Airite Desk Set Radio, 1936, 3 Tube Radio, 8 Day Clock, Inkwell, Original Back For Sale

Here is a very nice example of these Desk Set models made by Airite in the 1930s. This one is an early one. It has only 3 tubes. I put all three tubes in brand new and also installed a new resistance line cord. The radio plays very well on local stations and by hooking the aerial lead to my big outside antenna, it brought in other stations as well. Pretty amazing for a three tube radio. Now: Pay attention: The 8 day clock is the original, but IT DOES NOT WORK. (I don't want you to buy this and then complaint that the clock doesn't work. I am telling all buyers: The clock DOES NOT work. (It is a wind-up clock but someone smarter than I am will have to fix that.) The inkwell has a chip out of it. (See the photo I took of this. There is no ink pen but there is a place for one. The radio has normal wear and tear and some minor scratching, but looks very nice to me. See all the photos. The lamp inside lights up by a push-button switch on the front. The lamp will light whether the radio is on or off. This has the original back in very, very nice condition with the Airite logo on the bottom left corner. Now, I can ship this two ways. In a large, 20 by 14 by 14 box by Fed Ex with tons of packing and it will cost the buyer $20 dollars, Fed Ex home delivery. The two side panels on this radio are held on with wing nuts and come off easily. I can take the side panels off and have lots more room for packing in the same size box—so a better chance of nothing happening to this radio in shipping. So, if you are the winning buyer, let me know which way you want it shipped. Cost will be the same. But you would have to put the side pieces back on—a five minute job, max. Thanks for looking.

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