Ancient Greek Gold Stater Coin Of King Alexander The Great Of Macedon - Babylon

Ancient Greek Gold Stater Coin Of King Alexander The Great Of Macedon - Babylon

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Ancient Greek Gold Stater Coin Of King Alexander The Great Of Macedon - Babylon :

Anancient Greek solid gold stater ofKing Alexander the Great of Macedon,struck 311 - 305 B.C. at the Babylon mint.

The obverse depicts the portrait of the goddess of wisdom and warfare, Athena. She isshownfacing right with herhair flowing out from under aplumedCorinthian helmet,her lips slightly parted.

The reverse shows a standing figure of the goddess of Victory,Nike herbeautiful wings spread wide. Sheoffers a laurel wreath in her outstretched right hand andstylis (cross arm of a ship's mast) in her left. Eagle standing facing left infront.The legend reads;



A fascinating and important coin type.

The symbol of victory (laurel wreath) in Nike's right hand, joined with the ships stylis in her left suggestsa referenceto Greece's great and famous naval victory over Persia in the battle of Salamis in 480 B.C. Many historians believe that a Persian victory would have changed the course of Western civilization. It is, therefore, considered one of the most significant battles in human history.

Alexander was one of the greatest leaders and military tacticians to have ever lived. His Empire covered an enormous portion of the Earth's surface and his influence on western culture is so profound that it is hard to underestimate. Alexander and his new Macedonian army, composed of highly effective Phalanx units, were responsible for the 'hellenization' of lands as far away as the Hindu Kush in modern-day Pakistan-Afghanistan.

Diameter: 19 mm.

Weight: 7.80 g.

Condition:This piece was likelyset in a contemporary mount and subsequently removed. Important and attractive coin types such as this were used asJewelry both in antiquity and more recently.


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Ancient Greek Gold Stater Coin Of King Alexander The Great Of Macedon - Babylon :

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