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Ansonia Victorian Carved Parlor Kitchen Shelf Mantle Clock Antique Runs Good For Sale

Ansonia Victorian Carved Parlor Kitchen Shelf Mantle Clock Antique Runs Good

Ansonia Victorian Carved Parlor Kitchen Shelf Mantle Clock Antique Runs Good


You may contact me at 248-941-4746 and we can discuss this item over the phone and you can get immediate answers to your concerns and questions. Bouncing emails back and forth, waiting for emails to be answered and returned is time consuming and in the meantime someone else could get the item you are seeking. I do not hide behind my ID Name. I prefer to do business the old way. I have had many customers prefer to call me instead of emails because you are doing business and communicating the way it should be done. I do accept all types of payments you choose to pay with including funds thru the mail. Call me and we can work out an agreement.

Buy your item immediately and save time instead of trying to win an sale. Using "Buy it Now" best offer direct saves you many days of time wasted because you were outoffer in the final minutes

Manufactured by

Ansonia Clock Company, New York U.S.A.

Circa 1900

" Kensico "model it is as shown in the Ansonia Tran Duy Ly Book

Parlor clock that retains its original factory finish and carved trim ornaments and raised trim columns on the front of the clock. There are no chips on the edges and as you can see in the photo's the clock has a very clean eye appeal appearance.

This clock also featuresa stamped6 inch Ansoniastamped dial that has the "A"logo and the Ansonia marking below the dial. It also has its beautifulbrassdial panandbrass dialtrim ring.

This clock also retains itsgold silkscreen glass that is still in exceptional condition for being over 100 years old.

This Ansonia clock also has its original adjustablebrasspendulum andthe correct key to wind.

This clock shows no signs of abuse or neglect and has seen excellent care over its lifetime

The movement is a spring driven eight day time & strike movement it has the Ansonia stampings and the Ansonia logo. The movement has the9 1/4model stamp also on the frame. The movement has been ultrasonically cleaned and oiled and is in very good operating order and is keeping good time here at the house. This clock also has the quality flat wire gong for a nice soft tone sound for the strike.

This clock measures22 1/2inches in height by14 1/2inches in width.

Ansonia ran into a lot of competition with Seth Thomas Waterbury Gilbert as these manufacturers were serious in building cabinet shelf clocks also

This clock has seen excellent care over its lifetime and the pictures really support this and will make a great addition to your home or collection or a great piece at the office.

I have a store full of antique clocks and clock parts

I have other quality Ansonia clocks, plus I have over 50 quality wall shelf mantle available for you to choose from. Please click on the link below to view these clocks

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Payment Options - Paying is very easy! I accept PayPal, and what else works for you. I do not make it mandatory that you pay within the seven day period that requires. I am flexible and can work out a payment plan that works for both of us and this way you can get a better clock by making payments. It is more than okay if you do not have a PayPal account or even an account call me by phone 248-941-4746 or email and we can discuss a payment schedule that works for you.

I ship with USPS Parcel Post, UPS and Priority Mail as the are in the Payment and Shipping file on this site at the top of the page. Shipping discount applies to all of my sales. I will hold items that you win if you are offerding on more of my items and will always do my best when so to combine items for the best and safest way to ship your merchandise, I will use the shipper of your choice upon request, Please wait until I send your invoice before going into Paypal, it will save a lot of miss-communication. All Clock must be shipped insured, thanks.

We are looking for new people interested and share an interest in watches and clocks. We meet in the Flint, Grand Blanc area of Michigan every other month on Sunday. We do shows, Buy and sell. We also have meetings, discussions, displays and trade a bunch of great stuff. This is a great opportunity to meet new friends and share your interest with others. Please send an email and I will be happy to give you more information.

I started working on clocks in 1971 when I was in Junior High School I have a great passion for these old clocks and have always shopped for the best in quality and originality. I buy clock collections and I am able to offer very nice clocks from these collections plus my own personal collection as well. My clocks are some of the best being offered on . Unless otherwise stated your clock will arrive in great condition you will not have to start repairing it or replacing items to get it in running condition. I also sell parts, restoration clocks and these will be recognized in this manner. Please offer with condfidence ask questions and I recommend a phone call as this is the best way to find out everything you need to know. My packaging on the clocks are a very professional packing job with no corners cut to save on bubble wrap or styrofoam. I prefer to place extra packing them have the clock arrive damaged because enough was not placed. I have been a member of the NAWCC since 1971 and have served as the Chapter President for many years.

Please contact me at 248-941-4746 if you have any concerns over shipping. I would like to streamline and speed up the sale process to the benefit of everyone involved. When this sale closes, I will contact you by email with all of the necessary information to complete the transaction, please wait until I contact you. All the shipping options and cost details will be listed in an invoice You may simply and immediately pick your options and submit payment, then I'll send your item to you in a flash! Of course if you want to send me an e-mail just to be friendly, I am happy to respond. I will also notify you by e-mail when your item ships.

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Ansonia Victorian Carved Parlor Kitchen Shelf Mantle Clock Antique Runs Good

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Ansonia Victorian Carved Parlor Kitchen Shelf Mantle Clock Antique Runs Good:

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