Aluminum Ships Anchor Lantern Oil Lamp Fresnel Lens 11"

Aluminum Ships Anchor Lantern Oil Lamp Fresnel Lens 11

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Aluminum Ships Anchor Lantern Oil Lamp Fresnel Lens 11":

Aluminum Ships Anchor Lantern Oil Lamp Fresnel Lens 11"
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Aluminum Anchor Light Oil Lantern 11"

This Anchor Light Lantern is brand new and is very skillfully hand made. It measures 11" inches tall.

This anchor oil lamp is modeled from an authentic ships anchor lantern. The lamp is fully operational and burns lamp oil. The lantern is constructed of aluminum with a chrome finish and has a fresnel glass lens.

The handle is perfect for hanging on a bracket, tree branch or by rope, the handle also folds down so you can set the lantern on your table.

Ships at anchor display one or two white anchor lights (depending on the vessel's length) that can be seen from all directions. If two lights are shown then the forward light is higher than the aft one.

The Inland Rules specify that any vessel under 50 meters (164.1') at anchor must exhibit a white 360-degree light where it can be seen and have a two-mile visibility in most situations. Vessels less than 7 meters (23.9') must display anchor lights when anchored in or near a narrow channel, fairway, or anchorage, or where other vessels normally navigate.

A 360-degree white all-around light with two-mile visibility fulfills this requirement.

This shiny and functional aluminum anchor oil lamp is sure to become an interesting conversational addition to your nautical decor and is perfect lighting for a blackout or dinner party on your patio deck.

  • Overall Size: 11" Height x 6" width
  • Material: Solid aluminum
  • Molded name plaques
  • Handle for hanging
  • Fuel: Lamp Oil
  • Made in India
  • Free shipping only within the continental 48 U.S. States.

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