Actual B-17 Upper Gun Turret With Original Wwii Paint-extremely Rare

Actual B-17 Upper Gun Turret With Original Wwii Paint-extremely Rare

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Actual B-17 Upper Gun Turret With Original Wwii Paint-extremely Rare:

This is the upper machine gun turret for aBoeingB-17G Flying fortress. If you have ever wanted to own a part of the famous B-17 then this is the Holy Grail.

The A-1 upper turret was only used on the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress series of aircraft. Of all of the turrets surviving today the A-1 upper turret is the rarest of the rare. This is the only Sperry upper turret available for sale and they hardly ever become available simply because almost all of them are installed in surviving B-17's or are in museums. Very few are known to be in private collections and when parts show up on the market they are snapped up by collectors.

The coolest part of this turret is the dome and the gun platform which are actually new old stock parts that have been tucked away in the factory that made them back in WWII. The olive drab paint on the outside and the Army Bronze Green paint on the inside are the very paint from the day they were made at the factory.

Because this dome is painted olive drab green camouFlage it was used on earlier B-17G's as the later aircraft were natural aluminum and the turret domes were painted silver. This turret would have been installed on a B-17 that was paintedcamouFlagewith overall olive drab on the top and grey on the bottom.

This turret is extra special because the dome and gun platform are completely original and are not restored. Except for the center panel all of the Plexiglas in the turret dome is also factory original and is just as clear as the day it was made. This is a testament to the fact that this dome has been well protected for almost 70 years. What a truly rare find today. The two type six and one type one domes that came out of that factory just a few years ago are believed to be the only Sperry top turret domes in existence that retain their original factory paint. One of those domes is for sale here and the other two are in our museum.

The surviving domes, mostly on B-17's, have all been restored with new glass and paint. This dome and gun platform are true museum pieces as even the WWII paint is not faded. The glass does have scratches and one panel is cracked as can be seen in the photos but the scratches can be polished out should you desire.

This turret can be used for many different things. Besides the fact that it would look great right in your living room (Guaranteed wife approved!) or in your B-17, it is a great display ready turret for any collection, museum or actual B-17. This has to be the ultimate WWII gamers trophy too.

If you are actually operating a B-17 then this is the perfect top turret for a flying aircraft. Instead of a dummy turret fixed in place like so many B-17's have today , this one can be installed in the aircraft to rotate and elevate. This Sperry turret can do this without the lower turret structure so you can have a rotating and elevating turret and yet still have a clear flight deck for your passengers and tours. This is the best of both worlds. I will also take original Sperry turret parts or other Warbird parts in trade toward the purchase of this turret. No flying B-17 today has an upper turret that can rotate let alone both rotate and elevate. Having a turret that a passenger can stand up in, spin around and raise the guns would be a selling point all by itself potentially creating a revenue stream to not only offset the cost but possibly paying for the turret purchase itself over time. The word of mouth/repeat and new customers as a result of a turret that the public could potentially manipulate without the the inherent dangers of a full operating powered turret are something to consider. Having something like this as an additional draw to bring people to see your B-17 instead of the competitions aircraft can be a real marketing tool.

It would also be possible to power this turret should you desire as the roller bearing ring structure has a precision gear machined into it which lends itself to making the turret capable of powered rotation and elevation. This turret ring and gear assembly is heavy duty and is quite strong.

To see a YouTube video of the turret being moved by my daughter click here or copy and paste this link to your web browser:

You can also find the video onYouTubeby searching for "b-17 turret for sale"

Here is a web page with more photos and an embedded video of the turret in motion:

The guns will elevate from 90 degrees up to 5 degrees below horizontal.

The partial guns used in the turret for the pictures and video do not come with the turret. Full good looking replica guns have been ordered and will go with the turret when sold. The replica guns are for display only and cannot be made to function. They are not considered firearms and are legal to own. This is not a weapon but a piece of history. please also understand that this is not a full and complete turret but is the upper portion of the turret made up of the original unrestored type 6 dome, original unrestored gun platform and upper part of the cast ring structure. These original parts are secured to a steel roller bearing/ring gear which is what allows it to manually rotate and elevate the turret just like the original. There are three legs to support the turret that can be unbolted easily. If you have any questions just email taigh at twinbeech. Comor call 209 534 4466 during normal business hours pacific time

Part of the proceeds go toward the restoration of our museum's flying 1945 Lockheed PV-2D Harpoon. Please spread the word about this sale as we need to generate the funds to help with the restoration of the Harpoon to keep the old gal up and running. We hope to bring her to Oshkosh for EAA's Airventure.

If you know anyone who might want this turret for their own collection or to donate it to a needy B-17 please tell them about this sale.

Crating and shipping can be arranged but check with me first as it is the buyer responsibility to take care of any crating and shipping cost. This sale is final and no refunds will be accepted so be sure to ask all of your questions well before the sale ends to allow time for answers.

The turret can be crated with the legs removed and sendseparately. You are certainly welcome to come and pick it up which is encouraged. I can store it for a short time if needed. Ask for special considerations well in advance of the sale ending.

I do reserve the right to end the sale early as the turret is for sale outside of but my intention is to let the sale run to the end.

I do not make any guarantees about this turret about its condition or its airworthiness. It is beautifully built but will need work ans maybe some engineering approval if you might want to fly it in your B-17. This turret is being sold as is where is so once again ask all the questions you need to before offerding.

I prefer payment by check. Paypal and credit cards will require a 3% mark up to cover the fees. I will sell this to international buyers as long as you make all of the arrangements for shipping and take full responsibility for the shipment after it leaves our facility. This sale is FOB Stockton, California USA.

For an additional fee I will build a crate and prepare this turret for shipping. I will assist in loading to the trucking company of your choosing or I will gladly fork lift it on to your truck or trailer.

Having said all of the above be sure you do not missouton atrulyrare opportunity to own one of the most significant parts of the famousBoeingB-17 Flying Fortress.

To all of our countries veterans we want to thank you for your service.

This turret pertains to: army air force warbird b-24 b-25 b-26 a-26 p-51 p-47 p-61 p-40 a-20 b-29 b-32 me-109Messerschmidt focke wulf 109 190 me-262 sperry martin bendix tucker navy usaf aaf aac corps marines wargames call of duty office furniture norden bomb sight gunner gunnery turet bubble greenhouse browning 50 cal 30 anm2 heavy barrel m2 m1 armament bomb bombing bombsight m9 m-9b reflex sight stabilizer c-1 arc-5 art-13 bc-375 bc-348 bc-611 willys mb gpw ford chevy drop belly tank jeep radar gun liberator mustang havoc bostonMitchellmarauder spitfire hurricane invader super fortress cessna north american lockheed douglas c-47 dc-3 at-11 beech 18 northrop grumman sbd sb2c tbm avenger corsair f4u fg-1d hellcat wildcat f4f f3f f6f f8f bearcat tigercat memphis bell kingman victorville wright patterson seattle wichita a6m zero betty tony raf raaf luftwaffe japanese german italian lancaster wellington pt boat torpedo navigator radio operator flight engineer gunnery training kingman tyndall harlingen wendover enola gay clark gable las vegas central fire control cfc remote

Actual B-17 Upper Gun Turret With Original Wwii Paint-extremely Rare:

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