Apple //gs Portable Memory-keyboard For Apple Iigs Or Mac Adb $18.00 + S/h

Apple //gs  Portable Memory-keyboard   For Apple Iigs Or Mac Adb $18.00 + S/h

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Apple //gs Portable Memory-keyboard For Apple Iigs Or Mac Adb $18.00 + S/h:

MEMORY KEYBOARD FOR APPLE IIGS! This is the closest thing to an Apple IIgs laptop, ever! In many features, the Alphasmart2000 memory-keyboard is superior to laptops! $18.00 each keyboard plus shipping; all batteries are included, even a fresh sealed spare CR2032 lithium RAM-backup battery, and a new ADB keyboard cable. Manufacturer's list price when new in 1998: $199.00 NEW ACCESSORY INCLUDED FOR 2015! SAME $18.00 TOTAL PRICE: AC POWER SUPPLY: 120v AC input, 9v DC output, 200ma, center-positive polarity. PORTABLE MEMORY-KEYBOARD IS made in USA at Cupertino California, hometown of Apple Computer Co. by Intelligent Peripheral Devices Inc., known now as Renaissance Learning Corp.
All of us in the Apple II world were hopeful that, if the IIgs had been developed by Apple for an additional five years, a IIgs laptop computer would have been produced. That never happened; laptops are only availablein other brands, including Mac. But the ALPHASMART2000's predecessor, Alphasmart Pro, was introduced at KansasFest 1996, and it received rave reviews in a full-page article in thelate-summer 1996 issue of Juiced-GS newsletter. I saw it demonstrated at KansasFest 1996; I got the brochure, then I lost the brochure and forgot its name. Then eight years ago, I obtained one unexpectedly, and have been typing on Alphasmart memory-keyboardsever since! ADB KEYBOARD CABLE INCLUDED WITH MEMORY-KEYBOARD; EXTRA CABLES AVAILABLE FOR $3.80 EACH Look at my other ad: # 221633969364 You can buy extra ADB keyboard cables for $3.80 each from the other ad. The extra cables can ship combined with the memory-keyboard, at no extra shipping cost. The medium-sized flat-rate priority shipping box has plenty of room for any number of spare keyboard-cables.
BONUS: TWO CDs PROVIDED FOR PRESENT AND PAST BUYERS Now (May 11th)added at no extra cost: Two AlphaSmart CD disks compiled from various sources: (1) AlphaSmart "training video." This is a 22 minute VHS video tape, recopied to a DVD disk. On this video, school children demonstrate many advanced computing features of AlphaSmart memory-keyboards! (2) AlphaSmart Manuals/Utilities disk. Manuals (printable Adobe-PDF files) for three AlphaSmart models: AlphaSmart Pro, AlphaSmart 2000 and AlphaSmart 3000, plus an assortment of utilities for AlphaSmart. (NOTE: PRO and 2000 models have an ADB output socket, and they are compatible with the Apple IIgs. The 3000 model has a USB output socket, and it is NOT compatible with the Apple IIgs. The 2000 and 3000 models are the same, except for the output socket.) Both disks will will be given to new buyers. Also, those who bought the memory-keyboard previously can requestthe two-diskset(free) to be shipped with their next purchase of other items from me.

Bonus: 2600 word essay on AlphaSmartmemory keyboards downloaded into File Three ================================= As of today (5/23/2014), all the remaining Alphasmart units have a copy of my 2600-word essaydownloaded into File #3! The essay presents all the grand features of the several AlphaSmart models: Both "PRO" and "2000" are Apple IIgs compatible. I downloaded the essay with GET utility software, and a disk copy of the GET utilitywill be enclosed with each unit shipped.

ALPHASMART 2000 UPDATED IMPROVED VERSION AS COMPAREDTO THE EARLIER MODEL, "ALPHASMART PRO" Consider these new enhancements: (1) Auto-off feature. Turns off power if no keyboard action in past five minutes. (All data are saved). (2) Brighter visual display with better contrast. (Easier to see display in dim light) Visual display has improved viewing angle. (3) Smoother movement in key-switches (4) Caps-lock indicator at lower-right corner of display (5)Spell-checker with 70,000 word dictionary (6) User's manual expanded from 35 pages to 66 pages (Nowprovided on CD, as Adobe-PDF file) (7) New "FIND" feature THESE FEATURES ARE CONTINUED FROM ALPHASMART PRO, THE EARLIER MODEL (0) Full compatibility with Apple IIgs via ADB cable. Also compatible with ADB Macintoshes. (1)Made in USA at Cupertino CA, home of Apple Computer Co. (2) Owner's manual claims up to 300 hours on three AA penlight batteries (3) DC adapter socket on side; accepts DC 8v to 12v, center-positive polarity (DC adaptor not included; its a $5.00 optional extra.) (4) Data in RAM are never lost: CR2032 lithium RAM backup battery preserves data from every keystroke; no "save" command needed (5) Visual display: 40 characters, 4 lines Included at no extra cost will be a 3.5" floppy of the Mac GET utility for Alphasmart 2000. This is Mac software to allow a file to be transferred from the Mac into the memory keyboard. The GET utility is for Macintosh; it does not work with IIgs. But transfer of files FROM the Alphasmart2000 TO the IIgs computer is fully operational; software disk is not needed.
OWNER'S MANUAL: PROVIDED ON CD-ROM DISK AS ADOBE-PDF FILE The paper version of the owner's manual is shown in the first photo, but I have only a few of those. Instead, the buyer will receive the owner's manual as an Adobe-PDF file on a CD-rom disk, which can be printed.
NEW ADB-COMPATIBLE 4-PIN CABLE - INCLUDED ALSO Each keyboard comes with oneNEW keyboard cable, in a choice oftwo lengths: (1) 5 ft. straight black-color cable, or (2)3 ft. straight black-color cable. The 3 ft. cable version has gold-plated connectors. Please state your preferred choice of keyboard-cable. All these keyboard-cables are new and unused; they are straight rather than coiled. These keyboard cables are fully compatible with the Apple IIgs, with ADB-Macs,and can also be used with the IIgs main keyboard.
1. Turn on the battery power on the keyboard. With top row of keys, select one of the RAM files, from #1 to #8. Start typing. 2. After typing, turn off power switch on the AlphaSmart keyboard. All characters are automatically stored. 3. When at the IIgs, boot up your favorite word-processor software program (Appleworks, Bank Street Writer,etc.). Open up a fresh screen. 4. Turn on the power switch on the AlphaSmart. You are active at the desktop within three seconds! Open thefile number (#1 to #8) using the buttons on the top row of the keyboard. Your typing now fills the LCD 4-line40-character screen. 5. Unplug the Apple keyboard with its mouse from the ADB keyboard cable. 6. Plug the 4-pin ADB keyboard cable into the ADB socket on the right side of the AlphaSmart keyboard. 7. Push the "SEND" button to launch the text transfer from the AlphaSmart to the IIgs. You will see thecharacters entering the word-processor file on the computer's screen. 8. When the file transfer is finished, then unplug the AlphaSmart from the ADB cable, and reattach the ADBcable to the IIgs' main keyboard with its mouse. 9. Turn off the AlphaSmart with its power switch. 10. With the IIgs' main keyboard and its mouse reconnected to the computer, do word-processor editing to addspecial features to the typing: fonts, bold, size, underlining, etc. Store the edited file on the IIgs' hard drive, oron floppies. That's all!
DC POWER ADAPTER: A FREE EXTRA There is a socket for a DC adapter: 7.5v to 12v DC, center-positive polarity. But why bother with a DC adapter when this memory keyboardruns for upto 300 hours onthree AA batteries! I vote for total mobility! Type outdoors, on airplanes, at lunch, during TV commercials, away from the IIgs, at the park, in the library, in a classroom, camping, at the beach, at the summit of Mount Everest, anywhere! You may already own a usable DC power adapter: Voltage-range must be between 7.5v to 12v DC, with center-positive polarity. The power plug must be a 2.5mm "barrel" style plug, and the power supply must provide an output of 100ma or more. Output voltage is not critical, but plug- polarityis important: It must have positive-polarity. NOTE that the adapters I had require 115 volts input; I do not have them for 220/240 AC input. I offer them for nothing extra.
OPTIONAL $10.00 EXTRA: The MAC Y-CABLE" FOR ALPHASMART2000 AND ALPHASMART PRO. I have FOUR of these scarce Y-cables: brand new, sealed in Alphasmart- branded cello bags. The $10.00 Y-cable is needed if the user plans to use the Alphasmart in real-time, as a substitute keyboard for the IIgs. The Owner's Manual described with pictures how the Y-cable is to be connected and used. A photocopy of the manual page will be included with each Y-cable. The "Y-cable" is needed so that the IIgs can connect simultaneously to the Alphasmart, as keyboard, and also to the IIgs mouse. This is the older version of the "Mac Y-cable," and it has only ADB 4-pin plugs and sockets. ( A later version was released for the Alphasmart 3000, which uses a USB output socket. ) Mine are the earlier version, and the early version uses only four-pin ADB plugs and sockets. Because I have only seven of the Y-cables, sale is limited to one cable for each memory keyboard purchased. Okay for earlier buyers of Alphasmart Pro or Alphasmart 2000 to get a Y-cable. NOTE that the Y-cable is needed _only_ if you plan to use the Alphasmart as a connected keyboard to the IIgs. If you will use Alphasmart only for distant typing at remote locations, then the Y-cable is _not needed_. If you wish to get the Y-cable, send me a memo stating your interest in it; then go to the ad and "request an invoice" before paying. I will then add the $10.00 Y-cable cost to your invoice. The Y-cable is small and lightweight so there is no added shipping charge if purchased combined with other larger items such as the keyboard itself. The 45 buyers who purchased Alphasmart Pro or Alphasmart 2000 from me previously, can buy a "Mac Y-cable" now, as a separate item. Conserve on shipping expense by combining the Y-cable with other purchases from my ads.
READ PUBLISHED REVIEWS OF ALPHASMART There are many many reviews available on the Web about AlphaSmart. Just google, "REVIEWS ALPHASMART 2000." Many users love the instant-on boot-time when the unit is activated --- You are at the desktop in three seconds or less! Others like the fact that you never lose any written text, ever. There is no "SAVE" function because ever keystroke is saved as you type. When you restart the unit after a turned-off interval, the unit activates at the point in text where the last keystroke happened. Many users like the fact that text is protected by a large 3 volt lithium back-up battery (CR-2032), so if the three AA penlight batteries lose their charge, the text stored in memory is protected by the lithium backup battery. AlphaSmart's total portability is appreciated. Designers focused attention on details: One reviewer wrote that she regarded Alphasmart as superior to her sophisticated laptop. Alphasmart is specialized for typing text --- it does nothing else. The reviewer wrote that she was frequently distracted from her writing when using her wifi laptop, because she kept checking the web and her Email. But Alphasmart lacks those wireless functions, so one's efforts are focused on the writing task, alone.
Compare your fragile expensive laptop computersto these features of the AlphaSmart 2000: (0) Made in USA, at Cupertino Calif., hometown of Apple Computer Co. (1) Weighs only three lbs. (1.4 kg.) Compact size, four-line LCD display, full-size keyboard with identical width and length as the Apple IIe keyboard. The AlphaSmart keyboard has the same physical size as an Apple IIe keyboard; its width and length are exactly the same as the IIe keyboard. (This is NOT a shrunken keyboard as is found on so-called "netbook" laptops today.) (2) Long battery life:The owner's manual claims 100- 300 hours onthree low-cost "AA" penlight batteries. (3) Fully plug-compatible with Apple IIgs, via its ADB socket. It is also fully compatible with Mac computers of the 1990s that used ADB keyboards. Those Mac models included the Mac SE, SE/30, Powerbooks 140 to 180 the G3 Wallstreet, and other models. (4) 128K of RAM to store typing at the keyboard, stored in eight separate files. This RAM is approximately enough to store 100 pages of single-spaced text.. You type it on the AlphaSmart, then by pressing one button, transfer the data through the ADB keyboard cable into your word processor. Once the data are in the IIgs, then you addembellishments such as fonts, size, underlining, italics, etc. (5) Total protection agains data loss! Every keystroke is stored, you never have to "save" any data. When the three AA batteries becomeweak, you will be notified with a screen message. Also, inside the keyboard isa large lithium 3 volt battery, CR2032. This lithium battery'spurpose is to prevent any loss of data. In my eight years ofusing these memory keyboards, not one typedcharacter has ever been lost! (6) Sturdy construction! Many of the AlphaSmart keyboards were sold to elementary schools, where users' handling can be rough! But AlphaSmarts are designed for possible rough handling. One published review mentioned that, when the AlphaSmart was shown to school staff, the sales person would drop the unit from a waist-high distance to the floor, and the unit remained operational! (Please don't replicate this drop-to-floor stunt, but it was described in the review article.) (7) Full data recovery: The owner's manual states that an accidentally deleted file can be recovered,so long as no fresh text has been written into the file after the deletion.

ONE ADB KEYBOARD CABLE INCLUDED WITH EACH MEMORY-KEYBOARD; EXTRA SPARE CABLES AVAILABLE FOR $3.80 EACH PLUS SHIPPING Look at my other ad: # 221633969364 The coiled ADB new cables are sold separately for $3.80 each plus shipping. If you buy this memory-keyboard, the medium-sized flat-rate priority shipping box has much empty space that could fit as man as eight spare keyboard cables.

WHAT YOU GET FOR $20.00 PLUS SHIPPING: The AlphaSmart2000 keyboard, fully tested and guaranteed. Choice of 3 ft or 5 ft keyboard cable to connect to the IIgs. All batteries needed:Three AA batteries, the lithium battery inside the unit, and also a fresh spare lithium CR2032 battery! (You can operate it instantly on arrival.) The AlphaSmart-Pro owners manual on CD-disk, as a printable PDF file A photocopy of the Juiced-GS article about AlphaSmart Pro, the earlier version of Alphasmart 2000; also compatible with Apple IIgs A 3.5" Mac floppy disk with the Mac GET utility; Docs are on the disk. ALPHASMART PRO: LAST TWO BEING SOLD$15.00 EACH, PLUS S/H If, for any reason, you prefer to buy the older model, ALPHASMART PRO, tell me when ordering. This earlier model is now reduced in price to $15.00 plus shipping. There are TWO units left. If you buy the "Pro" model, the owners manual will be on paperrather than on CD disk. Two memory-keyboards can fit into a medium flat-rate priority box.

COMBINED SHIPPING: PRIORITY MAILFLAT-RATE BOXES Two of the units will fit comfortably in a long medium-size postal priority flat rate box.Three units fit comfortably in a large priority mail flat-rate box. I will tape a strip of cardboard over the LCD display to protect it during transit.
GUARANTEED WITH 60 DAY MONEY-BACK RETURN WARRANTY. $20.00 plus shipping for each keyboard. These memory-keyboards will perform perfectly for you. Why buy from others who declare, "untested -- no returns"? Why buy their items? Mine are fully tested prior to shipping, with 60-day warranty. Most of these units are physically perfect with no breakage of the plastic case, and no missing or dysfunctional keys.
Units may have small nicks and scratches, and/or slight discolorations from sunlight. None have broken LCD screens, nor any breakage of the plastic case. Every unit has the complete set of eight screws that hold the AlphaSmart upper and lower halves together. All have a complete set of working keyswitches with a complete set of keycaps. HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
For information about KansasFest 2016, go to:
Generous combined shipping discount
With flat-rate shipping boxes, you paymainly the single largest shipping cost.
Other hardware items in same parcel, will be shipped with no further cost! Weighedshipments will be the actual cost.
Free local pickup at Gallup NM 87301.
Seller is a self-proclaimed Apple II expert, having authored five articles in Apple II magazines during the 1990s. His Apple II inventions were featured at the Apple II conference "KANSASFEST 1996," and KansasFest 2013,"Kansas City .


I will ship to other countries, but special conditions will apply: Insurance is included when shipped by medium or large priority mail boxes, internationally. Payment must be via PayPal, in U.S. dollars. Iwill retainthe post office receipt as PROOF OF MAILING. The "extra items shipped combined are shipped free" rule applies only on shipments within USA; forweighed shipments, the shipping cost is based on the actual combined total weight. Also, I must guess at the weight / postage cost. I will guess slightly high, but I will refund any excess amount paid for shipping/postage, to the buyer's PayPal account, after the item is mailed. [I must do it this way because a buyer balked when I guessed low on postage and I tried later, unsuccessfully, to collect the extra postage that was spent.]

Now available! See listing # 3213 5995 1757 APPLE IIC BATTERY-PORTABILITY KIT! $19.00 + s/h Lightweight; it fits into a small priority flat-rate box Stranded AWG-16 American-made pure copper wires Includes wires and connectors to operate your Apple IIc outdoors, off-the-AC-power-grid! Do Apple II computing at the beach, on a mountain top, or at any campground, even when the campground has no AC 115v outlets! Use your Apple IIc with your car battery from the cigarette-lighter socket, _or_ with a jump-start DC 12v battery, _or_ with alligator clips directly from the 12v battery terminals. You will need to get a 12v flat screen TV to use with your Apple IIc, new on from $150.00. This kit will work for overseas international buyers also, because car batteries and jump-start batteries are 12 volts DC, everywhere. My $19.00 battery portability kit supplies all the rest! I will demonstrate this kit to Apple II experts at KansasFest, July 2014.

Apple //gs Portable Memory-keyboard For Apple Iigs Or Mac Adb $18.00 + S/h:

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