Antex Pro. Pipemaster Refurbished Model

Antex Pro. Pipemaster Refurbished Model

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Antex Pro. Pipemaster Refurbished Model:

ANTEXPro Pipe Master

This is a refubished model and may not be in orginal manufactures retail packaging or might be a different color than shown.There is a limited number of these tool,the toolstill carries a full Antex guarenteeand does not effectyour / Paypal rights.

Genuine Antex manufactured product from the UK, these products are backed by a manufacture that has been in business since 1945. We now have a facility in the USA that can ship direct to customers in the USA , complete with amanuafactures guarantee.

The Antex Pipemaster Pro is designed to provide a clean and safe solution for making soldered joints of copper pipes. The tool does not require any special fittings just standard presoldered or non presoldered copper joints.

The Pro Tool has more than twice the powerwith Temperature Control ofour DIY tool, thePro with clean heads and good contact can make1/2 joints in under 10secs.The temperature of the heads is maintained around 950 deg F, this enables the user to make more joints quickly and efficianetly, whilst being safe and without the worry of a Naked Flame.

The advantage off temperature control is that less heat is applied to the joint, this prevents the heat build up in the pipes. The heat build up can makedisassembly of systems hard work because the pipe expands into the joint, theProprevents the heat build up making disassembly easy. The other advantage using the temperature controlled version and preventing heat build up, is when you are using freezing tool to block the fluid flow. The lower heat buildallows the user to make the joint closer to thefozensection of the pipe.

The unit is also suitable for the professional who has to make a joint but wherethe flamecouldcause more damage. (under counter tops, along skirting boards etc).

The unit is supplied with 1/2 pipe jaws, 3/8 & 3/4 sizes are available from our the Shop and our Website along with our other products.

A complete range ofsoldering productsand solders, along with other accessories are available from our website.

This is a 115v product Supplied with USA plug if you require a voltage or plug varient please visit our website.


Antex Pro. Pipemaster Refurbished Model:

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