Altec 605a Duplex Vintage Coaxial Speakers N-1600-c N-1600-b Crossovers 605 A

Altec 605a Duplex Vintage Coaxial Speakers N-1600-c N-1600-b Crossovers  605 A

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Altec 605a Duplex Vintage Coaxial Speakers N-1600-c N-1600-b Crossovers 605 A :

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                Altec 605a Duplex Vintage Coaxial Speakers N-1600-C N-1600-B Crossovers  605 A   Amazing Vintage Point Source Drivers w/ Crossovers!!!!!  


  • Two Altec 605a Duplex Coaxial Speakers   
  • One Altec N-1600-C Crossover   
  • One Altec N-1600-B Crossover   
  • Altec’s roots go all the way back to the advent of sound reproduction, being a direct descendent of the earliest motion picture speaker developer, Western Electric.

    Throughout the 1920’s Western Electric developed speakers for Hollywood’s  emerging sound movies. Early on, this industry had extraordinary potential, although as the great depression set-in the last thing people had money for was entertainment. This led Western Electric to close their motion picture department diverting their interest to less perilous goals. Seeing an opportunity in a very inopportune time was a group of very ambitious ex-WE engineers.  George Carrington Sr., E.L Conrow, and Alvis Ward purchased the existing assets of WE motion picture audio department and formed the Altec (for "all technical")corporation. Establishing an entertainment related business at the height of the depression, where the largest company in the US failed was, in the opinion of many, a recipe for disaster. All predictions indicated that this company would fail right out of the gate. However, the assets the critics failed to consider was the optimism and resolve of the 3 company founders and the heart and talent of  295 of the best trained and most experienced staff in the audio industry. In just a few short years Altec became the #1 manufacturer of professional and consumer audio equipment in the world

    The Altec Duplex loudspeaker was one of the most innovative driver designs ever produced. The original version was introduced in 1941 and it remained in production until the late 90’s, with improvements and modifications along the way. It was an extremely popular driver for critical monitoring applications. It took up little space and provided stunningly clear and in-phase sound reproduction. From the 1950's through the 1970's, the various Altec Duplex models were used by more recording and broadcast studios then all other monitor systems combined. Even in today’s ever expanding market of professional monitors many sound engineers and artist prefer the tried and true sound of the legendary Altec Duplex system.

    The 605A Duplex coaxial speaker was introduced in 1963 as the replacement to the 604D. It was 1st reworking of the famed duplex line. The 605A utilized the magnet structures of the 416a LF and the 806 HF, two of Altec’s most popular components.

    The 605A is extremely well built and an extraordinary performer. Sonically it is an absolute marvel that delivers full range reproduction in a very cohesive and natural way. In the correct enclosure the whole acoustic audio spectrum is delivered in a way that recreates the original sound field better than a lot of high end systems on the market today. Because the high frequency driver is concentrically mounted in the woofer, perfectly aligned both mechanically and electro-acoustically, frequency response and phase response is not affected by nodal-cancellation as found in every normal multi-way speaker system. Music is depicted with tremendous detail and depth, you hear things on the recording that you never before heard. Voice and instrument are utterly natural. The bass is tight, clean, and thoroughly musical; it dips down to amazing depths. The highs are smooth and sweet with extreme clarity divulging even tiny details at low volumes; music sounds balanced and articulate. Regardless of what music genre you like the 605a system will deliver it accurately.

    605A Duplex   Power 35 watts (50 watts, peak)

    Altec 605a Duplex Vintage Coaxial Speakers N-1600-c N-1600-b Crossovers 605 A :

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