Authentic Screen Used Captain America First Avenger Helmet Mask + Hydra Props

Authentic Screen Used Captain America First Avenger Helmet Mask + Hydra Props

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Authentic Screen Used Captain America First Avenger Helmet Mask + Hydra Props:


This is a unique and very rare opportunity to buy a collection of authentic screen used props and paperwork from the movie ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’. One of the most iconic superhero’s of all time!(There was a Marvel memorabilia sale held in Chicago by ‘Profiles in History’ on April 14th2012 where over 200 props where sold from Captain America: The First Avenger, Iron Man and Thor. This was a huge success and some huge prices were realised. The final hero suit worn by Cap sold for $233,700, and I have one of the helmets that went with that suit here for sale! Most other lots also far exceeded their estimate prices with record sums being paid.)

The props for sale here come with lots of paperwork that was used during the production including a full set of storyboards, 3x call sheets, script revisions, memo's, maps, strike notices and prop designs. The first picture shows all the items that are included in this sale together. I can provide more pictures on request-

-THE ICONIC STEVE ROGERS/CAPTAIN AMERICA HERO HELMET- This is in good production used condition with the obvious battle damage effects, and some minor wear and tear which is to be expected. It has some hand written text on the inside indicating it was used on stage 3, and it is numbered ‘2’ of a few that would have been made for the film. There is a donut shaped ring of foam on the top inside, it has detailed leather leather straps with foam ear inserts and a leather rear neck area cushion, and the quality of this piece is amazing. You could almost believe it was used during WW2! This helmet is form fitted and would have been cast from the actor’s head, and I guess would be a snug fit up to a 23 inch diameter head (not that it should ever be worn again!) The helmet is quite tough and only slightly flexes around the nose area and edges. There would have been a few of these helmets made for different scenes in the film depending on how much battle damage Cap had been through, so this would have been used in those pivotal scenes towards the end. (The full hero suit with one of these helmets sold for $233,700 at the Marvel sale!)

2. -A HERO HYDRA SOLDIER HELMET, AND A PAIR OF HYDRA SOLDIER LEATHER GLOVES- The gloves and helmet are marked with hand written numbers on inside labels, and the helmet has a barcode sticker inside with the text ‘FROSTBITE MARVEL 81629’ above the barcode. (Frostbite was the codename for the film during production) Again the quality of the helmet is superb and is made from leather, suede, hard and flexible materials and even bits of metal. The helmet is in good production used condition with some signs of minor wear and tear which you would expect. I guess it would fit up to a 24 inch diameter head.The gloves are also made of leather and I would guess are a size small/medium. Theyare also in very good condition with no holes or tears, and have the two triangle shaped pattern’s stitched onto the forearm area. (Full hydra hero suits sold for up to $15,990 at the Marvel sale- picture 8 shows one of the hydra helmets at the sale)

3 -CAPTAIN AMERICA STUNT USO STAGE SHOW POW RESCUE VESTwith the distinctive red, white and blue form fitting stretch fabric and large star on the chest area. Cap wore this during the POW rescue scenes under his brown leather jacket. This particular piece is in vest form- the main part with red white and blue that would have been visible under the partially open jacket is made of high quality stretchy form fitting material and goes in a V shape. The rest of the material is a very thin light weight mesh, so it must have been used to keep the actor cool whilst wearing the heavy brown leather jacket on top during the action scenes. Most of the back is in that thin mesh material except for the back of the neck area where the blue material goes around from the front and has a zip for fastening. The stitching work and quality of the main coloured material is excellent, and so is the star on the chest. Interestingly, you can see the unique shape that forms around the neck area holds the same as the one pictured above from the Marvel sale (picture 9), probably due to them using the same templates to cut each part of the material. This is in very good condition but does have a stain line on the mesh area on the bottom left, which is away from the main part anyway. I would guess the vest is a fitted size 40 chest, but there is no size label as it was hand made to fit the actor (The full distressed POW rescue suit sold for $30,750 at the Marvel sale)

4. -2 LARGE WOODEN HYDRA PROP SIGNSthat have been fully painted including text and images and have holes in the corners for mounting to the set with screws, one also has ‘far end’ written on the back in pencil. They are made to look weathered but are in very good condition. One measures 17x5 inches and the other is 12x10 inches.

-13 SMALLER WOODEN GREY HYDRA PROP SIGNSpainted grey and then graphics stuck on. These come in 4 different sizes. They don’t appear to have been used on set as they have no holes for mounting and nothing sticky on the back. They may have been spares or prototypes.

-A ‘DAILY CREW PASS’with green neck strap, featuring the movies codename ‘Frostbite’. Without this you could not get access to the set or locations.


-144 PAGE BLACK AND WHITE STORYBOARDSbound together in plastic wallets, with amazing action packed sketches and accompanying notes. Includes some memo pages with details of the sequences and scenes that are storyboarded. These would have been used by the core production crew during filming, and are obviously not original hand drawn versions.

- 3X CALL SHEETS-A4 stapled 10 page call sheet printed on yellow paper. A4 stapled 15 page call sheet printed on white paper. A5 stapled 6 page call sheet printed on white paper. All of these where used during filming and have some signs of minor wear and tear but are in good overall condition. There is also some hand written notes on a couple of the pages. These call sheets contain detailed plans, schedules, crew contacts, scene details, locations, maps, set info, health and safety, and even some script revisions.

-10 stapled pages of research and designs on the hydra prop signs, with some hand written notes.

-A stapled 5 page memo with full list of required ‘picks ups’ (extra shots and scenes that needed filming)

-4 stapled page’s of Strike Notice’s used to inform what sets and locations need clearing and by who.

-A folded and creased A4 colour map of Liverpool City centre and docklands (UK) where some if the filming took place.

I have included a couple of extra pictures (8 and 9) from the Marvel sale just for comparison, but NO other items other than what is listed above is included in this sale. There is NO COA with any of these props as they where acquired first hand by a crew member directly from the costume/props department, but you are welcome to contact anyone and do whatever checks you want regarding the authenticity of these items. The barcode in the hydra helmet may also be used to prove authenticity. Obviously all the paperwork and crew pass where only available to people that worked on the production, and this crew member was friendly with the right person in costumes! And I know him, which is how I got them. I have lots more pictures if you need to see anything else in more detail.

As you know it is very rare and almost impossible to get proof of a movie prop being used in any particular scene of a film, or worn by any one actor at any one time, as there are always duplicates made for the production. But I can 100% confirm these where made by them, and used during filming. YOUR checks will confirm authenticity.

Don’t miss your chance to own a collection of iconic superhero and movie memorabilia!

These items will be shipped from the UK, so please expect to pay any customs and import duties on top of the sale price and shipping costs.Please contact me if you have less than 10 positive response before offerding. Payment must be made by paypal within 48 hours. Non paying buyers will be reported to . The items will be insured to there full value if requested by the winning buyer, and if it is possible with the shipping company. These props are sold as shown in the photographs and as described, so there are NO returns.

Authentic Screen Used Captain America First Avenger Helmet Mask + Hydra Props:

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