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April 20th, 2015
Patriot's Day

April 21st, 2015
San Jacinto Day

April 22nd, 2015
Earth Day

April 22nd, 2015
Oklahoma Day

April 22nd, 2015
Administrative Professionals Day

April 23rd, 2015
Yom HaAtzmaut

April 23rd, 2015
World Book and Copyright Day

April 24th, 2015
Arbor Day

April 25th, 2015
World Malaria Day

April 26th, 2015
World Intellectual Property Day

April 27th, 2015
Confederate Memorial Day

April 28th, 2015
World Day for Safety and Health at Work

April 29th, 2015
Day to Remember Chemical Warfare Victims

May 1st, 2015
Law Day

May 1st, 2015
Loyalty Day

May 3rd, 2015
World Press Freedom Day

May 4th, 2015
Rhode Island Independence Day

May 5th, 2015
Cinco de Mayo

May 7th, 2015
National Day of Prayer

May 7th, 2015
Lag B'Omer

May 8th, 2015
Time to Remember Lost Lives From World War II

May 8th, 2015
Truman Day

May 10th, 2015
Confederate Memorial Day

May 10th, 2015
Mother's Day

May 11th, 2015
'Confederate Memorial Day' observed

May 14th, 2015
Ascension Day

May 14th, 2015
World Migratory Bird Day

May 15th, 2015
International Day of Families

May 15th, 2015
Peace Officers Memorial Day

May 15th, 2015
National Defense Transportation Day

May 16th, 2015
Isra and Mi'raj

May 16th, 2015
Armed Forces Day

May 17th, 2015
World Information Society Day

May 21st, 2015
World Day for Cultural Diversity



Ernie Kleven's Art Display Panel "plans" For Art/craft Fair Exhibits For Sale

Ernie Kleven's Art Display Panel

NEW 4th Edition!
by Ernie Kleven, artist

For your next:Art, Trade,Craft Show or Exhibit..........






  • Easy to follow instructionsin your ownnew improved
  • E-Manual!
  • All materials available at Home Depot or Lowes!
  • No special tools required!
  • Only a few hours of your time needed to make several panels!
  • Lookvery Professional!
  • Compareapproximate $40cost perpanelto over $120 for new ones!
  • $400& saveover $800!

  • Makethem as you need them!
  • Plus handy hints & full emailsupport from an experienced user/maker!
  • Designed by a professional artist/user!
  • Light weight, easy to carry, & set up by one person!
  • Instructions for making "Half" or "Knock Down" panelswhich require less room to transport are included!
  • Instructions for adding shelvingincluded!

  • . Instructionsmaking instant levelers for uneven ground included!
  • Instructions for support bars included!

Comments from satisfied Buyers:

“Downloaded the files with no problem. I Received your email and can see you use materials I had already been considering but the way I see it you saved me a lot of time since I won't have to experiment with different ways of connecting/attaching things together. You've

already done that probably worked out any bugs from your original design. That alone is worth the price.” L.J. CA

“Very quick delivery and was exactly what I was looking for.” K.B. WI

“Received in a day. Seller was also quick to respond to email questions.” L.J. CA

“A+ seller - quick transaction - very satisfied.” P.H. MO

“Quick response, good item.” C.H. IN

“Great set of plans that saved me hundreds of dollars.” P.B. W.I.

“.......I've completed 10 frames and am ready to move on to applying the carpet. After the first couple, it really got pretty easy......Thanks again for the outstanding ‘customer support’….." L.J. CA

“….I was very excited to learn of your manual. I have put off spending full price for a set of ( ) panels, and I am now glad that I did. Frankly, they are just too pricey. I am a semi-pro photographer (still have a day job), but……” J.P.


Ernie Kleven's Art Display Panel

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Ernie Kleven's Art Display Panel "plans" For Art/craft Fair Exhibits:

25 Premium 4
25 Premium 4" Clear Display Stands Easel For Art Cards Aceo Atc

5 Premium 4
5 Premium 4" Clear Display Stands Easel For Art Cards Aceo Atc

10 Premium 4
10 Premium 4" Clear Display Stands Easel For Art Cards Aceo Atc

15 Premium 4
15 Premium 4" Clear Display Stands Easel For Art Cards Aceo Atc

1 Premium 5
1 Premium 5" Clear Display Stand Easel For Art Cards Aceo Atc

(5 Stickers)
(5 Stickers) "can I Live / Hands Up/ Don't Shoot"

5"x7" Canoe & Indian By Sharon Sharpe L@@k

5"x7" Busy Squirrel In Tree By Sharon Sharpe

5"x7" Cardinals & Apple Blossoms By Sharon Sharpe L@@k

5"x7" Best Friends By Sharon Sharpe