chippeta Falls, Colorado—Bear Creek Falls, Near Ourav, Colorado—Scene in Box Canon, Colorado—Sultan Mountain, Baker's Park, Colorado—Along the Ute Pass, Colorado—The Belle and the Bell at Empire, Colorado—Ute Pass, Colorado—Clear Creek Valley, Near Empire, Colorado—View From Garfield Mountain, Colorado—Cheyenne Falls, Colorado—The Franklin Hermitage, Georgetown, Colorado—Fishing in Clear Creek, Colorado—The " Lioness," Minturn, Colorado—Seeking Refuge in a Mine From a Storm—Assorting and Sacking Rich Silver Ore—Garden of the Gods and Pike's Peak—Summit of Pike's Peak—Balanced Rock (Special View)—Seal and Bear, Garden of the Gods—Entrance to a Colorado Silver Mine—Prospectors in the Rock Mountains—Cathedral Spires, Garden of the God—The Loop and the Bridge at Georgetown, Colorado—Visitors at “Hidden Treasure” Gold Mine, Colorado—Pike's Peak and Antlers Hotel, Colorado Springs—A Sabbath Day at Miner’s Camp—Our Photographer Visits a Miner's Camp—Scenery in the Rocky Mountains—"Loaded," the Children and the Donkey—The Dutch Wedding –Scene in the Uncompahgre Valley, Colorado—The Hunter’s Paradise

THE MIDWEST: Bird's-Eye View of Fort Riley, Kansas—Remains of the First Kansas State House—"Geographical Center " of the United States—View of Mississippi River From Rock Island—Killing Time at a Western Fort—New Recruits for Uncle Sam's Army—View on the Des Moines River at High Bridge—Near the City of Des Moines—The Children's Summer Frolic—Path of an Iowa Cyclone—A Sylvan Retreat on the Des Moines—An Artist's View of the Des Moines River—Flint Falls, Pike County, Illinois—View on the Illinois River, Near Griggsville—Hunters' Camp, Clear Lake, Illinois—Oldest Brick House in the Mississippi Valley—The Old Court-House at Cahokia, Illinois—Rover and the Apple Blossoms—River Des Peres, Forest Park, St. Louis—A Winter's Day on the Mississippi—An Artist's View of the Eads Bridge, St. Louis—On the Hinkston, Near Columbia, Missouri—Natural Coke Mine, Aurora Spring, Missouri—Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis, Missouri—Meramec Springs, Missouri—The Rapids, Meramec Springs, Missouri—Landscape in Jefferson County, Missouri—Old Meramec Iron Furnace—"Aunt Mary," of Gray's Summit, Missouri—Pilot Knob and Arcadia Valley, Missouri—Among the Meramec Hills, Franklin County, Mo.—Landscape Near Kimmswick, Missouri—Scenery Near Iron Mountain, Missouri—Sentinel Rock, on the Mississippi River—Cliffs of the Meramec, Near Glencoe, Missouri—Landscape in the Meramec Valley, Missouri—Horseshoe Curve of the Meramec, Near Glencoe—Picnic Party at Meramec Highlands—In the Ozark Mountains, Howell County, Mo.—The Log-Cabin Home, Near Labadie, Missouri.—"Aunt Dinah's" Daily Drawing—Hills of the Ouachita, Near Hot Springs, Ark.—The Hominy-Beater—Waiting for Dinner—Scene on Sawmill Creek, Reynolds County, Mo.—Old Scotia, Missouri—The Rising Generation of Citizens—Hunting Turkeys in the Ozark Mountains—A Country Mill on Black River, Missouri—A Country Street in the Indian Territory—Group of Cherokee Indians—A Family of Choctaws

THE SOUTH: Eureka Springs, Arkansas—A Cherokee Belle—Crooked Face and His Family—Black Owl, Mary, and Sitting Woman—The Three Graces—Osage Women—Scenery in the Mountains of Western Arkansas—The New South, The Old South—Relics of Slavery—In the Forests of Arkansas—Farm-House and Acre Farm, Arkansas—"Water-Melon " Time—A Texas Cotton Plantation—An Arkansas Homesteader and His Family—Picking Cotton—Dinner-Time—A Texas Sugar Plantation—"The Quarters" of a Texas Plantation—Happy as a Lord—An Old-Timer—The Alamo, San Antonio, Texas—A Planter's Home on the Red River—View on Devil's River, Texas—Southern Convict System—Convicts at Dinner—Planter's Mansion on the Brazos River, Texas—Louisiana Sugar Planter's Mansion—Steam boating on Buffalo Bayou, Texas—Wharf Scene on the Lower Red River—A Louisiana Cane Field—A Primitive Sugar Mill in Louisiana—A Sub-Contract in Water-Melons—The Deserted Home—A Relic of the War—A Southern Cotton Market—King Cotton Departs for Europe—A Mansion of the New South—Steamship Unloading Bananas at New Orleans—Moss-Pickers' Camp—Ghosts of the Past—Deserted Slave Quarters—A Southern Cottage Home—Street Scene in New Orleans—The Palmetto Avenue—Avenue of Tombs, St. Rock's Cemetery—Side Vaults, St. Rock's Cemetery, New Orleans—The Old Folks at Home—Day-Dreaming on the Suwanee River—A Pleasure-Party on the Suwanee River—Our Photographer and the Cocoanuts—A Cottage on the Suwanee River—Unfinished Monument, Battlefield New Orleans—Tourists at Silver Spring, Florida—Old Torpedo Boat at Spanish Fort, New Orleans—Oldest House in New Orleans—St. Augustine and the Bay, From Fort Marion—The Watch-Tower, Old Fort Marion—Tourists on the Ocklawaha River, Florida—A Pine-Apple Orchard—Plaza and Slave Market, St. Augustine, Florida—View on Halifax River, Florida—Winter Days in Florida—As Happy as Happy Can Be—The Levee at New Orleans—Entrance to Metairie Cemetery, New Orleans—An Old Tomb in Metairie Cemetery—Avenue of Tombs, Girod Cemetery, New Orleans—Steamship Passing Through the Jetties—Scene in French Market, New Orleans—Tampa Bay, Florida—Beauvoir, Home of Jefferson Davis—A Wreck on the Gulf Coast—Scene on the Indian River, Florida—Tallehasse, Scout of the Indian River—Billy Bowlegs, Soux of the Famous Chief—Banyan Tree, Near Key West, Florida—The Harbor at Key West, Florida—Street Scene in Key West, Florida— The Jasper Monument, Savannah, Georgia—Spanish Bayonet in Boom, Charleston, S. C.—A Country Gentleman and His Team—Fort Sumter as it Now Appears—Tomb of Andrew Jackson at "The Hermitage”—Mansion and Tomb of President Polk, Nashville—Home of Andrew Jackson, Near Nashville—Aerial Cable-Car Across the Tennessee River—A Georgia " Cracker " and His Family—Steamboating on the Cumberland River

VIRGINIA: Capitol Square and Washington Monument, Va.—Interior of Christ Church at Alexandria, Virginia, Showing Washington's Pew—Falling Springs, Near Warm Springs, Virginia—Braddock's Headquarters, Alexandria, Virginia—Chair in Which Washington was Nursed—The Great Natural Bridge of Virginia—Interior of Independence Hall, Philadelphia—William Penn Mansion, Fairmount Park, Pa—Blue Ridge Mountain Scenery and Virginia—Military Institute—Monument of Stephen Girard in Girard College—Monument to Girard Students Who Died in the War—Tomb of General Robert E. Lee, Lexington, Va.—Washington's Headquarters at Valley Forge—Camping in the Catskill Mountains

THE EAST: Niagara Falls in Winter—Rapids Above Niagara Falls—Washington Statue, Druid Hill Park, Baltimore—Roa Hook on the Hudson—Tomb of General Grant, Riverside Park, N. Y.—The Obelisk, Central Park, New York—Peekskill Bay and Hudson Narrows, Hudson River—Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, New York—A Lodge in the Adirondacks.—The Bridge at Sleepy Hollow—Grave of Jonathan Edwards, Princeton, N.J—a A Vermont Homestead—The Washington Elm, Cambridge, Mass—The Longfellow Monument, Cambridge, Mass.—View Among the Thousand Islands of the St. Lawrence—Where John Brown's Body Lies Mouldering—Harvard College and Grounds, Cambridge, Mass.—Portion of Yale College, New Haven, Conn—Along the Historic Road to Concord—Peace and Contentment Where War Prevailed.—Statue of Minute-Man—The Historic Bridge at Concord—Hawthorne's House, Concord, Massachusetts—Old New England Farm-House, Built in Burial Place of the Stockbridge Indians, Near Stockbridge, Massachusetts—The Hamilton Statue, Boston, Massachusetts—John Hancock's House, Boston, Massachusetts.—Bunker Hill—The Original Witch House, Salem, Mass—"Jimmie," the Famous Fisherman of the Maine Coast—U.S. Army Airplane and Officers

CUBA & PANAMA: Entrance to Havana Bay—Moro Castle, Havana, Cuba—Street Scene in Havana, Cuba—A Cuban Tramp—A Country Village in Cuba—Indian Statue, El Prado, Havana—Farm Scene in Cuba—The Columbus Cathedral, Havana—Hotel Boats, Harbor of Havana—Havana Teamsters—The Havana Milkman—Scene in Tenement District, Havana—City of Panama—Ruins of the Municipal Cistern of Old Panama—Ruins of the Cathedral of Old Panama—Forest of Coconut Palms—Native Houses and Family in the City of Panama—Village near Colon on the Atlantic Side—United States Marines Scaling a Wall—Baseball on the Isthmus—Culebra Cut—Lower Locks at Milflores, Panama

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Antique Old West Photography Picturesque Indians Pioneer Tourist Railroad Photos:

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