Ancient Chinese Jade Immortal Beast Crossing To The Afterlife C. Hongshan Dyn.

Ancient Chinese Jade Immortal Beast Crossing To The Afterlife C. Hongshan Dyn.

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Ancient Chinese Jade Immortal Beast Crossing To The Afterlife C. Hongshan Dyn.:


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Ancient Chinese JadeAnimal

Crossing the Immortality Bridge


Earth to the Afterlife

circaHongshan Dynasty

(4500 BC--2250 BC)

A gentleman always carried a jade pendant, as a symbol of class and to remind him the virtues of a gentleman, since those virtues were found in jade.


This is another ancient jade Cicada Amulet from my personal collection! It is anancient ChineseAmulet/Pendantin the shape of a animalthat was meant to symbolize the spirit or soul of a man crossing the Bridge from Earth to Heaven--to everlasting life. Itis made of pure Nephrite Jade that has turned from its natural green color to a rich, brown color with highlights of orange from the iron that the jade has absorbed over thousands of years in the soil.

It has a single,small hole that has been drilled from both sides of thebridge on the end closest to the animal's head.I had another expert examine photos of this amazing amulet and he believes that the creature crossing the bridge is not a cicada (the traditional symbol of Chinese immortality) or a Pig-Dragon (another beast that the Hongshan Culture often included in there spiritual and burial rituals), but is just classified as an animal. This animal clearly has a body that is composed of two, rectangular shapes. These types of creatures are usually just called "animals" by ancient Jade experts. They arethought to symbolize immortality and Heaven andwould have beenworn to ward offEvil Spirits and ensure the soul would be granted everlasting lifewith one's ancestors and Gods in Heaven. It is estimated tohave been made in theHanDynasty of ancient China!

The bridgemeasures approximately3.6” inlength x.76”wide x 1.25" talland weighs about84 grams or3.0 ozs. This jade amulethas a fantastic color & natural patina thatis SPECTACULAR!This small amulet/pendant dates to approximatelythe ancient very earlyHongshan Dynastyin ancient China circa5,000 years ago!

This is a Museum Quality, ancient Chineseamulet/pendant! I Guarantee it authentic or your money back.

In ancient China, this ritual pendant would have been worn or placed in the tomb or temple of the departed by his family toprotect him or herfrom evil spirits in this life and in the afterlife. It wouldalso show the spirits that he/she was a wealthy and honorable person.Jadewas highly prized by these early civilizations in China and it was thought to have positive energy to drive away evil spirits and bring good luck and fortune to all who wore a piece on their person--in life and in death.Look at those terrific eyes (see photo #8 & 9) that were thought to scare away Evil Spirits! Incredible!!


It is made of Nephritejade and has a wonderful, authentic, warm patina. The jade still retains some of its originalgreen color, but now has turnedbrown, as iron mineralization spotsand calcification from salts have turned the deeply carved portions white. Look at the beautiful orange streaks in the jade bridge in photos # 5 & 6. These weathering changes and pitting are consistent with buried jade and other period pieces.If you ever want to see andown & ancient example ofChinese craftsmanship in jade, then this is the example you would want to compare other pieces against. It is simple yet a stunning example of ancient Chinese craftsmanship.

In ancient China, the Cicada was the symbol of everlasting life. This extremelylarge Cicada pendantwas obviously made for a very wealthy member of the noble or Imperial class. It was likely made to include in the tomb or temple of a noble as the ancients believed that he or she would need this amulet to safely transition from this world tothe afterlife.

This is a unique piece of ancient sculpturethat you can addto your collection.

It is truly Museum quality and is Extremely RARE!!

It would also make a super Gift!


This jadeamulet has a wonderful, original patina of an ancient piece of carvedJade. After being buried for thousands of years, it shows heavy, differential weathering that has lightly pitted most of the surface. The jade has changed color from green to a very dark brown--from the iron in the soil that the jade has absorbed, but this does notaffect the solid integrity or beauty of the pendant. In fact, they help to date this artifact as an authentic piece of fine jade that is very, veryold!

Please note that thependant holehas been drilled by ancient hand tools from both sides of the amulet. This is period correct.I have examined this piece under 10x and 80x magnification and it shows no signs of modern tool marks--only hand tools were used to make this amulet. It has been cut, carved, shaped, and drilledwith ancient hand tools. I also examined it under Black Light and found no signs of repairs or modern carving.Look carefully at the hole that was drilled with a primitive hand drill (see 4x macro photos # 5 &6) and you can see how the holeswere drilled by hand from both sides.Modern drills would have drilled the hole straight and true--and not larger on the outer edge of the hold. This type of hole is called a "Double-bevel hole" as noted on page 57 of the classic reference book on ancient jade, "JADE" that is edited by Roger Keverne.The type and style of these ancient drilled holes are another sign that this pendant is original and authentic.


ThisJade amulet was purchase directly from a respected antiquities dealer in China and would be a wonderful addition to your collection of fine Chinese jewelry or art. As I said above, this amulet is 100% authentic and just fantastic!

Price & Value

I have carefully examined this ancient jade Amulet and I GUARANTEE it to be 100% original and authentic or your money back! I’ve looked under 10x and 80x magnification under both natural and Black Light and I can find no signs of any modern tool work or repairs. The hand tool marks left in the jade by the master stone artist who carved, shaped, and engrave this work of art appear to be consistent with those marks of other ancient jades I have examined.

Each object I sell is professionally researched, translated (if I can...(smile), and compared with similar objects in the collections of the finest museums in the world. I have been dealing in fine antiquities for over 45 years and although certainly not an expert in every field, I have been honored to appraise, buy, collect, and enjoy and recently sell some of the finest ancient art in the world. When in doubt, I have worked with dozens of subject matter experts to determine the condition and authenticity of numerous antiquities and antiques. This careful examination helps to insure you are buying quality items and helps to protect your investment. There are many modern reproductions or "fakes" on the market today, so be sure and buy only from experts in the field.

Please examine the photos taken at 4x macro carefully as they are part of the description.

And please ask any questions before you buy.

I GUARANTEE this Amulet to be ancient and authentic of your money back!

Thanks for looking and I'm always happy to combine shipping to save you even more money.

Ancient Chinese Jade Immortal Beast Crossing To The Afterlife C. Hongshan Dyn.:

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