Affordable Ballet Barre Bar Five Foot 5' Dance New

Affordable Ballet Barre Bar Five Foot 5' Dance New

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Affordable Ballet Barre Bar Five Foot 5' Dance New :

The One, the Only, The Original AffordableBallet Barre

Dance, Ballet, Pilates, Stretching Exercises - You can do it all at this barre!

My quest for a strong, durable, lightweight yet inexpensive ballet barre brought me to this unique and excellent solution. I looked on line and found several excellent ballet barres, perfect for what I needed, but withtwo problems - COST and WEIGHT! So I set about seeing if I could make areliable, lightweightballet barre at a reasonable cost.

Thesolutionwas to use strong,lightweight plastic pipe.Plastic pipe makes an excellent barre for personal use. I'm not claiming that it'sas strong as wood or steel, but it gets the job done remarkably well andat a great savings in terms ofcost and weight. This bar isn'tfeather light, but at 14 pounds it's very easy to move. In the pictures, you see my daughter easily carrying it with one hand. It's also plenty strong, even for an adult. Any ballerina can use this barre and expect it to lasta lifetime.

I went to the dance studio where my girls take lessons and measured the barres they have there. I came up with what I think is the perfect size barre for a single person to practice on.Although there is no "standard" height for ballet barres, I have tested this barre on many, many dancers, ages 5 to adult, and the size seems ideal.The double crossbar design makes it usable for a very wide range of ages. The doublecrossbaralso makes it more stable and much stronger than a singlecrossbar design. Forsolo practice it is PERFECT!

In doing research I found out something very interesting,barres are supposed to bemade to help perfect balance. The barres that hang on studio walls are not ideal because the kids can use them as a "crutch" and never develop proper balance. A lightweight barre is preferred (as long as it's strong enough) because it doesn't allow you to "hang or pull" on the barre and forces you to practice proper balance. This barre is not a gymnastics barre, it'sdesigned exclusivelyfor ballet practice and stretching.

I ship the barre unassembled. Enclosed will beeverything you need to accomplish the assembly yourself and save youa good bit ofmoney in the process. All you have to do is glue the joints together.I will give you very clear and easy instructions for doing so. Ittakes10-15 minutes to put together and it's fun.

My oldest daughter (the one in the pictures) is 13 years old, 5'3". She has danced in the Great Russian Nutcracker each Christmas for severalyears. She is a veryserious and talented dancer. She absolutely loves this barre. It's lightweight enough that she can carryit easily from room to room or even take it outside and practice.

The pipe comes white, but can be painted with any paint made to paint plastic. Personally, I wouldn't paint it - but if your little ballerina would like her barre pastel pink, simply go to Wallyworldand buy a can of spray paintmade for plastic and you can have it painted in very short order. The surface prep needed is minimal - just wipe with a tack cloth orwipe with alcohol or paint thinnerand a clean, lint free rag and you are ready to start painting. I will say though that I am surprised at how much the kids love the sort of industrial look of this barre. It's different and eye catching.

Mostballet barres you find sell for well over $100 dollars. I am not in any way implying that their barres are not good.To some theymight beworth the extra money. If you need a more expensive "commercial grade" barre please buy one of theirs.But if you would like a simple, practical, strong,stable, light weight,low cost, low maintenancebarre then this is the one foryou. This barre won't rust. It won't have any problem if it gets wet. You will never get a splinter. It's never too hot or cold to the touch like metal barres. You can even leave it outside, it's PLUMBING PIPE- although I can't guarantee that it won't yellow slightly in direct sunlight.

Everything you need is included, including the proper glue, all the fittings, precision cut pipe lengths, and detailed instructions.

I make these up in my little shop in my back yard - right in the good old USA, and speaking of the USA, I do not ship outside the continental USA.

Here are some unedited comments from my customers. You can find all these comments in my response:

thank you, for the fast service, the ballet barre is great

I was thrilled with the Ballet Barre

I bought this for my daughter for her 14th birthday and she LOVED it!!

SO HAPPY! You are a genius for creating this, put together easy, works great!A+

Fast shipping & just as described. Much needed ballet barre. Txs & God bless you

no problem putting it together, my daughter loves it, thanks!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks for the daughter loves it!!!!

Quick shipping, just as described. Great seller!!!! Well done!

Amazing Seller - Very Helpful - Will definately purchase from them in the future

love the barre. quick shipping. when I saw the JESUS saves. Had to buy from you

Wonderful er, love this barre, set up in less than 10 mins! Will be back!

great ballet barre with detailed instructions on how to assemble.

Arrived quickly, exactly as described. Assembly was quick and easy as well.

Assembled it in less than 5 minutes!!!Super!

It was exactly as advertised and I put it together by myself no problem.

Great Purchase for our Dancer... perfect for her practice and happy 13 yr old !

Everything recv'd. fast shipping. Great transaction. Girls love it

Excellent er, Love the Barre Bar, Great transaction, A++++++++

extra good response for this seller!!! thanks!

Fast delivery. Great transaction.

Fast shipping, responded quickly to e-mails. Great transaction, many thanks!

Flawless transaction, professional seller, answered questions- highly recommend!

Here is some of the email I have received:

"I was thrilled with the Ballet Barre...I brought it into the house a 5:00 pm and my Granddaughter was doing her Pointe exercises using the Barre at 5:15! I really saw no need to use the adhesive, (*See Footnote)all the parts fit together so snugly and evenly. I wish you would send me some literature so I can post it at her dancing school and show the parents what's available at a very reasonable cost. Thank you." Ian M.

"we put together the ballet bar and it’s great!!!! Thank you very much!!! directions were very good." Erick F.

I am very pleased with the ballet barre. I love it. It was very easy to assemble. The height and width is perfect. The directions were alsoeasy. I got more than my money's worth. Liz N.

*Please note - I always recommend using the adhesive

Scroll down for some more pictures of the barre anda great video.

One more thing - Jesus died for you, nobody else ever did that - nobody else ever even came close. Iwanted you to know how much He loves you.

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Affordable Ballet Barre Bar Five Foot 5' Dance New :

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