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Classic Advanced Squad Leader Lot. All games and pieces have been co-mingled, and I cannot verify this a complete set. So the starting price of the sale is priced low accordingly. Lot is heavy. so shipping will be expensive. Games in Lot: #1 Beyond Valor #2 Paratrooper #3 Yanks #4 Partisan #5 West of Alamein #6 The Last Hurrah #7 Hollow Legions Details: Rules binder includes First Edition rules plus specific inserts from the modules, but there are no scenarios. Counters: There are 22 trays of counters, that are neatly organized, but have not been inventoried. Please email me with any questions and I will try to answer your questions promptly. Game lot is sold ASIS.
Advanced Squad Leader Lot

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Advanced Squad Leader Lot:

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