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American Machinist Machinery Handbook Shop Tool Math Jig Die Gear Screw Lathe For Sale

American Machinist Machinery Handbook Shop Tool Math Jig Die Gear Screw Lathe




100 RELOADING & 1000 FIREARM MANUALS click here

Welcome !

A Publication ofTurner Machinist

Knowledge in Machining

You will receive exactly what is listed in 2 DVDs as pictured

Please be aware there are unscrupulous imitators of Turner Machinist's editions

They try to convince you that their agglomerations of material in one disc done overnight

are superior to the professional editions ofTurner Machinist

The Professionals buy from us


This is a very well organized set ofTraining Videos with a reference eLibraryA course like this is sold for over $200 on the internetThis is no the agglomeration of incoherent material offered by other sellers


Training Videos & eLibrary

(Included is the classic "How to Tun a Lathe" eBook and Video by South Bend)

This 2-DVD set is organized to get a practical understanding and training on most usualmachining operations,

with briefs texts to read before or with the videos.

Afterwards if you want to learn more throughdiagrams and text,

you can go to the large collection of eBooks included.

5.39 Gigabytes of concise Videos & relevant eLibrary for the Machinist


in MP4 format to play on computer or table, not for TV


Lathe Components, Axes, Feed, Safety

Tools & Toolpost




Drilling, Boring, Tapping

Thread Cutting


Lathe Operations

Brief text to read before or with the Videos:Lathe Operations


Components, Feeds, Digital Readout



Head & Vise Squaring

Edge Finder & Coaxial Indicator

Drilling, Reaming, Tapping

Shoulder, Conventional, Climb, Slot Milling

Operation - Slitting Saw

Brief text to read before or with the Videos:Milling Operations


Basics & Limitations

Drilling Holes

Drill & Tap Index

Drills for Plastic & Hard, Abrasive Materials

Brief text to read before or with the Videos:Drilling Machines


Grinder Components & Applications

Buffing Wheels

Grinding Wheel & Safety

Deburring & Buffing

Belt Sander Components & Applications

Brief text to read before or with the Videos:Grinder Operations


Vertical Bandsaw


Speeds, Feeds & Materials

Setup & Safety

Cutting Round Stocks, Metal, Plastic, Wood

Horizontal Bandsaw


Brief texts to read before or with the Videos:Bandsaw Operations and Sawing Machines


Shear & Bender

Tapping Head

Table Saw & Miter Gage


in PDF format to read on computer or table screen

US Army & Navy Manuals

Fundamentals of Machine Tools

Lathe Operation

Milling Machine Operations

Bandsaw Operations

Steelworker Tools & Equipment

Tools & Their Uses

Machinery Repair

Metal Properties,Characteristics, Uses & Codes

Machine Shop Calculation

Precision Measuring & Gaging

Drafting & Shop Drawing

Shop Safety

How to Run a Lathe The Classic eBook & Video by South Bend on how to operate & maintain a lathe


Machinery's Handbook, E. Oberg & F. D. Jones

American Machinists' Handbook & Dictionary of Shop Terms, F. H. Colvin, F. A. Stanley, 2nd ed., 1914

American Machinist Shop Note Book, E. A. Suverkrop, 1st ed., 1919

American Machinist Machine Shop Catechism, 1913

American Machinist Questions & Answers, F. Richards compiler, 1900

An Elementary Outline of Mechanical Processes, G. W. Danforth, 3rd ed., 1930

Mechanical Processes, J. K. Barton, 1906

The Mechanical Equipment, J. W. Roe, 1918

The Starrett Book for Machinists' Apprentices, , H. P. Fairfield & C. S. Dow, 1917 & 1918

Vol I

Vol II Data Book

A Handbook for Apprenticed Machinists, O. J. Beale Editor, 3rd ed., 1901

The Complete Practical Machinist, J. Rose, 19th ed., 1895

The Progressive Machinist, W. Rogers, 1903

The Advanced Machinist, W. Rogers, 1903

The Modern Practice of American Machinists & Engineers, E. P. Watson, 1882

The Modern Machinist, by J. T. Usher, 1896


Elementary Machine Shop Practice, J. A. Pratt, 1921

Elementary Machine Shop Practice, T. J. Palmateer, 1920

Machine Shop Primer, F. H. Colvin, F. A. Stanley, 1910

Machine Shop Practice, W. J. Kaup, 1911

Machine Shop Work, F. W. Turner, O. E. Perrigo & H. P. Fairfield, 1919

Examples of Machine Shop Practice, H. P. Fairfield, 1911

Machine Shop Tools & Shop Practice, W. H. Van Dervoort, 7th ed., 1918

Complete Workshop Practice, ILT, 1908

Shop Kinks, R. Grimshaw, 1904

Modern American Machine Tools, C. H. Benjamin, 1907

Workshop Appliances, C. P. B. Shelley, 8th ed., 1888

Text-Book of the Elements of Machine Work, R. H. Smith, 1910

Text-Book of the Principles of Machine Work, R. H. Smith, 1910

Text-Book of Advanced Machine Work, R. H. Smith, 6th ed., 1919

Machine Shop Tools & Methods, W. S. Leonard, 5th ed. rev., 1908

Machine Tools & Their Operation, F. H. Colvin &, F. A. Stanley, 1922

Part I

Part II

Machine Tool Operation, H. D. Burghardt, 1919 & 1922

Part I

Part II

Cyclopedia of Modern Shop Practice, H. M. Raymond, Editor in Chief, 1906

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Modern Shop Practice, H. M. Raymond, Editor in Chief, 1917

Vol II


Vol IV

Vol V

Vol VI

Shop & Foundry Practice, ITC, 1901

Vol I

Vol II


Vol IV

Machine Stops, Trips & Locking Devices, J. G. Horner, 1913

Hobs & Gear Hobbing, J. Edgard, 1914

Fundamentals of Machine Tools, US Army, 1996

Handbook of Small Tools, E. Oberg, 1908

Press Tool Kinks, F. H. Colvin & F. A. Stanley, 1908

Drill Press Kinks, F. H. Colvin & F. A. Stanley, 1908

Practical Planer Kinks, C. Ashley, 1905

American Machinist Grinding Book, F. H. Colvin, F. A. Stanley, 1912

Grinding & Lapping, O. Kylin et al, 1909

Repair Kinks, F. H. Colvin & F. A. Stanley, 1908

Shop Practice for Home Mechanics, R. F. Yates, 1920

Elementary Workshop Practice, HTI, 1920

Precision Measuring & Gauging, US Army, 1988


Tool Making - A Manual, E. R. Markham, 1908

Tool Making - A Practical Treatise, E. R. Markham, 1919

Boring, Recessing & Multiple Turning Tools, A. A. Dowd, 1914

Modern Toolmaking Methods, F. D. Jones, 1915

American Tool Making, J. V. Woodworth, 1905

Toolmaker's Kinks, F. H. Colvin & F. A. Stanley, 1908


Jig & Fixture Design, F. D. Jones, 1920

Jigs, Tools & Fixtures - Their Drawing & Design, P. Gates, 1922

Jigs & Fixtures, A. A. Dowd & F. W. Curtis, 1922

Jigs & Fixtures, E. Morin, 2nd ed., 1901

Drill Jigs, E. R. Markham et al, 3rd ed., 1913

Jig & Fixture Kinks, F. H. Colvin & F. A. Stanley, 1908


Diemaking & Die Design, F. D. Jones, 1915

Dies & Die Making, J. L. Lucas, 1899

Practical Die-Making, F. H. Colvin, 1916

Modern Punch & Die Construction, F. E. Shailor & R. E. Flanders, 3rd rev. ed., 1910

Punch & Die Work, E. R. Markham & F. M. Shailor, 1911

Punches, Dies & Tools for Manufacturing Presses, J. V. Woodworth, 1907

Drop Forging, Die Sinking & Machine Forming of Steel, J. V. Woodworth, 1911

Blanking Dies, C. F. Emerson, 1908

Press Working of Metals in Dies, O Smith, 1908


American Machinist Gear Book, G. H. Logue, 3rd ed., 1922

The Essentials of Gearing, G. C. Anthony, Revised ed., 1911

Practical Treatise on Gearing, Brown & Sharpe Mfg. Co., 1920

Formulas in Gearing, Brown & Sharpe Mfg. Co., 5th ed., 1907

Bevel Gearing, R. E. Flanders, 1909

Spur Gearing, A. B. Babbit et al, 1908

Spur & Level Gearing, E. Oberg, 1920

Spiral Gearing, R. E. Flanders, F. G. Bostock, G. Muffly & G. W. Barley, 3rd rev. ed., 1912

Worm Gearing, R. E. Flanders, J. Edgard & C. F. Blake, 4rd ed., 1910

Worm Gearing, H. K. Thomas, 2nd ed., 1916

Spiral & Worm Gearing, E. Oberg, 1920

Worm & Spiral Gearing, F. A. Halsey, 1903 (diagrams missing)

Bevel, Spiral & Worm Gearing, No Author, 1910

A Treatise on Gear Wheels, G. B. Grant, 9th ed., 1904

Toothed Gearing, G. T. White, 1912

Treatise on Toothed Gearing, J. H. Cromwell, 4th ed.,1901

The Art of Generating Gear-Teeth. A. Coombs, 1904

Gear Cutting in Theory & Practice, J. G. Horner, 1918

Gear-Cutting Machinery, R. E. Flanders, 1909

A Practical Treatise on the Teeth of Wheels, S. W. Robinson, circa 1900

Teeth of Wheels Applied to Millwork Machines, R. Buchanan, circa 1900

A New General Theory of the Teeth of Wheels, E. Sang, circa 1900

Hobs & Gear Hobbing, J. Edgar, 1914

Handbook on the Teeth of Gears, G. B. Brant, 4th ed., 1890


Bearings, F. E. Cardullo, E. Kistinger & C. H. Benjamin, 1908

Ball Bearings, A. Golden, 1910

Bearings & Their Lubrication, L. P. Alford, 1911


Automatic Screw Machines, D. T. Hamilton & F. D. Jones, 1916

Automatic Screw Machines & Their Tools, C. L. Goodrich & F. A. Stanley, 1909

Screws & Screw Making, Britannia Co., 1891

Thread Cutting Methods, F. D. Jones, 1918

Screw Thread Cutting, E. Oberg et al, 1909

Screw Thread Tools & Gages, E. Oberg et al, 2nd rev. ed., 1910

Screw Thread Production to Close Limits, H. E. Adt, 1920

The Calculation of Change-Wheels for Screw Cutting, Manual, D. de Vries, 1908

Cold-Heading, C. L. Lucas, 1914

Screw Machine Kinks by F. H. Colvin & F. A. Stanley, 1908

Screw Thread Kinks by F. H. Colvin & F. A. Stanley, 1908

The Screw-Cutting Lathe, J. F. Hobart, 1907


The Principles of Pattern Making, J. G. Horner, 5th ed., 1920

Pattern Making - A Practical Treatise, J. G. Horner, 3rd ed., 1902

Practical Pattern Making, F. W. Barrows, 1906

Practical Pattern Making, P. N. Hasluck, 1905.

Pattern Making, J. A. Shelly, 1920

The Art of Pattern Making - A Comprehensive Treatise, I. McKim Chase, 1903

Pattern Making, G. H. Willard, 1910

Pattern Making, F. W. Turner & D. G. Town, 1914

Pattern Making, ASC, 1910

Pattern Making, ILT, 1916

Wood Pattern Making, A. T. Purfield, 1906

Machinery Pattern Making, P. S. Dingey, 2nd ed., 1894


Machine Design, E. L. Wallace, 1919

Mechanical Drawing & Machine Design, F. L. Sylvester & E. Oberg, 1910

Details of Machine Tool Design, W. L. Cheney et al, 2nd ed., 1908

Machine Tool Drives, F. E. Cardullo et al, 2nd ed., 1910


Practical Shop Mechanics & Mathematics, J. F. Johnson, 1916

Use of Formulas in Mechanics, E. Oberg et al, 3rd rev. ed., 1910

Mechanical Engineer's Pocket Book, W. Kent, 8th ed., 1910

Applied Science for Metal Workers, W. H. Dooley, 1910

The Mechanic's, Machinist's & Engineer's Practical Book of Reference, C. Haslett, 1859

Basic Machines, US Navy, 1994

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The Slide Rule - A Practical Manual, C. N. Pickworth, 17th ed., 1920

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Shop Arithmetic for the Machinist, E. Oberg, 1921

Advanced Shop Arithmetic for the Machinist, E. Oberg, 1910

Shop Mathematics, E. Oberg & F. D. Jones, 1920

Mathematics for Machinists, R. W. Burnham, 1915

Shop Mathematics, E. E. Holton, 1910

Shop Mathematics, J. M. Christman, 1922

Shop Mathematics, US Navy, 1988

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Machine Shop Calculation, US Army, 1988

Shop Problems in Mathematics, W. E. Breckenridge, S. F. Mersereau & C. F. Moore, 1910

Shop Mathematics, E. B. Norris, K. G. Smith & R. T. Craigo, 1912 & 1913

Part I

Part II

Workshop Mathematics, F. Castle, 1900 & 1902

Part I

Part II

Tables & Formulas for Shop & Drafting-Room, E. Oberg, 1909

The Calculator's Constant Companion, O. Byrne, 1854

The Practical Model Calculator, O. Byrne, 1863


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Encyclopedia of Drawing - Mechanical, A. E. Zapf editor In-Chief, 1907


The Operative Mechanic & British Machinist, J. Nicholson, 1831

Vol I

Vol II

Appleby's Illustrated Handbook of Machinery, C. J. Appleby, 3rd rev. ed., 1895-1901

Vol I, Prime Movers

Vol II, Hoisting Machinery

Vol III, Pumping Machinery

Vol IV, Machine & Hand Tools

Vol V, Steam & Electric Plant

Vol VI, Mining & Colonial Machinery

The Repair & Maintenance of Machinery, T. W. Barber, 1895

The Practical Tool-Maker & Designer, H. S. Wilson, 1898

The Mechanician, Treatise of Construction & Manipulation of Tools, C. Knight, 1879

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American Machinist Machinery Handbook Shop Tool Math Jig Die Gear Screw Lathe

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American Machinist Machinery Handbook Shop Tool Math Jig Die Gear Screw Lathe:

Pipe Bender picture
Pipe Bender

New Compact Bender Metal Fabrication Tool Mountable Telescoping Handle L@@k picture
New Compact Bender Metal Fabrication Tool Mountable Telescoping Handle L@@k

Tab Cutter Air Series 650 picture
Tab Cutter Air Series 650

Antique 1925 Roper Whitney Metal Tool Company Notcher Punch 50-1 Machine Shop picture
Antique 1925 Roper Whitney Metal Tool Company Notcher Punch 50-1 Machine Shop

5" Gutter Machine Used

Formula 402 Power Boat  picture
Formula 402 Power Boat

Diacro Electric Shear 16ga 4' picture
Diacro Electric Shear 16ga 4'

New Matco 4 Pc. Orange Comfort Grip Handle Striking Pry Bar Set picture
New Matco 4 Pc. Orange Comfort Grip Handle Striking Pry Bar Set

Denison 8 Ton Press Fg8c09 W/ 12
Denison 8 Ton Press Fg8c09 W/ 12" Stroke & Rotary Table

1 Ton Power Punch Kit Aviation Sheet Metal Hole Puncher 7 Sizes Die Auto Body Hd picture
1 Ton Power Punch Kit Aviation Sheet Metal Hole Puncher 7 Sizes Die Auto Body Hd