Antique 14k 585 Gold Big Rare Masonic Shriners Past Potentate Faux Claw Pin

Antique 14k 585 Gold Big Rare Masonic Shriners Past Potentate Faux Claw Pin

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Antique 14k 585 Gold Big Rare Masonic Shriners Past Potentate Faux Claw Pin:

Antique 1950's 14k 585 Gold BIG RARE Masonic Shriners Past Potentate Faux Claw Pin!!!!!

Estimated Antique Shop Value: Priceless

97.3 Grams total weight, HEAVY! Gold is at $1,431 a troy ounce right now or 26.91 a gram for 14k Gold at current market price!

Size and Measurements:The pin measures 5 and 1/4 inches long by 2 inches wide at the top. The Claw Naja shaped pendant towards the bottom measures 2 inches by 2 inches. The weight of the bottom claw pendant is as follows 43.1 grams. this is mostly gold weight due to the Mountain Lion Faux Claws being made of Keratin which is very very light weight.

Details of Style & or Stones(s):

This is one amazing pin! This is by far the most rare and exceptional piece of jewelry that i have ever had the pleasure of selling. We recently purchased this wonderful Pin from the Estate of the Past Potentate Shriner's members son. He told us this was a very special pin designed for the highest class of people and the most respected. This pin belonged to a Past Potentate of a respected Shriners Club. The past Potentate is basically the acting "President" or leader of that individual fraternity. To actually be able to sell something as impressive as this pin is astounding, it's a wonder it has been saved from the melting pots since the 50's! This pin is COMPLETELY made out of 14k Yellow & White Gold, it has been tested and verified and guaranteed as such. The top of the pin reads Past Potentate with a Shriners hat towards the top of the words dictating the word "Hella" which is hand enameled in the typical Shriners colors of Red & Black. Underneath Past Potentate is a hand crafted Sun form, i cannot imagine the skill and patience that it took to create this. Hooked to 14k Gold jump rings is a hanging middle portion of pin that is monogrammed with the initials of two individuals father and son from the same family who have both been Past Potentate. "W.C. Temple 1921" & "J.R. Temple 1950" Above themonogrammedsection in a beautiful hand crafted scene on the Egyptian Pyramids with a Camel and Oasis scene. Underneath the monogrammed portion lies a beautiful hand crafted and enameled two tone "Blue" & "Green" wings motif. This is followed lower by a white gold Vase of some sort. The artist then hand crafted the amazing Yellow and White Gold swords that you see in the center of the pin. Each end of the sword is exactly long enough to hook up with the sides of the edge of the pin that are shaped like pillars. Underneath the swords is a humongous dangle pendant with "Faux" Mountain Lion Claws. The claws were hand crafted and set with gold on the front as you see and most of the back of the pendant. The tips of the claws are also handenvelopedin 14k gold to prevent chipping or damage. At the center of the pendant is whatappearsto be the figural face of anEgyptianPharaoh, i do not know what the face is hand craved out of, however it is a stone and not plastic. The sides of thePharaohsmask are made of gold and segmented to allow blue and white hand enamel work. On the backside of the claw pendant, the claws are almost entirely engulfed in gold to prevent any damage whatsoever. The pin on the backside is very sturdy and in perfect condition with a snap back safety feature to allow anybody to wear this amazing pin with ease and without fear over losing this amazing piece of history! Underneath the claw pendant hangs a second dangle pendant that features a Bull or an Ox with red enamel work above his head, that enamel is slightly chipping. This is truly a museum quality piece! For somebody to of been able to afford a huge SOLID 14k Gold pin like this, they definitely had to be somebody! This pin is definitely a rarity and deserves to be appreciated and not be melted! I am positive you will never see anything quite like this go up for sale at and .99 cents!

Art Nouveau jewelry is some of the rarest jewelry to find and some of the most sought after jewelry! You see, most people during the 40's & 50's could not afford to purchase precious metal jewelry such as this. That being the case it was almost always custom ordered by a rich and wealthy family and hand made. Because of the selective amounts made during this time, not much has survived the years of being broken, melted, and just simply lost with time. This is a true rarity!

Markings:The pin is stamped 14k on the backside on the top left hand corner. The bottom dangle pendant is also stamped 14k on the backside. The pin has been tested and verified to be 14k Gold on all portions except the Enamel work and the Claw and Face. We guarantee this pendant to be as said, our test is 100% accurate! Please read below as how we test all of our items in a non-harmful way with our XRF-Spectrometer gun.

Summary:This is a beautiful and antique item! This pin is completely amazing! As i said earlier this pin reallydeservesto be in a museum! It is a special part of our history and part of a fraternal Organization that has been around for many many years! You will never see another pin of this substantial size and gold content as this! If you are a collectors, this is the crowning piece to any collection!

XRF-Spectrometer Gun:All of our jewelry is guaranteed to be as stated above through an X-Ray Florescent-Spectrometer test that reads the alloys of the metal without damaging the piece like nasty acid and scratch tests. This tells us the purity of many precious metals and the alloy of an unknown metal or element. Rest assured that we are 100% positive that you are receiving the real deal!

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About Us:We are two young professionals "Alexis" & "Chris". We met in a photography class in college. We both go to college and sell New, Vintage, & Antique jewelry on as a full time job. We are not your typical college aged kids, we know the value of a dollar and what customer service truly means, we will always go out of our way to make our customers as happy as possible. We started out in the jewelry business knowing individuals who were in the smelting business. As we watched these smelters melting new, vintage, & antique 100+ year old jewelry for the metal value, we cringed!! We thought, there must be a way to save this special and once in a lifetime type of jewelry instead of melting these wonderful items.Well then the bright idea of selling these beautiful items smacked us in the face!We started buying small items such as rings, bracelets and necklaces from these smelters and selling these items to wonderful people who would appreciate them and cherish them for a lifetime!

After starting out small time, we started to go to Antique shops, estate sales, estate buy outs, smelters, sales, coin shows, or just about anywhere possible we could get our hands on these wonderful and beautiful jewelry items! We started to set up at trade shows and other events to sell to people, we love the interaction with people! To work more with our school schedule we eventually phased out the trade show atmosphere and started selling jewelry on ! I'm glad we did, you can get just as much interaction with people over the internet as you can face to face. We love all of our customers and love the quick messages anybody likes to send our way! After starting to sell jewelry on we started our business called Aumia Gold & Silver Jewelry And Collectibles LLC, "Aumia" Is Golden Lady in Latin. We try to offer a variety of jewelry from Rings, Necklaces, Pendants, Brooch's, Gold & Silver. We also offer Native American Jewelry, Art Deco Jewelry, Victorian Jewelry, Antique Chinese Jewelry and much much more! We try to post a mix of each variety every day Mon-Fri.

We found our niche! The success on has made this into our full time job. Because of our great loyal customers and new ones every day you are helping us provide an education in Genetics, Biology and soon to be business. We also donate large amounts of money to Rotary. We both heavily believe in helping others and creating wonderful new opportunities internationally and domestically. Aumia has provided us our future and love towards our passion. We can’t see ourselves doing anything else. It is something new every day. I combine my hobby of photography, and meeting new people. We treat people with theutmostrespect and customer service is our main priority. There are always goofy stories about us but too much for an listing. We hope we have given you some insight to who we are and our passion for this industry. Check our page for more fun information!

Happy offerding!

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Antique 14k 585 Gold Big Rare Masonic Shriners Past Potentate Faux Claw Pin:

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