Advanced Squad Leader (asl): Modules 1-8, Deluxe Modules, And Much More For Sale

This collection of ASL modules includes 1st and 2nd edition rule books, Modules 1-8, RB, Solitaire, and Deluxe Modules for the ASL system as published by Avalon Hill. These are all first edition AH publications (except 2nd edition rules), not MMP versions. Many counters are punched and used but in good condition. There are also many unpunched or mostly unpunched counter sheets from Yanks!, West of Alamein, Code of Bushido --Hollow Legions is completely unpunched -- as new. Many overlays included in the modules are uncut.

Included are:

- Modules 1-8

- Historical ASL: Red Barricades

- Deluxe ASL: Streets of Fire, Hedgerow Hell

- Solitaire ASL module

- 1st edition rules, with suppliment chaptersand errata as included in module updates

- 2nd edition rules, published by MMP

- Full 89 ASL annual (photocopy)

- ASL Annual 90 (rare)

- ASL Annual 91

- Mapboards 1-7, 10, 11, 16-37, a-h and AFV cards, RB (paper)

- Scenario cards from modules, plus several others downloaded and printed

- 2 plano (fishing tackle) counter containers

- 2 small "nut and bolt" drawers with sorted counters

- 3 counter trays with plastic The components are well cared for but I cannot guarantee that there are not a few missing units. I believe 99% of the original complement are present.

- Some of the boxes show a bit of wear with a couple frayed edges and a couple broken corners.

- Maps are mostly in top condition. Maps 1-4 show a bit of wear but are still in very good condition.

- Many of the scenario cards have yellowed over time.

- Punched counters: Some are sorted into plano fishing containers, some are sorted into small "nut and bolt" drawers, some are in plastic bags policy:

- I have done my best to fully represent the contents and quality of this item. It is used and is being sold AS IS. Because of this, and the scale of the item itself, I am not offering a return option. Please ask questions up front. I would be happy to answer detailed questions if you have them.

I will ship to USA only. Shipping is $50 for everything. This will go by UPS with a tracking number as UPS Ground. Contact me for other options and prices in advance of any offer.

Advanced Squad Leader (asl): Modules 1-8, Deluxe Modules, And Much More

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Advanced Squad Leader (asl): Modules 1-8, Deluxe Modules, And Much More: